Fat Pants

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while.  And, as usual, Mizfit got me thinking this morning.  I think the two topics are related.  Oh, what are the two topics?  What was I thinking about?

I noticed a few weeks ago that I have pants that fit snuggly.  Jeans that fit.  That’s the way they are supposed to be.  Size 14.  I also have a pair of white cotton pants that fit perfectly.  Also size 14.  But they are loose and flowy.  That’s the way they are supposed to be.  And I noticed that I ‘feel’ a lot thinner in the loose pants than in the snug pants.  A lot of days I just ‘feel’ fat in the snug pants.  So, I just wondered about the whole ‘judging your weight by the pants you wear’ thing.  

Then, this morning, Miz posted an email from a  viewer to her scale basically saying she was done with the scale, wasn’t going to be a slave to it any more.  This is not a new thought going around the blogs.  But every time it comes up, I get a little flustered.  I like my scale.  Yes, I am often discouraged by my lack of downward movement on the scale.  Yes, I know it fluctuates.  When I am doing my best, I purposely won’t weigh on days I know it will show a false gain (after road trips or days of work.)  But I still like it.  Is there something wrong with me?

Maybe its just that I LIKE NUMBERS.  I like lists.  I noticed at the gym that I really liked keeping track of the weights I am using, and the reps I am able to do.

But the very first commenter on Miz’s post made a comment that probably answers and ties together these two topics (pants and scale.)  

Think that we’re raised in a culture that doesn’t promote listening to our bodies..because we’re so out of touch with them. We’re so totally and honestly not in touch with what our body needs/wants desires..we’re always listening to something else…not us.  Michelle

That’s it.  I have been out of touch with my body for a very long time.  That is why I never saw myself as large as I really was when I weighed 255.5 pounds.  That is why I ‘feel’ fat on some days, when I weigh exactly the same as the day I ‘felt’ thin.  That is why I have not always know when I felt full or satisfied.

But I am getting better.  I do know when I am satisfied, and many days I can stop eating then, even if there is still food on my plate.  Most days before I eat, I think about what my body needs to be satisfied and fueled.  Most days I can look in the mirror and know exactly what I look like and be satisfied.  My body is not ‘perfect,’ but it will do.  Most days, even though my back hurts, I am happy with how strong and energetic I feel, and I walk proudly, paying attention to my posture.

After 4 1/2 years of hard work and practice, I am getting back in touch with my body.  But for now I’ll keep my scale.  Not as an indicator of my self-worth, but as a learning tool.


8 thoughts on “Fat Pants

  1. Debby – nothing wrong with the scale. I think it is a good tool, but we tend to give it too much power over our feelings.

    Funny thing is, pants can fit different as well on different days depending on if we are retaining water or whatever – so it really is just like the scale, only without the digits. Like you said, those pants can make you feel fat some days and not others.

    I have some snug pants that make me feel awesome and some that I feel pudgier in (same size, too). It doesn’t matter what size you are, everyone feels that way.

    You are doing awesome with your training program and the fact that you feel strong on the inside is going to be reflected on the outside, no matter what the scale actually says. And your body is perfect – it is perfect for you!

  2. I like my scale too, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. However, I can see how for some people it would be a total hang up and hard to deal with, but I think I tend to take my scale as a learning tool as well.

  3. After doing just about every “diet” there is I have come to the realization that you HAVE to do what works for YOU for the rest of your life. Eat the foods you love in moderation, make sure you have a calorie deficit and move around. I love having that scale. I want those numbers. I want to beat them into the ground, stomp them into oblivion, I want to win. As you can see I am competitive. The fat is my enemy. I will beat it. That’s my take. I also have goal pants for my next size down. I just burned my size 24’s. I am in 22 and heading for 20. Keep your scale and use it like the tool it is…lol.
    good luck,

  4. *Debby – nothing wrong with the scale. I think it is a good tool, but we tend to give it too much power over our feelings.*

    I agree with Lori. The funny thing is, once we notice we give the scale too much power, we decide the problem is our scale, not our reactions to it.

    I have the same difficulty dealing with the scale that everyone else does, but I don’t think the solution is to toss my scale out. The solution, for me, is to learn to deal with my reactions to it in the most helpful way. Sometimes, that’s avoiding it. Sometimes, it’s getting on it and dealing with the emotions it brings up (good or bad).

  5. I do agree with valerie.
    many of my clients found they succeeded MORE with weighins—and others? they found it caused them frustration and gains.

    the scale simply is NOT for me.

  6. I left you a link two times on your last posting. It was a link to the Wendie Information on interval eating written by a WW person long ago (post was from 2001 and that is just when she wrote it). IT is also listed on my side bar – down in a collection of link references. I do not know why it wouldn’t ‘take’ in comments.

    I have had different relationships with the scale during this journey. It started out as a reality check. And I needed that reality.

    then on the wrong meds – it encouraged the empty feeling.

    I did not weigh very often for my two years of maintenance. And that was okay – because my food and exercise were very precise and very constant.

    I think that one can’t have it both ways –
    either what is coming IN and how hard one works to burn it OFF are spot on –
    OR –
    one must get on the scale on a regular basis.

    Free wheeling does not work.

    I now have what my friend Helen calls male habits with the scale. I actually weigh in the middle/end of the day – with a full body. Because my normal body IS full. I do allow myself to be naked so that it is apples to apples. but I don’t reinforce the empty thing – ever.

    And I feel smaller in slightly lose things on the bottom – but fitted on the top. I think this is because I am an apple. And because I still have major b00bs. Non fitted – hangs straight down from my bust – and makes me feel like I am in maternity clothes.

  7. For a long time I didn’t own a scale. I knew I was gaining weight – a lot of weight – but I couldn’t bring myself to know how much. I would resolve to eat healthier. I would even go on diets without weighing myself first. But it never lasted. I finally weighed myself at the gym, then broke down and bought a Tanita scale. Having it readily accessible, and charting my weekly weigh in stats has made such a difference.

    I need the numbers, I need to see numerical results. I do need to wean myself off every day weigh ins, though.

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