A Walk in the Woods

I had such a nice day today.  Made myself get out and take a long walk with the doggies at 8AM.  And so glad I did, because after that it got really hot.  Halfway up the hill I was startled by some animal moving and turned to look, and it was a great blue heron taking flight.  Beautiful, and no more than 3 feet from me.  It happened so fast that the dogs didn’t even react.  Saw some deer and a little flock of wild turkeys too.

While I walked, I was contemplating Miz’s posting, and wondering if I am doing things right.  I really don’t think I eat too little.  Sometimes when my calorie count is low, I think it might just be that I am counting incorrectly.  Because I am just not that hungry.  I mean, I sometimes make myself wait until I am hungry before I eat again.  But I am never ravenous like some people talk about.  And I don’t really think that I exercise too much.  My goal is to do something every day, but I never reach that goal.  And of course when I work, I walk a lot, but no organized exercise on those days.

Anyway, I came home from my walk, thinking about all these things, and read a few more blogs.  And found these comments which I just LOVE.  Lynn quoted Ann Sexton, who wrote,

 “Once I was beautiful. Now I am myself.” 

And then Dietgirl wrote a great article about the similarities between gardening and losing weight, and ended with this paragraph:

Some things are beyond your control
You can be diligent with your diet or pamper the hell out of your plants, but sometimes the weather turns nasty or a pheasant craps on your head or a snail gnaws away at your resolve. But at least you’re DOIN’ IT, baby.

I just loved that–but at least you’re DOIN’ IT, baby!  I think that will be my mantra for quite a while.

Had some lovely, lovely food today.  My homemade yogurt and some rainier cherries to start the day.  Followed by an apricot oatmeal protein bar.  I had some sweet potato fries and a fabulous fruit smoothie for lunch.  Mid-afternoon, had a couple of lo-bars.  And for dinner, had a great creation–fresh corn, onion, edemame, and grilled checken, and a fresh tomato from the farmer’s market–yumm!  For dessert, I half-froze some of my yogurt that had some vanilla and splenda to sweeten, and topped it with some strawberries from the farmer’s market.  And one little square of dark chocolate.

In the afternoon, I worked pretty hard at cleaning/organizing my room, and tonight, I finally settled down to do a little hand-quilting.  All in all, a lovely day.


5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. I think you are spot on, Woman.
    it is all about finding what works for us and you have.

    it is like I said to shelley in the comments—HER WORKOUTS might leave ME WAAY OVERTRAINED but they are serving her so well.

    its all about finding our own stride in this marathon of life.

    xo xo,

  2. Awe, thanks, Miz. I feel like I’ve gotten the Mizfit seal of approval!

    And your comment about ‘finding our stride in this marathon of life’ reminded me something I knew about myself a long time ago–I am a ‘late bloomer’** in most things I do. It might take me a little longer, but I get there eventually.

    **do you know this children’s book? “Leo the Late Bloomer” is a fantastic book with great illustrations. If its not in print anymore you could probably find it online. All about Leo not being like the other little tigers, but finding out that that is okay.

  3. You sound like you are doing great, Debby. I always love reading about your food. It’s gotta be the tastiest food anyone I know eats! Seriously. I wish I lived closer to California so I could eat fresher produce. We had organic strawberries from CA & they are so tasty right now. I can’t imagine how much better they would be at the source.

  4. you will totally understand this – I am cleaning out my closet under the stairs – where all the non-fabric things are stored (as in dumped for 8+ years).

    I alternate between scratching my head thinking – what was I thinking – and wanting to laugh hysterically. I thought I would be REALLY upset about the volume of $$$ wasted – but it is sort of like looking at FAT – what is – simply IS – and I can only do better going forward – have no control over the past.

    Middle child and I worked on it for several hours today. Some of the bags – I open and think WHAT ???? Like a bag today that was filled with white, red and pink silk rosettes (like you would find front and center on a little girls undershirt). DOZENS of them. I am not a foo foo kind of person – and I can’t imagine that I was going to put them on a quilt – so just shaking my head.

    The amount of thread that we unearthed was staggering – if there is a world wide shortage of spools of white thread – it is because they are all at my house.

    I am not quite sure what to do with all the handquilting thread and special colored thread – wondering if you want it. If you do – send me your addess (email) and I will gladly ship it to you. Can’t think of anywhere to donate it and most of it has never been opened.

  5. This is my LAST place (in the whole house) to go through – have been through the garage, my closet, kitchen, computer room, all the kids bedrooms (they did their own), etc. It is a walk in, under the stairs closet (I have my table and two sewing machines set up IN there and also two floor to ceiling book shelves).

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