I Did the Best I Could


Well, I’m back from rug camp.  It was really so fun, and relaxing, and I learned a lot.  But what’s on my mind, as always, is how I did with food and exercise.  If you recall, I was on a real roll the last few weeks before I left, eating well, exercising well, and losing a little weight.  So I was really worried that I would gain all the weight back in six days of vacation, tempting food, and a buffet for 3 meals a day.  And I have concluded that I did the best I could.  I have not completely changed the habits of a lifetime.  I ate a little too much.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I ate for pleasure instead of for fuel.  But I did a lot of things right.


1.  I took my 12.5 # dumbells with me (and actually used them,) and one 5# dumbell for my tabata intervals.

2.  Some days I dressed in ‘workout clothes’ instead of trying to look good, so I would exercise during the day.

3.  I exercised in my room in the evening while watching TV. 

4.  I checked the menu for the week, and made plans to skip most of the lunches, and one or two breakfasts, and ate my own lower calorie food that I had brought with me.

5.  Sometimes I took a smaller piece of dessert.

6.  Kept snacking to a minimum, and stayed out of the piles of candy that were everywhere in the classroom.

7.  The day I went to town, I gave myself permission to eat out, but instead CHOSE to get some groceries at the store (homemade baked pita chips w/parmesan and spices, and some ripe strawberries, which I added to my cottage cheese,) and came back to my room for a delicious healthy meal.

8.  Tried out the sunflower seeds for the ‘eating and driving’ problem.  They really do take a very long time to eat a very small amount of food!

9.  Got in a couple of great walks.

I can’t think of a #10, so will end my list.  Don’t get the idea that I was a saint.  I wasn’t.  But like I said, I am trying to remember for myself the good choices that I made.  Different choices than I would have made  a few years ago.  

I’ll try to share a few pictures with you of what I did.  Its actually not that impressive looking, but I was quite thrilled that I was able to hook likenesses of my dogs that actually look like my dogs!  I’ll show you the dogs in the next few days.  In the meantime, I ‘borrowed’ some pictures from Gene’s blog (the director of the camp) to show you how beautiful Cambria is!



6 thoughts on “I Did the Best I Could

  1. Yea!! So glad you are back – I checked Gene’s blog everyday to see if I could see you, but no such luck. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the rug.

    I think you did a great job while you were away!! You exercised, you made good choices MOST of the time (and really, that’s all anyone can hope for in a situation like that), and you had fun. I’d say you were a great success!! 🙂

  2. I think you did great, Debby! Very “zen” of you to bring the weights and dress in workout clothes. This weight-loss thing is a part of our life, integrated the best we can into our real life, which includes rug camps (I once threatened to send my stepsons to knitting camp…something they offer in Pittsburgh! LOL So I giggled a little when you said you were going to rug camp.)

    You’re back, life is “normal” again. You’ll catch up. And oh my, that scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  3. Yay for accentuating the positive. Sounds like you did a good job and you are now able to get back to routine. All the best with your “re-entry!” Sometimes that is tough for me… 😦

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