Is Cooking a Hobby?

Hey I have to share something kind of funny that happened the other day.  Blogmie Jill wrote about finding a new hobby by checking it out on  They are supposed to be a website that gathers information from you and then helps you make decisions on all kinds of things.  So of course, being a most indecisive person, I was most anxious to check out  I went over and answered what seemed like hundreds of questions, and then decided to see how it works.  And even though we all know I have more than enough hobbies for one person, what did I ask Hunch?  Yes, I asked, what hobby should I take up?  Well, I was really really surprised at the #1 answer.  COOKING!  Is cooking considered a hobby?  I had never ever thought of that, or heard of cooking referred to as a hobby.  But I’ve been thinking about that ever since.  If I was to call my obsession with food and cooking a hobby, that would legitimize me spending a little more money on the equipment!  Like the yogurt maker I am considering getting!

I am still in love with the homemade yogurt, and the thoughts of all the stuff I can do with it!  My latest thought is that it would probably make my scone recipe even better.  Tomorrow I am going to have it with some of my pear spread–just like store yogurt with that fruit junk in it only a million times better.

This morning I made Roni’s Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal muffins.  Mmmm Mmmm good!  And imagine my surprise when I was over there, and I saw that you could make your own almond milk.  Oh, yeah.  I love cooking.  And the healthier and more natural AND delicious I can make it, the better.

Which brings me to my next topic.  Today’s session with my personal trainer, Vicky.  We always start out talking about how I have done the past week, which for me is still 70% about the food.  So I told her about the cookie problem, and she looked over my food journals, and noted my affection for high carb snacks.  So long, popcorn…  She thinks that splenda can signal you to want more sweets too.  So I might be bidding a fond farewell to my beloved splenda too…The good thing was that those muffins that I made this morning have no splenda OR sugar in them!  So I know it can be done.  She suggested I use oatmeal for breakfast, which I do quite frequently, but I told her that when I eat oatmeal, I tend to get hungry too soon.  So she suggested adding quinoa, and egg whites for protein.  I am actually very excited to try this.  And on the exercise front, she suggested that on the days I can’t fit in exercise, try to just do the 4 minutes of Tabata intervals.  And I am REALLY going to try to do this.  I am not a morning exerciser, but 4 minutes.  Come on.  

Oh yeah, I know you are all anxious for the weight report.  On my scale (which is what I post on my weigh in page) I was EXACTLY the same weight.  But on Vicky’s scale, I was down 0.4 pounds.  I’ll take it!

3 thoughts on “Is Cooking a Hobby?

  1. getting the carbs down to a proportional amount – and only eating the more quality carbs – was a big step for me too – but it made a HUGE difference in the wants for me – will be curious to see if it makes a difference for you too.

    I totally agree with the artificial sweeteners messing up the taste buds. Will be curious to see what you think about that one too. I think the (adding) salt and sugar things is PURE habit. My husband was raised that way – a mom that added one or the other to EVERYTHING. And then (26 odd years ago when we met) stopped cold turkey and that is what he says also – pure habit. The taste of the food comes out so much more when not over shadowed.

  2. I think she’s right about the Splenda – I stopped using it in my coffee every morning, and these days I rarely need my midmorning snack anymore. Hmmmm…something to ponder!

    Of course cooking could be a hobby – just like cake decorating or gardening. I think cooking would be a great hobby for you – if you stick to cooking healthy foods. And I will offer my services as Official Taste Tester if you need one!

  3. Yay for the loss!

    I agree that Splenda makes you crave sweet stuff. I consume artificial sweeteners extremely rarely, and it is usually by accident. If I want something sweet, I have the real thing, which then makes me think more about portion size.

    Too many people make big batches of ‘good’ desserts with the fake sugars and FF products, but they still have calories and you can certainly consume too many if they are in the house.

    And cooking is an awesome hobby – it’s so creative and it can be really healthy or indulgent.

    You can make oatmeal more filling by adding the protein, or a spoon of nut butter for fat. Or 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin, which is what works really well for me. That bulks up the bowl without adding a ton of calories (40 per 1/2 cup)- plus it gives you more fiber and a veggie at breakfast!

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