More Adventures with Food, and Some Miscellaneous News

Let’s see how fast I can post an entry.  Since its 7:17pm and I haven’t exercised.  And I’m supposed to go to bed at 8pm the night before work…

But I had to share a few things with you all.  First, I actually ordered my sewing table!  I am so excited.  I had a few questions, so I called their 800 number.  And I actually got to talk to the guy who designed it!  So if I have any problems there is an actual english-speaking person I can talk to about it!  Plus its made in the USA.  That’s kind of nice these days.

Next, I actually got a good part of the rug drawn on the canvas.  You guys don’t know what a victory this is for me.  The main reason i procrastinated so long is because I really didn’t think I could do it.  But this morning (after my good cry,) I wrote a list of the things I wanted to get done today, and I got every single one done, except exercise.  Tabata intervals, here I come…along with maybe a few pushups etc.

The last thing I wanted to share with you was a new food adventure I am starting.  Vicky offered to fix my food for me for 5 days, to see if it would make a difference in my weight.  She has a little healthy gourmet food business at the gym.  The food seems like ‘California Cuisine’ maybe.  I agreed to it not so much to see if I would lose weight, but because it would force me to try some new adventurous foods that I haven’t tried yet.  She worked it out so I can get the food on the days I work (I am working 5 out of the next 7 days, yuck) which will give me 2 days off inbetween to get a fix of my own regulars, like my beloved cottage cheese and fresh fruit and my homemade yogurt.  But I am looking forward to this.  She has fixed things like chicken chutney roll-ups, edemame, a millet salad with chicken and apple, soba spring rolls with ginger-lime dip, a blueberry smoothie, and lots of other goodies.  It all looks good to me, just not my usual fare.

Except for not doing so well in fitting my exercise in these past 2 days, my food intake has been amazingly under control.  Even with the added stress, I really didn’t think about eating to relieve it.  Maybe some things are changing…Oh, yeah, I wanted to tell you about my lunch.  I roasted a bunch of green beans (probably a pound) and piled them on a plate, and I was thinking, that is ridiculous to have such a large serving.  And then I thought, in the olden days you would think nothing of having a pile of french fries that size.  So I went ahead and took them to eat, along with 1/2 cup of my homemade yogurt and some cherries, and  I ended up munching down all the beans, and was too full for most of the yogurt and cherries, so I saved them for a snack in the afternoon.

I probably won’t get to post for a while.  Be good boys and girls while I am gone.

8 thoughts on “More Adventures with Food, and Some Miscellaneous News

  1. I have been known to make and take a whole (small, not jumbo) package of brussel sprouts in the car when I am taking the oldest back to college – I put them in the trunk and then eat them on the way home – which is stressful (I have just left him at college) and it really does work for me. Just like you said – seems like a LOT – but can munch on those just as happily as junk. I think it is just that hand to mouth motion – more than the food itself.

    glad you are writing it all – very much enjoying these posts!

  2. Oh man I hate it when you have to be gone! 😦

    All that food that Vicky is preparing sounds really good!! But I’m like you, it’s way out of my usual fare. Let us know how you liked it okay?

    Good job on getting your stuff done! I love the feel of crossing things off my to-do list!

    See ya when you get back!

  3. curious to know WHAT the difference is in composition (fat, calories, protein, carbs – or what) in what you would normally eat vs what she has you eating. I think I asked a while back if she had a philosophy (percentages or some form of counting or composition) in addition to just straight calories – in what she usually has people do/follow. I am very interested in this – as most personal trainers have very interesting ideas. I won’t take it as a comment on what I eat or anything about what you eat or prefer – just interested in her take – and does she always follow the same thing for everyone that she works with – or different philosophies for foodies/compulsive vs people that just have a few pounds to drop – ? I think there are different types – does she think so too and have different methods?

  4. We’ll miss you!!!

    Congrats on ordering your new sewing table! It’s great that you’re taking more steps toward your dream. 🙂

    And your new food adventure sounds like fun. I love trying new foods. And you never know, there may be a new favorite to discover and add to your menu. (Just like I tell my kids when they’re about to try a new food: “There was a time in which was a new food for you…just think what you would have missed if you refused to taste it!”)

  5. Vickie–she does have a general policy about what people should eat. I am not at home and can’t answer specifically right now. I know she likes high fiber, moderate protein, thinks complex carbs are good, and should have some good fats. Exact percentages I need to check. In fact, I just bought a spread sheet at Walmart to figure out more precisely what I am eating.

    I think a personal preference of hers is less dairy than myself. She does use yogurt, but no mention of cottage cheese so far!

    I don’t think she changes the food for the person too much, but for me she is encouraging me to eat less simple carbs at night, which evidently includes popcorn!

    I will try to remember to do a post on this soon, because it is actually a big interest of mine also.

  6. I hope you are not away for too long …. selfish of me.

    Do enjoy your break and we’ll all try to be good.

    We are working on the itinerary for our first week in USA.

    We arrive on 15th and plan to stay in San Francisco for 2 or 3 days. TWJ wants to go to the marine museum ….. again. He loves ships and was a marine engineer when we met but chose to work on shore as a married man.

    I have one must do …. or two. I want to spend some time in the Golden Gate park and go over Golden Gate Bridge and I want to do a tour of Napa Valley area. Then we are heading to Sutter Creek if you are available to meet for coffee. Planning to stay near Sutter Creek on 18th June, before heading toward Sacramento on our way to Redding. If you would like to meet with us do let me know and we can set up a time. This is kind of fun. I’ve never made dates with anyone when travelling

    I’ve just realised this could be the week you are at rug camp.

    Will be sorry to miss you if that is so.

  7. Wow, what a great chance to try new foods! I am going to try to come up with a recipe for this: soba spring rolls with ginger-lime dip – sounds delicious!

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