Things They are A-Changin’

Yes Sirree.  Something’s happening here.  

Okay, enough of the stupid phrases that I’m not sure of.  I’m just enthused this morning because I hopped on the scale (remember, I don’t weigh myself after two days of work because my weight is always up, but I felt lucky.  I did really well yesterday.)  And I was down ONE WHOLE POUND!!

So here’s a brief report on yesterday’s happenings.  I had looked at my ‘Vicky food’ the night before and decided I just did not want to eat a ‘salmon snack’ that she had prepared.  It looked and tasted delicious except for the MAYONNAISE.  I have an aversion to mayonnaise.  I can smell it a mile away, and the taste makes me nauseous.  So that left me with 250 calories, and I tried to fill it with something nutritious, so I made a ‘breakfast cookie.’  Of course, I like these because they are called cookies.  But I think they are fairly nutritious (whole grains, protein, good fats,) and I think I like the process of making them.  I almost decided to take them out of my repertoire because they are fairly ‘pricy’ (250 calories for the base cookie without add-ins) but I noticed on the few days I have had them that I have eaten less the rest of the day.

The rest of the day I ate my ‘Vicky food.’  Again, some excellent stuff.  Edamame and tofu salad (I had to call someone to ask if I should eat it hot or cold,) soba spring rolls with ginger-lime sauce, yogurt with 3 kinds of fruit and a little granola topping, and the chicken chutney roll-ups for the drive home, along with one of the ‘nutty nibby cookies’ she had given me.  These were so good, and such a treat.  Full of good stuff:  whole wheat flour, oat flour, ground walnuts, ground flax, cocoa nibs, one or two dark chocolate chips (really) and real butter that I could actually taste.  Not because there was so much butter, but I think because it stood out better between all those coarser grains maybe.

And all day I paid attention to ‘the pause.’  I ended up leaving a bit of all the dishes, and I told myself that if I didn’t eat them by the time I got home (eating them out of boredom rather than hunger) that I could have a few cherries as a treat.  And that’s what I did!  Five cherries never tasted so good!

I actually started my day with a 4 minute Tabata interval before I left for work.  It is really a mental struggle to make myself exercise in the morning.  These things really are intensive.  I am breathing hard halfway through, and can barely raise the weights in the last set.  But I felt so good for having done that to start the day.  Work was a pretty light day, and in the afternoon, I remembered some of the exercises that Vicky told me I could ‘do anywhere’ and did them, along with some lunges, and wall squats.

This prepared food thing is very interesting.  No decisions to make.  You can see why it is so successful for some people.  But I am wary, because for most of those people, it is not long-term success.  Instead, I am trying really hard to learn things from this adventure.  One of the big things is that it doesn’t take a large volume of food to fuel your body well for the day.  Another is ‘the pause.’  But it is a lot easier to stop eating when it is not food that you are in love with.  I think maybe when I am eating ‘my own food,’ it would be better for me to start out with a smaller volume, with permission to get more if I am still hungry.  If I just remember I can eat again in 2 or 3 hours, it really doesn’t take a large volume of food to fuel me for that amount of time, and even if I get hungry, it is not that long to be hungry.  And I am going to have to be a little hungry if I want to lose weight.

3 thoughts on “Things They are A-Changin’

  1. Debby – I did Nutrisystem a while back for the reason of not wanting to have to think about food for awhile, and it was really refreshing and allowed me to focus on other things about the food, like the portion sizes and how full I was, etc. So these types of programs are really a great tool, especially when you learn from them.

    I have also learned that being a little hungry isn’t the end of the world LOL!

  2. “I’m going to have to be a little hungry if I’m going to lose weight”….you said something like that. That was like a brick to my head. Yup. Just like I’m going to have pain in rehab (my shoulder), I’m going to be hungry once in awhile. Never thought of it like that, though. And like Lori said, it’s not the end of the world, although finding things to take my mind off it can sometimes be troublesome.

  3. I’m so interested to see how this is working for you. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Thanks for your interest in my dog (Cecilia). She has been on glucosamine for a few years now. I think it helps her. I believe that she is struggling more with the size of the tumor rather than her arthritis. It limits her mobility. But the vet says that it does not make sense to remove it. Overall she seems pretty happy. I’m just doing my best to keep her comfortable in this last season of her life.

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