Too Good to be True?

Just a little this n’ that this morning.  A while ago I bought an Ian’s Pizza Kit at the health food store.  It purported to be hypoallergenic, but the real reason I bought it was because it was supposedly 50 calories per serving, prepared, for the crust and the sauce.  That seemed too good to be true.  I had some leftover veggies a couple days ago, so decided to make the pizza and use the veggies for topping.

When I made the dough, and spread it on the pan, I thought, these are pretty big servings.  I bet it tastes like #$%@* for only 50 calories.  With the veggies and a little mozzarella cheese, it came up to 150 calories per serving.  And it tasted REALLY great.  So of course the whole time I am eating it, I am re-reading the label to make sure I read it right, and researching on the internet to see if there is some report or recall on the labeling.  Nothing.  I even researched the calorie count on the first two ingredients:  white rice flour and potato starch.  I really think this is mislabeled.  Anybody have any information out there?  I even wrote to the company but so far no reply.

Today is Father’s Day.  Lynn wrote a beautiful blog about Father’s Day.  It reminded me of why I love my dad so much.  Dad had an amazingly busy life–Jr. High principal, plus he was always teaching a Bible study or two, and frequently preached on Sunday morning.  But that is not what I remember about my dad (I only think of those things now when I can’t seem to get as much done as I think I should.)  What I remember is walks to the park, trips to the zoo and the aquarium, swimming in the neighborhood pool in the summer, playing board games, being read to, and the proverbial ‘surprise bag.’  Yes, this was a bag of candy bars that we had to pick from without looking.  Guess who could identify the candy bar just by feel?

As I grew into an adult, he held firm to his belief that it was not helpful to give too much financial help.  I think this is why I am so independent today, and I believe that helping adult children too much is a big mistake that a lot of parents make.

As an adult, I have really enjoyed a great friendship with my dad.  He is reluctant to give advice, but will when pressed.  We enjoy discussing good books, and he doesn’t seem to mind too much when I disagree with him.  We have had some good debates over the years.

I wanted to include this today since recently I have frequently been bemoaning the fact that I am very like my dad.  Except for physically, I am very proud and honored that I am even a little bit like my dad.

Well, I got my sewing table!  And built it over the last two days.  I did the same thing I always do when I am building something.  I don’t think/prepare ahead.  So when it gets to the part where I need a power drill, I get the drill out, and of course it has no power.  So I have to stop what I am doing for several hours while I charge the power drill battery, and then I can continue on with the job.  If this illustration has any relevance to those of you having problems eating healthily, take it and run with it.  I don’t really think I have to get specific here, do I?

Anyways, the sewing table is eerily low.   It might even be too low, but I think it is because I am used to reaching my arms up to sew.  Today, if I have time, I am going to stop by Costco and get a good desk chair, and one of those plastic pads to put the chair on (so it will roll on carpet.)

I am managing to have a few more normal days at home.  Yesterday I bought plants for the garden for the first time this year.  I am keeping my food intake to 1300 calories, and if I make good choices, I am not very hungry.  I do find that when I am concentrating on limiting my food, I am more reluctant to exercise.  But I got in a great walk with the dogs yesterday, and managed an abbreviated weights workout in the early evening.

Did I tell you guys that I am TV-less?  I decided that when this digital thing happened, I wasn’t going to do anything about it for a while (the converter box doesn’t work up here in the hills.)  It is a little weird, but I think I have a lot more time.  My goal was to read more.  And I have done that.  Yesterday, because Jill linked to a link from my blog, she found a link to a free e-book.  I checked it out, and I read this free e-book in one day!  I really enjoyed it.

To any dads who might read this blog, have a Happy Father’s Day!  Now stop reading blogs and go read to your kids!

13 thoughts on “Too Good to be True?

  1. consider DVD’s from the library if you have a need to watch things from time to time (this assumes you have a DVD player of course).

    Is you table low enough that it is making you hunch or round back/neck forward? Because that is not good. When I used to teach quilting (with machine piecing) the first thing I always did was have people stop and really take a look at their body’s relationship to their machine. Needle centered with nose? Able to sit straight up with no hunching? you might have to put the table up on something (carpet protector pads or maybe even 2×6’s) – so that you protect your back. You are smart to get the plastic pad for under your chair – makes it so nice for sewing!

    • Vickie–Thanks for the dvd idea. I don’t use the library enough! Right now, I still have netflix, but I’m not sure I’m using it enough to make it pay for itself. I think I’ll check out the library this week. P.S. I sent you an email asking about some quilting/table/chair advice.

  2. You aren’t missing a whole lot without the TV, Debby! And you can see any show you want pretty much online if you get a hankering.

    Have you seen this site
    There are tons of free books (I am wading through classics now), or you can purchase copies and they are sent to you via email in installments or all at once. Pretty cool. It allows me to set aside a few minutes of “me” reading time each day.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Lori! My dad would be thrilled if I finally started reading the classics. I think I’ll sign up for one tonight. I like the idea of getting daily installments. Makes it seem more doable.

  4. Hi you have been so busy. We were in Sutter Creek a few days ago and what a charming town. Thank-you for mentioning your home town or we would never have visited there.

    We managed to get to Redding Sat afternoon, in time for me to go to church church today. We are enjoying every minute of our driving through California. We’ll be in Oregon tomorrow and hope to have Thursday/Friday in the Vancouver area.

    I like the way you are getting on with life while doing sensible things to bring your weight down to goal.


  5. I DO have arms on my sewing machine chair. I am not sure I rest on them while sewing – but I do while thinking.

    It is actually an unconventional sewing chair – captains chair from an antique set – wooden – no wheels – high back. And solid arms – I can’t sew in an armless chair – feel very naked and unsupported. Whether this is fact or emotional – I don’t know. I think I have been sewing in this same chair for 20+ years.

    I try to sit back and rest all of my back/shoulders/neck/head between sewing sessions (I sew VERY little since my back injury) this is very much like me in the CAR – where I am careful to keep my whole back touching the car seat at all times.

    While actually running the machine I try to least stay in good posture/upright while sewing (I don’t think I lean all the way back, but close). I am also very careful to keep my hips even and keep both feet flat on the floor. I have the feeling that I am pushing UP out of my hips – not lying/aying back into them.

    my computer room does not have arms on the chairs – but key board is in a corner – and my forearms DO totally rest (on the sides of the angle) while typing. I think they are at about 90 degree angle and I lean back – not forward.

    After pondering this – I think your smartest course of action would be to set your camera up with the timer (hope you have one, otherwise recruit a friend) and take pictures in action (sewing). Alter the chair height and take LOTS of pictures. A piece of paper with the settings used could be IN each pictures so you remember. I think you would really be able to tell what you are doing – and what it is doing to your back/shoulders/neck/head.

  6. I heart your dad 🙂

    A year ago we gave up the Dish and signed up for the most basic cable service: local stations and PBS are all we get now. I still watch Brian Williams and Alex Trebek most evenings and life is so less complicated without all the choices.

  7. Way to go giving up TV! I agree with the commenters above – make friends with your library. I’ve been watching back episodes of Lost now. It is almost as easy as Netflix (I think – I’ve never actually subscribed to NF since i’m cheap!). I go online, pick my videos and the library emails me when they have arrived. easy breezy! I’m a fool for the library!

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