How I Do My Food

On a good day, this is how I do my food.  I thought it might interest some of you obsessive-compulsive dieters out there.  What?  You mean I am the only obsessive-compulsive foodie on the web?  Well, then this post is just for me in case I forget, and need a reminder of how to plan my food for the day.

Last night, some blog post reminded me that I hadn’t had my blueberry pancakes for a while.  So I set out a quarter cup of frozen blueberries to thaw overnight.  Because I MUST eat as soon as I get up.  Up at 5:15 am.  Ugh.  A little early even for me.  While I was getting the coffee on, I planned a rough draft of what I would eat for the day.  This is what it looked like:

Breakfast:  Blueberry pancakes  200 cal, Syrup:  50 cal, Coffee/half&half:  40 cal

Lunch: Cherries/yogurt:  160 cal,  Soy crisps:  100 cal

Snack:  Clif bar:  240 cal

Dinner:  Fish:  150 calories, Roasted green beans:  50 cal

Snack:  Banana oatmeal muffin:  145 cal, Chai tea:  60 cal

Looks good, but since I ate breakfast at 6am, I was hungry again at 9:30, and that’s not lunchtime.  So I had the cherries/yogurt for a snack.  No problem, I’ll add another favorite strawberries/cottage cheese (140 cal) for lunch.  By lunchtime I really wanted those roasted green beans, so I had those with the strawberries and omitted the soy crisps.  Very satisfying lunch.  While I was fixing the green beans, I decided I wanted to make a vegetable/chicken stir fry for dinner.  So I wrote down the veggies I would use, and added up the calories–350 total, so 175 for half, which would be quite a bit of food.  Good deal!  I was planning on a long walk today with Oliver, and the Clif bar was supposed to be the carrot dangling in front of me to motivate me to walk.  I did finally get out for a walk, but by then it was 3:15.  I set the Clif bar out on the counter to be all ready for me when I got back.  Took all three dogs, and made it to the end of the road and back–3 miles.  Got in some good jogging, marching, speed walking.  But when I got home it was 4:15.  And I wasn’t really starving.  Really, too late for a big snack, and if I just went ahead and fixed dinner, I wouldn’t need the clif bar.  I did, however, feel like some nice cold grapes (100 cal) while I chopped veggies.  While the veggies were cooking, I started really wanting some rice with them.  Okay, I’ll cook one serving of rice, and split it in two servings.  That will be only 70 calories.  But when the rice was done cooking, it really looked like only enough for one serving, so I ate all of it.  Add 70 calories.  I really enjoyed the stir fry combo this time:  carrots, brocolli, onion, mushrooms, pineapple, and chicken.

Did you keep up with the math?  The original plan contained 1195 calories.  The modified version (presuming I stick with the planned banana muffin/chai tea snack) contains  1260 calories.  I know this is probably noxious to the non-math types out there.  And, by the way, I really believe this is one of the big reasons W.W. uses points, and why so many people find it helpful.  It is a lot easier to count to 22, and to remember 1, 2, or 3 points, than to write down every single calorie you eat.

My real reason for sharing this is that most studies say that journaling your food is a common trait of successful maintainers.  So you can see that writing your food plan down doesn’t mean you have to eat exactly what you wrote.  But it gives you a framework and a reference plan for what is possible to eat in a day. 

I also made a new batch of yogurt.  I got another little yogurt at the store (cheap store brand) for a starter, because the last batch of yogurt wasn’t as smooth as the first.  This batch came out just beautiful.  Did it in the microwave again.  I tried draining some of it through cheesecloth and a strainer to make it thicker.  I think it did thicken, but nothing like Fage yogurt.  I don’t think I’ll bother with this step.  Just buy the Fage when I have the urge for thick yogurt.


7 thoughts on “How I Do My Food

  1. Thanks Lori. I am really trying hard to eat well, and see if I can pay attention to eating when I am hungry instead of purely for the enjoyment of it. Trying to get the weight going in the right direction!

  2. Thanks Miz! Its good to know Vicky is right in line with your thinking–she set 1480 calories as my daily limit. Most days I end up at exactly 1480 or go over to 1550. My thought was to really be mindful of how hungry I am, and possibly go on the presumption that I am underestimating my calories even though I try to be very accurate.

  3. I was thinking “holy cow her big meals are like a snack for me!”

    I’m so very bad at journaling my food. I’ve decided to really old school and uncomplicated for the next few days and just write (yes with pen and paper) down what I ate at each meal. Then in a few days, I might add the calorie count. Then I might start thinking about staying under an alloted calorie number. I feel like I make things too complicated sometimes so I’m sticking with the tiniest of babysteps for the next week or so.

    You are really good about following your plan – you inspire me to be better! 🙂

  4. would you please ask your PT Vicky if she believes in keeping track of fat/protein/carbs within the calories used – in (most) people that she trains?

    It was my personal trainer that had me track this way for a while – to get things evened up.

    It was like the last part of the learning package – first I learned to eat at meal time (whether that was 3, 4, 5 meals) – then I learned to count/measure food – then I started working on this balance concept.

    Curious to know if this is the method that she uses also.

  5. Jill–I think my first sentence says it all–“on a good day…”

    Vickie–I don’t have to ask my Vicky that. She already gave me a handout about just that. Maybe I will blog about it soon. I know one thing she believes in that I have a hard time with is adding in the healthy oils. This is a holdover from my own w.w. training, and it is hard for me to add in oil now (too many calories in my brain.) I said my own w.w. training because of course everybody knows w.w. requires you to eat 2 healthy oils per day.

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