Swim Time!

Well, I did it!  I’ve been in the pool twice this week!  Actual swimming going on here.  Okay, I need to back up.  I can’t remember what I’ve written in my own blog or just commented in other people’s blogs.  But since I started working out with Vicky at the local gym, I would look longingly at the big swimming pool that was always practically empty on my way in.  I hadn’t joined the gym, so I could only work out with Vicky in her studio.  But I really wanted to swim.

There was one little problem.  I didn’t want to wear my bathing suit in front of ANY person.  This is not a post about body image issues, so I will not go on about that, but I started looking around for a pair of swim shorts.  I finally found a pair that looked the way I wanted, and ordered them.  Then I joined the gym last week before my workout with Vicky, which was fun because she showed me how to work out on a few of the machines, and I have had fun challenging myself with them.

So Saturday I was off work, and coincidentally it was 107 degrees outside!   I headed off to the gym, did my weights workout, and headed to the pool.  I swam 10 laps!  Froggy style–that’s what I call it–is it breast stroke?  Because I can’t get my face in the water without a nose plug.  Whatever style it was, I felt like I had really had a good workout.  Then Monday I decided I would try the water aerobics class.  Fun, a little challenging.  I swam 2 laps afterward, and had done the weights workout before the class.

Twenty years of ‘no one can see me in a swimsuit’ have disappeared in two days.  This is a fun gym combination–working out on the weights and then hitting the pool.  I am hoping that swimming will be a new aerobic exercise that will jar my body into letting go of a wee bit of weight!

3 thoughts on “Swim Time!

  1. I swim with my face OUT of the water too – side stroke, froggy, back crawl, laps with just my arms, laps with just my legs (kick board), backwards (feet first) – so do not worry that you can’t get a workout unless you swim traditional free style – because that is not true.

    And remember when you are IN the pool – no one can really see you anyway – so it is all in your perception – and you are good to just make yourself get over it and get in!

    Very glad that you have this opportunity – good cross training!

  2. Bravo!!!

    I’ve become “I am what I am; it is what it is.” as far as body image. I just got a new big ol’ swimming suit, too. We have a postage stamp pool in my community, but we went twice last week. Playing in the water is good, right?

    I never really learned to swim in spite of living across the road a stone’s throw from the lake. Silly.

    Way to go on the working out.

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