In Love With Food???

I said something in my last post that kind of bothered me.  But I think it might be a clue to what is happening with my food.  I am really trying to analyze what the difference is between the ‘Vicky food’ and the food I choose for myself.  Like I said, I got a spread sheet to figure out the carbs/fats/protein intake.  And I would really like to compare the two to see if they are at all comparable.  I am pretty sure the ‘Vicky food’ is higher in healthy fats.  I really trained myself to avoid fats, and it is hard for me to add them back in.  You can’t eat as much when you do that.  But, of course, you don’t need to eat as much either.  (BTW, for those of you new to my ongoing adventures with food, ‘Vicky food’ is gourmet type healthy food prepared for me by my personal trainer.)

Back to what I said in my last post.  I said, “it is a lot easier to stop eating when it is not food that you are in love with.”  Now, I know I have proclaimed my love for food many times on my blog.  But in love with food?  That seems to be taking it a bit too far.  And maybe that is another key to making this change permanent.  My ‘100 Days of Weight Loss’ book says there are two purposes of food:  1.  To fuel your body, and 2.  To appreciate flavors.  That second one is the one I have trouble with.  To appreciate flavors does not = to be infatuated with.     

The Vicky food is good fuel, that’s for sure.  And it is full of flavors I can appreciate. But I am not infatuated with the flavors, so it is easy to identify when my body is fueled, and to stop eating the food.  And I am calm in my assurance that it is good fuel, and that my body won’t run out for at least 2 or 3 hours.  

I just reviewed my food journals for the entire week.  Only 3 of the days were ‘Vicky food.’  But the other days were influenced by knowing the challenge of the Vicky food was coming.  So I made particularly healthy choices, and paid particular attention to only eating when I was hungry, and stopping when I was satisfied.  And for 7 STRAIGHT days, my calorie intake was between 1200 and 1300 calories.  That seems remarkable to me.

And there have been some extremely stressful days thrown into that week.  But I never thought, I have to have______ (fill in the blank with dessert of choice.)

I looked over my food sheets to see if I could give you a thumbnail sketch of what was added or what was missing, and these are the main things I noticed:  no white flour, minimal sugar, and minimal splenda.  No white rice or pasta. More nuts than usual. The protein seemed a little light, but I’d have to add it up to see if that is really true.  Probably not quite as much fruit as I normally eat.  I only had popcorn one day–that has to be a record!

Like I said yesterday, I have been a little hungry, but it has been very mild, and not uncomfortable at all.  Not that hunger that makes you panic like you get from eating too many carbs and then crashing.

Well, this is too long. But like I said, I am really trying hard to learn from this experience.  I fully realize that I cannot go the rest of my life with someone preparing all my meals for me.  Nor would I want to.


5 thoughts on “In Love With Food???

  1. I am in love with food. For a couple of years after my last horrid breakup I’d joke that I was dating food. Except that it wasn’t really a joke.

  2. great point and even as intuitive as I almost am with my eating I 100% agree.

    in the sense of I do not INTUITIVELY know when to cease with the cake (or the poptarts for that matter :))

  3. Whew! I hear ya. Sometimes I feel bummed when the food doesn’t taste as exciting as I’d hoped, or when I need to choose food that’s less interesting to me, and I have to remind myself: “It’s *just food*. As in fuel. It doesn’t have to be a great experience *all the time*.”

  4. I think I am actually beginning to embrace the fact that I love food now instead of trying to fight it. I don’t get happy when I am eating foods that I don’t like. What that means is having to tinker with things that I love to eat to make sure that I am getting the proper fuel for my body.

    Most times it works, but sometimes there is not substitute for the real thing (butter cream frosting comes to mind).

    I’m really glad that the Vicky food has given you something to learn from. It’s a bonus addition to the original purpose for the food!

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