The Pause

Hey, I’m at work but I wanted to tell you guys about something I read in my 100 Days of Weight Loss book a while ago.  She said that everyone has a natural pause in their eating, and it comes along when you are satiated.  Us foodies pay no attention to it, and continue on eating because it tastes good, or we just enjoy eating, or to clean our plate or whatever.  She said that if you observed other people closely that you could see when it happens, and if you will really pay attention to yourself, you can start to recognize it, and you can train yourself to stop eating then.

I have been paying attention to this off and on for the last month, and I think it really is true.  And sure enough, I do have a hard time stopping, especially if I am enjoying the food (And let’s be real here.  There are very few times in this life when I am NOT enjoying the food.)  But lately I have been a little more successful at stopping.  Sometimes I tell myself I can eat it later if I get hungry.  And other times it makes sense to me because even though I have carefully figured out the calorie count on some meal, it seems like a better deal than it should be, calorie-wise.

Anyway, this seems like it might be a very important cue to me.  Its a little more subtle than just recognizing when you are full.  It worked yesterday when I was eating all those beans and I decided I was too full for the yogurt and cherries.  And the other night when I had made a delicious stir-fry of fresh corn, onion, peas, rice, and pork, and decided that I was full 2/3 of the way through the meal.  So I just put the rest back, and adjusted the calorie count on my daily intake.  And today, when I was eating the lunch Vicky prepared for me–shrimp kabobs and rice, and I was thinking it was a tiny meal, but I noticed the pause when I was 3/4 through, so I put the rest away for a snack later in the day.

So for those of you keeping track, so far so good on the Vicky food at work.  I was a little worried this morning when the lunch bag looked a lot smaller than my norm.  But so far, so good.  I actually think I might have a little food left over at the end of the day.  The smoothie was good, and actually pretty filling.  There was a ‘salad’ of millet, apple and chicken which I really like.  Has some celery and currants in there too.  I think she likes curry flavoring a LOT more than me, but I can forsee incorporating some of these food combos into my menu plan but just changing the flavorings–like sesame or something.


5 thoughts on “The Pause

  1. I (personally) think that we learned to NOT listen to our feelings of uncomfortableness in our lives in general (when we were little).

    Not because we all had terrible childhoods – but because for some reason we had a lot of feelings that we didn’t know what to do with – fear, anxiety, boredom, whatever.

    I think that perhaps as a group we see more, understand more, think all the way around things more – than the average person.

    So I think we had A LOT MORE feelings that we were taught what to do with or acknowledged by the adults in our lives.

    I think that FULL signal is just one of the many things that we learned to ignore.

  2. Oh, I do love curry spices! Now I’ve got a craving for curried chicken salad. 🙂

    That’s a really great insight about when to stop eating. I, too, find it a bit hard to stop. I’ll have to give that a try.

  3. I have been using the pause too lately! Not as much as I should, but still…

    Glad you are enjoying the food – and I’m so glad you have blog access at work! 🙂

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