The Dog Rug







                                                                             Sophie, and 


                                                                              Lainie, sleeping in the sun!

I am exhausted again today, girls.  Fighting with insurance companies is no fun, I’m here to tell you.

But I had a great workout with Vicky.  She really challenged me today.  And I think she was being kind by not weighing me today. And, she had two days worth of food ready for me to take to work the next two days.  I was really happy about that.  I have some new things to try, including one of those green smoothies I have been reading about, and a red bean and cabbage salad–that will be a challenge for me!

Food is right on again.  I am really glad that I seem to be having less problem staying on the straight and narrow.  Maybe Vicky is right about the chemical component of so many prepared foods causing our cravings…

I am going to go out for a quick walk to stretch my legs, and to be thankful for the beauty of nature, and then have a bowl of strawberries, take a shower, and go to bed!


8 thoughts on “The Dog Rug

  1. loved the rug pictures – did you get those all done last week at your camp – or were they already started? Do you have hand/wrist problems with hooking for a week straight? I didn\’t used to have to be careful with hand work – but now I do. But as long as I am careful, I have NO wrist problems in exercise. glad that you were able to transition your food easily.

  2. Vickie–Yes I got every stitch done at camp. I also started the pine tree and the forsythia bush one day. They do their teaching a lot different than other crafts classes I have taken. It is more hands-on individualized, so you actually get to work on the project the whole time.

    The hand/wrist problem is an interesting question. I developed carpal tunnel pretty severely when knitting. Didn’t want surgery, so I stopped knitting. That’s when quilting started. I am pretty careful to keep my wrists in neutral position. When I was at camp, I had taken a sock I was knitting on. Fairly tight stitches. And my hand went absolutely numb working on it one morning. But so far, nothing has happened with the hooking. I do use an ‘ergonomic’ hook, and I think that is very helpful.

    I also have some padded handles that I like to use for my pushups.

  3. Love the rug!! It looks great so far!

    And don’t even get me started on insurance companies…grrr!!! I could stand on that soap box all day long!

    I have a knitting question that I might email you about later. 🙂

  4. This looks terrific! (You’ll laugh, but when you talked about rug hooking, I was imagining the beginner’s shag rug-style hooked rug.)

    Glad you’re having a good week, but my condolences on battling with the insurance companies. You’re right, it’s no picnic.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh!!! These are absolutely fabulous!!! And of course, you know the one I love the best–Lainie. I do hope you decide to include Celie in this. She is, after all, the one who started this whole dachschund thing with you!

  6. Love the rugs! You can teach me THAT too, ok?

    Glad to hear you are back on track with the food.

    I am battling insurance right now for my chiro stuff. Should be a small skirmish, but I feel your pain!

    Thanks for the book suggestions – I have not read either and have never read any Calvin Miller. I’ve added these to my to-read list.

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