Its Not Just One Thing

I read too many blogs!  And apparently, I watch too many movies.  Somewhere in the past few weeks someone wrote a blog entry and alluded to the famous quote by Curly in the City Slickers movie telling Billy Crystal about life: “its just one thing.”  And then leaving Billy Crystal to figure out for himself what that one thing was.

So that line came back to me today when I was thinking a little more about what I wrote about stress and eating, and after  I read some of the responses that I got.  And that quote just doesn’t apply in this situation.  It’s NOT just one thing.  We are mind, body, and soul.  We are much too complex to have just one simple answer to the question, why do I eat what I eat?  

And I kind of like that.  It makes this whole thing a little more interesting, doesn’t it?

I do think that stress is one reason I eat cookies.  And I do think that I don’t identify stress enough in my life (although I have gotten MUCH better at it in the last few years.)  But even when I wrote that last night, I thought, well, I was not under constant stress for the past 30 years or so when I ate more sweets than could fill the Titanic.  Like Lori, I just like food.  And especially sweet food.

And wouldn’t you know?  Today Charlotte recycled a great blog entry all about sugar, and the way different people handle it, and even why we eat it to feel better!

So when I write these things, it is more as a way of adding one more bit of ammunition to my arsenal to fight and win this ‘battle of the bulge.’

To keep you up on how I am doing otherwise, I am really doing well.  I really don’t think I will completely eliminate Splenda from my life.  I am happy to report that Tabata intervals can be done in jammies and slippers.  Probably not the best support, but it can be done.  I had an interesting bowl of oatmeal plus this morning.  Cooked it last night so it would be ready for me.  2/3 cup cooked steel cut oatmeal, 1/2 apple chopped and added to the oatmeal while it cooked, cinnamon, 1 egg white, 1/2 cup homemade yogurt, 50 calories of walnuts, and 1 Tbsp flaxseed.  290 calories total, and it did hold me through to lunch.  Quite tasty, and a big bowl of stuff, but not my most favorite breakfast.  I think it has possibilities, though.  Tonight for dinner I had another interesting combination.  The mixed rice (4 types of rice,) brocolli, butternut squash, chicken, and parmesan cheese.  Yummy bowl of food, ended up being around 290 calories too!  Its easy to make stuff like this when I have the chicken pre-cooked and portioned, and when I sometimes cook double amounts of veggies and have them leftover as well.  I probably got this idea from some nice person’s blog.  I like looking at those blogs that have a picture of everything the person ate every day.  Amazing that people spend the time to do that.  Thank you!  Last thing.  I’m keeping up with my exercise, and tonight I really pushed myself, and I eeked out 50 pushups–correct form!!  I was watching the rerun of biggest loser people running a marathon.  Very inspirational.


6 thoughts on “Its Not Just One Thing

  1. No way! Sorry bout that. They were still girl pushups. By correct form I meant that I had my arms way farther back than I used to do them, which is very hard for me.

    Maybe next week I’ll try a boy pushup…

  2. Wow, 50 girl push-ups is still more than I can do! Way to go!!!

    I agree, it’s not just one thing. For me: sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s hunger, sometimes it’s hormones, sometimes it’s just, “Hey, that looks taaaasty!” I’ve accepted that this is my life-struggle. It helps that there are lots of other people struggling–and overcoming–the same one.

  3. Yessir! I’ve been the recipient of the “Hey, that looks taaaasty!” bug more than once myself. You gave me a chuckle at work, Pubsgal!

  4. Hey Miz–thanks for stopping in. The weekend was great, and zoomed by since I worked Fri-Sat, so it was just today off. But a great day. Weights and a walk, and low enough calories that I indulged in popcorn and a few M&M’s! And a new batch of yogurt (see next blog entry!) I LOVED your video about what you wanted for your Tornado.

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