Whew! That was Hard.

Hi all.  I just got back from my workout with Vicky (my personal trainer.)  Whew, that was hard!  And I’m not talking about the exercise that she had me do.  I’m talking about being forced to look at myself in the mirror (in not so flattering clothes, in not very flattering positions) for the better part of an hour.  Man, that was brutal.  First of all, you know how I said I felt fat the other day?  Well, guess why I felt that way?  Yup. Its true.  It was hard to look at my body that is not only fat, but is aging quite horrifically efficiently.  It struck me that my whole body looks very much like my dad’s.  I really hadn’t put that together before.  Oh, well.  Its all part of the process.  Learning to accept the real me.  And continuing to improve how I take care of myself by learning new and better ways to exercise and eat.

Speaking of eating (wasn’t that smooth how I segued into my favorite topic?,) since I didn’t lose weight this week, Vicky suggested cutting out my after dinner high refined-carb snack.  I can still have a low carb snack.  But I’m not eating for nutrition or hunger after dinner.  Its purely because I want to have that particular food at that time–just for a treat.  She gave me one out.  I could have the high carb snack if I would do a tabata interval before eating it.  I foresee a week full of tabata intervals!

Okay, now I’ve taken a little break, and thought about this a bit more while washing the dishes.  And this is what this is all about:  do you remember that way back when I first started losing weight I said that ‘what I’m doing now is not working.  I’ll have to do something different.’  If you remember, in my old life I never ate fruit, not so much because I didn’t like fruit, but because if I ate fruit, I would not have enough room to eat the cookies and candy that I wanted to eat.  And then when I started eating fruit, I would mix it with lite cool whip, and call it a fruit sundae.  Can you believe I lost most of my weight eating cool whip every day?  That does not mean I should go back to eating cool whip so I will lose weight again.  All I’m saying is that I need to keep looking at what I’m eating and how I’m moving, and do something different.

I actually really like having Vicky look over what I am eating and making suggestions on how I could change things up a bit.  Just since I’ve been seeing her, I can see a big difference in the quality and variety of food I am eating.

Okay, so I came home from the store with some products that I have been reading about for a year, and now I really don’t exactly know what to do with them.  But I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  I got some agave nectar syrup, some quinoa, and almond butter.  I was disappointed that the almond butter tasted a little too much like peanut butter–I was kind of surprised at that.  I also saw some coconut oil, but didn’t buy it because I don’t think I use enough oil to justify it.  But I notice that a lot of people cook with it.  What’s that all about?  I also bought a passel of green beans to roast, and okay, I cannot tell a lie, I got some of those fabulous white chocolate macadamia nut Cliff bars.  Its better than a box of cookies, I think. (Which reminds me–HUGE NSV yesterday at work–I walked into the breakroom in the morning, and there was a bag of Oreo cookies and I didn’t touch them!  Although if they had been Double Stuff Oreos, I might be writing a different kind of blog today!)  I also found some cheesecloth, and I am really excited to try to drain my next batch of yogurt to see if I can make a more greek-like yogurt.

Here’s a little delicious snack idea.   One cup Original Almond Breeze (60 cal., 8 grams carb. per cup) heated in microwave, and  a Bigelow Vanilla Chai teabag.  I tried several variations of this, but this one is absolutely perfect.  Very satisfying.

I received my Sobe flavored water from the most generous Jill, who spent an exorbitant amount of money to ship water.  But I have to say, it was delicious, and a nice treat.  A very good way to get your water in.  I hope its not too expensive, because I will buy more of it this summer.  I also bought one of those body balls (for only $8 at WalMart.)  Today Vicky showed me a lot more exercises I could do on the ball, and some nice stretches.  So I just got done blowing it up.  It wasn’t hard at all–it came with its own pump in the box.

 Have a good day, my friends.  Take a walk.  Enjoy the creation.  Be thankful.  And never lose hope.


4 thoughts on “Whew! That was Hard.

  1. Glad you liked the water!! It would have cost me a lot more the ship the water if I had let UPS have their way, but instead I called them insane and did the packing and shipping myself by way of the post office, so it’s all good! I spent about what I thought I would for shipping, so it’s no big deal!

    I like to cook my quinoa in chicken broth – gives it a nice flavor, and then I sautee some peppers, onions, and whatever else I can think of and dice them up small and throw in with the quinoa. Sometimes I add chopped chicken to make a nice little one-bowl lunch. Yum! I haven’t done that in a long time – I may have to do it again this weekend.

    How fun that you are experimenting with the different foods and exercises! I shall live vicariously through you! 🙂

  2. A personal trainer is a great idea. I like how she’s helping you not just with your workouts, but with your diet. She’ll help you get to where you want to be, because you are willing to change & work with her.

    I almost bought quinoa once but it was around $12 a bag! It was Bob’s Red Mill, which is all our grocery store had. Maybe I should check out the health food store & see if they sell it in bulk. You’ll have to share if you find a way to fix it that’s to die for, & then maybe I’ll make the special trip to the granola store. 😉

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  3. Gillian McKeith has recipes for odds and ends of unusual grains – she has a web site that features a different recipe every day – so that might be a resource.

    if you yahoo ‘quinoa recipes’ TONS of stuff pops up.

    Mirrors are tough. I used to be at facilities that had them – but I was always seeing myself from a distance – so – did not really notice much.

    No mirrors at my yoga studio.

    However, my afternoon free weights class has massive mirrors and it is a small room – so reflection is RIGHT THERE. I take the ONE position in this facility where I cannot see myself in the mirror. Everyone else can see me – but I can’t. My concentration is so much better this way. I suppose it is like anything else – the more one is around it – the more one gets used to it – but it is really distracting. I suppose it could be very motivating . . .

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