The Possibilities are Endless

This is just going to be a short post about…what else, Food!

Today I made a new batch of yogurt.  It seems to be becoming a Sunday afternoon tradition.  Anyways, I am tired of using an SOS pad to clean the pan because scalding milk makes the milk become one with the pan.  So in reading a few more things online about yogurt making, one woman said she scalded the milk in the microwave.  So I got out my old tupperware bowl which still had a lid, heated the milk to 190 in the microwave, cooled it to 120, then added the last of the old yogurt, and wrapped the plastic bowl in the 2 dish towels, waited four hours, and voila!  Yogurt!  I can’t believe I can do this.

So here’s the newest yogurt invention I am excited about.  I took a cup of frozen blueberries, added a cup of my yogurt, and (okay, I added a little splenda) stirred them around a little bit, and voila!  Blueberry frozen yogurt!  Can you imagine?  My mashed frozen bananas and a few chopped walnuts?  Banana walnut frozen yogurt!  Frozen peaches.  Frozen cherries and a few scrapes of dark chocolate–cherry garcia frozen yogurt.

Tonight I tried something Vicky suggested (she thought it would help my sweet tooth–she doesn’t know me very well, does she?)  Anyway, I roasted green beans.  Just sprayed some oil on top and sprinkled sea salt.  YUMM!  Very easy, and much tastier than my usual way of boiling them. These will be great all summer.  I think they will be a good car snack too!

Just so you know, between jury duty and work, I have never worked so many days in a row in my life!  One more day tomorrow, and then I have a stretch of time off, and I am going to get together with my best friend in Eureka!  I am so excited about it.  We found a house to rent, and we are going to sew and quilt and talk and eat.  She is a weight watcher too, so we are pretty compatible food-wise.

I have been doing well with my eating and am keeping up with my weights exercises, and fitting in a few walks here and there.  Does anybody else find squats as difficult to do as I do?  I can’t do them very well without losing either my form or my balance!  But I keep trying.


9 thoughts on “The Possibilities are Endless

  1. Hi. Just wanted to drop in. I’ve been remiss in my visits. I need to really read well that home-made yogurt thing…

  2. Miz, I don’t think I did. Right now I am just trying to do plain old squats as far as I know. When I used to do them, I did them completely wrong–kept back straight up, but bent my knees completely FORWARD. But it was easy to balance. So now, trying to keep my knees behind my toes, and ‘pushing my butt back, it is just hard to balance. Vickie says I am afraid, and so then I curl my shoulders forward. So that is why I am doing them without weights to just get the right form. I do wonder if it is my body shape–especially that I am large chested. She did show me wall squats, and using a ball (I bought one but it is still in the box…) I also wonder if a barbell would actually help with the balance. I’m guessing that eventually I will develop the right muscles and it will become easy.

    HI HI Hi Linda! Glad to see you. I love my homemade yogurt!

  3. Debby, try squats using a broom handle to get the form right. Also, you don’t need your knees facing forward, point them out a little bit in line with your toes.

    Here is a great video to help you with squat for:

  4. video has good ideas – but his form is not great.

    broom stick is very good for keeping chest open – but notice that his knees are pretty far forward – he is not sitting back quite far enough – it is not terrible form – but could do better especially on a video about form!!!

    Notice that when he hangs on to the equipment – in the second example – his knees are in better line with his toes.

    I agree with the chest open and head and shoulders UP – but I think he is on the edge of arching his lower back too much – I have always been taught (yoga, chair position) that you drop your butt just slightly, to avoid over arching.

    on his hurdle stretch (near the end) his front foot needs to be further forward so that his knee is not in front of his foot.

    I do like his variety!

  5. I’ve asked for a yogurt maker for my birthday (which isn’t until August, but a girl has to plan, right?). It was you who showed me a link to them at Amazon, right? Blueberry frozen yogurt? I might have to get this thing sooner 🙂

    The word “squats” looks painful, but they do divine things for your thighs. I can’t do them anymore (ye olde knees), so I’ll live vicariously through you and MizF.

    Have fun in Eureka!

  6. It’s very early and I’ve only half a cup of coffee, but I wanted to say hi and I wish I had the mental capacity right now to form a coherent thought about yogurt and/or squats, but that’ aint happening. So, just Hi!

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