Don’t Panic–Take it Slow!

At eight o’clock a few mornings ago I was sitting in my new sewing chair preparing to try it out with my new sewing table.  Perfection!  But let me back this story up a few hours.

At six o’clock I had an apricot oatmeal protein bar with my coffee while I read my morning blogs.  About an hour later, I was still hungry, so I decided to have my mid-morning snack of canteloupe and cottage cheese (but of course it wasn’t mid-morning yet.)  The blogs I am reading are, of course, all about this weight loss/maintenance/fitness/life thing.  Peoples struggles and victories.  The journey.  While I am eating this canteloupe and cottage cheese, I am thinking to myself, am I really hungry?  Am I eating this just to satisfy the desire to put something in my mouth?  Then, will this always be such an all-consuming struggle?  Will I have to work non-stop on this for the rest of my life?  And my answer to myself was, ‘so what?’  If I wanted to be a great concert pianist, I would have to practice regularly for a long, long time.  And I really want to be good at this healthy life thing.  I enjoy food, I enjoy preparing food, I enjoy eating food.  I am learning to enjoy exercise.  And most of all, I enjoy feeling healthy and energetic, and I want that to keep improving instead of declining.

When I finished my blog reading, I decided to check out the chair-in-the-box that I had brought home from Costco after work the night before.  Before I bought this chair, I had sat in a lot of chairs.  I had checked prices, comfort, back support, arms vs. no arms, pre-built vs. putting it together yourself.  And I had decided that this was the best chair for me all the way around, even though I was not fond of the idea of building a chair.  But when I opened the box, all I saw were what seemed like hundred of little parts.  Oh, no, I thought.   I am not doing this.  I will take it right back to Costco and go get the chair at Staples that is already built for you.  I don’t care if it is more expensive and less comfortable.  I’m not putting up with this.  I closed the box lid and went and did a few little chores.  And decided to look in the box one more time.

I looked for the directions, and then saw that the box was not full of little parts.  Just the top layer.  And the directions were so simple that they hardly used any words.  So I decided to give it a try, and literally one half hour later I was sitting in the chair sewing.

So I guess what I am taking such a long time to say is this:  I think the whole area of weight loss can look as daunting as building this chair first looked to me.  There are so many different choices of diet plans out there.  There are so many new things to learn about food.  Food preparation itself can seem overwhelming.  And exercise, when you are overweight and out of shape…well, it just seems like torture.  

But don’t panic–take it slow!  Just take one step at a time.  Get the ‘directions’ out–whatever healthy diet/exercise/life plan you have chosen, read through them, and just do one thing.  Maybe go to the produce department FIRST on your trip to the grocery store (this used to be the last place i would go.)  Try one new food that you swore you would never eat.  Pick out a new recipe to try.  Walk out the door, and walk half a block and go home (that’s all you have to do, I would promise myself.  Its the only way I would start exercising.) 

And before you know it, you will be the proud owner of a brand new body, just right for all the things you might want to do in life, like building tables and chairs all by yourself!


15 thoughts on “Don’t Panic–Take it Slow!

  1. What a great post! It’s like yoga – they call it yoga practice, not yoga perfection.

    Great job on the chair! Sometimes those ‘easy’ directions aren’t so easy LOL!

    • Yeah, those directions were a BIG improvement over some of the ones I’ve gotten over the years that were practically written in a foreign language!

  2. Wow, Debby! It is amazing how many changes you have made since you started with your personal trainer, and one of the reasons seems to be that you did not give up.
    I have a problem with not sticking with anything long enough, and you are such an encouragement in this area.

    • Doris, I feel much the same as Vickie does about maintaining the loss I have made so far. I just can’t go back and do this all over again. I have done it several times in my life, and as I get older it does not get easier.

  3. I tend to get FRUSTRATED.

    with the chair instructions of life I mean.

    Im not a quitter so much as I can WASTE TIME footstomping in frustration & irritation.

    and it is, indeed, a waste of precious lifetime.

    insightful post.

    • That’s funny, Miz. My dad was just like that. That’s one reason I got good at reading directions and building things. He just couldn’t/wouldn’t do it, so I got a lot of practice! Even so, most times, I just don’t want to do it.

  4. You are right! As a loser of 150 pounds 12 years ago, I know first hand that weight loss and maintenance are like puzzles. First the weight loss pieces – how, what, when, and then the maintenance puzzle pieces are needed to complete the picture.

    The cool thing about puzzles is that they look like junk when unassembled, but once they are together, they make a beautiful picture.

  5. my little michael jackson tribute. Of course I have no idea if I have the words in the right order or spelled correctly.

    I think that it IS so hard to look at how far one has to go – all the little steps – because for most of us – it is a very long way with lots of things that need done/fixing. . .

    I think that is a big part of why I do well in maintenance – can NOT stand the thought of having to start over/re-do.

    • Haha, Vickie. I’m so out of it I didn’t even catch that it was MJ. Of course, I agree with you. Even now, after 4 1/2 years I am still fixing things that I didn’t even know needed fixing when I started. Have to say, I’m enjoying it more than I could have imagined.

  6. Wow – very insightful post Debs! You’re right – at first it seems so hard and impossible, but just taking it one step at a time still gets you where you want to go!

    So do you love the new table/chair combo??? 🙂

    • Yes Jill! I could write a whole post about my ‘miniature’ table/chair love! I laugh when I look over there because they are both SO LOW. But it is just right for me. Remember when I set the table up, I said it seemed a little too low. But once I got the chair that was exactly the right height, the table was perfect. It is so comfortable to sit and sew now!

  7. I love the analogy – putting healthy me together will be like building that chair – and totally worth it at the end.

    Thanks for popping in on my blog. Yes, water-aerobics-butt-kicking body fatigue counts in the sweating dept. I walked to our local pool after lunch and did my own version of water exercise. Working my legs, mostly, was my focus. I hope I can walk tomorrow.


  8. I followed here from Vickie’s blog and I’m so glad I did! Great post! I was particularly struck by the piano playing analogy. You’re so right!

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