Just A Tidbit

Hey!  Look what I just did.  I was on another blog, and I thought her slide show was kinda neat, so I checked it out and made this slide show of some little quilts that I was practicing different techniques on.  The first one required me to cut out a LOT of little scraps of fabric.  When I was done with it, there were still a LOT of little scraps of fabric leftover.  They were all such pretty little scraps that I decided to use them to ‘doodle.’  I did even more little quilts than this, but thought that was enough for now.

Yesterday and today have been really nice days.  You feel different when you know you are on vacation.  Yesterday I took my workout clothes with me to church, and went to the gym afterwards, and worked out really hard on the machines.  It was great–hardly any people working out.  Not that I’ve ever seen this gym overly crowded.  This morning I went down to try the water aerobics class again.  Last week it was a substitute teacher.  This teacher really worked you hard and challenged you.  It was definitely an aerobic workout!

I’ve been doing great with my food.  I’ll write more about that tomorrow.  Off to take the dogs for a short walk.  With all this exercise, they are getting the short straw on walks.  And I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer on DVD (I LOVE Caesar Milan!) and he is constantly reminding you how the ‘pack’ needs to exercise.


10 thoughts on “Just A Tidbit

  1. Im with melanie.
    the photography, the ability to create the slide show (IM SO GONNA TRY THAT TOO!) and the quilts.

    you should sell them PRONTO.

  2. Good morning all! Thanks for the nice comments. (Miz, did you know I needed some encouragement in the selling department?)

    The slide show was super easy–great website–you can click below the slide show to get to their site, and just follow the directions.

  3. Debby,

    You are so talented! Your quilts are so beautiful and amazing. What a wonderful gift you have. And I am impressed you figured out how to get this on the internet. Kudos to you!

  4. You could bring in some big bucks with those quilts sistah!!! They are all gorgeous and yes you could definitely sell those in a heartbeat. If I had a few hundred extra dollars laying around, I’d have Feathers and Bubbles hanging on my walls! 🙂

    • Thanks, Miss Jill! I have a ‘home vacay’ coming up in September, and I have made it a goal to start a new blog, or website for my quilts, or at least list a few for sale on etsy.com

  5. my favorite was the Bubbles – couldn’t tell if it was turned under (appliqued) or raw edge machine work – ? Really liked it.

    You did a very good job with the slide show – fun to see.

  6. Bubbles is my favorite too, Vickie. I like circles, and I like sparkly things. I don’t really do needleturn applique, although I have taken some classes in it, and I love the way it looks. I think I put the bubbles on with fusible, although sometimes I just pin them on and sew the raw edges during the quilting stage (batting acts as a stabilizer.)

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