The Mind-Body Connection

Apparently mine is NOT connected.  Just kidding.  Sort of….

So here’s what happened to me in the last week or so.  I had that really hard workout with Vicky last Thursday (I usually meet with her on Tuesday, but it got changed that week.)  Then I had 2 days of work–no exercise except extra walking at work.  And then 2 days with my dad here to visit and me taking him back to the bay area yesterday.  So two more days of no exercise.  And last night when I got back from the 6 hours of driving, I was exhausted and sitting in my regular chair brooding about having to go see Vicky (and weigh in) and feeling very fat and feeling very badly about myself because I had not exercised ‘all week.’  My food intake had actually been very good, but I did not give myself any credit for that.

So this morning when I weighed myself (I hadn’t weighed since last Thursday d/t work and travel days,) I was pleasantly surprised that my weight was down a bit.  And then I got my paper from the frig to enter my exercise for the week on my workout page (which runs from Tuesday through the following Monday,) and again I was pleasantly surprised.  I had completely forgotten that I had worked out fairly vigorously Tuesday, Wedsnesday, and Thursday.

Of course I went to work out and meet with Vicky with a completely different attitude than I had had the night before.  For me, this is the value of any kind of journal.  I just have a poor memory.   

When I got there, Vicky was still working with another client.  I enjoyed overhearing their talk about food and exercises and choices and such.  Vicky always has very helpful suggestions, and is very encouraging.  And as she left, I realized that this lady was Vicky’s 92 year old client!   Can you believe it?!  I said to Vicky, ‘That’s what I want to be like when I grow up!’  We had a great chat about different food choices and eating plans.  I asked her if she had heard of the ‘crack diet.’  And she said that the concept was similar to the zig-zagging that she was having me do, which is what I had thought.  Then I weighed in, and on her scale, I was down 2 pounds!  Then she made me do 2 different Tabata intervals.  What is interesting to me about Vicky is that I know she has a plan when I get there, but then as the workout progresses, and I mention this problem or that, she changes up the plan.  I know she is doing it, but she never says anything, or makes a big deal out of it.  I’m telling you, this is the best ‘health insurance’ money I have spent in my life.  She also gave me some great advice about sleeping differently to help my back.  That is when my back hurts the worst.

In the middle of the workout, she decided to make me work on my balance.  She made me get on these balancing pods and stand on one foot and balance myself (this is after my legs were really worn out.)  These pods are like a miniature bosu, so I really wobble around on top of them.  Then, she approaches me with some kind of work-out ball about  15 inches across, and I burst out with ‘I am not a circus animal.’  (You have to say this in a loud and passionate English voice a la ‘the Elephant Man.’)  It cracked both of us up, and then it was even harder to balance.

We went and looked at all the new and exciting food she had, and I picked out what I wanted for the week. YUMM YUMM!!  A berry protein smoothie, lasagne in the raw, those great ham and pickle roll-ups, a BBQ hummus wrap, a sausage and egg breakfast bread, pita chips w/olive oil and asiago cheese, some lo bars, and a new goat cheese and sun dried tomato quiche with a pine nut crust.  When I have food like this, and I supplement it with a bit of fruit and dairy (cottage cheese and home-made or greek yogurt,) I don’t really have much trouble keeping my calorie count down.  Oh yeah, she also told me to eat a little higher calories on one day–VERY EXCITING to me.  I ended my time at the gym with a dip in the pool and 10 laps.

Back to work tomorrow, and 3 days of work this week, so I’ll try to visit with you on Friday.  Have a great day.


9 thoughts on “The Mind-Body Connection

  1. I officially want that food now!! Yum!

    I think your attitude is great, too! A journal really is key to keeping positive, look at what your whole mentality turned into after reading your journal!


    I think that every time I hit the grocery and spend a TON ON FOOD.

    Know youre busy.
    if you get a moment this week/wkend would you swing by here?

    if you agree—sign and let em know I sent ya.

    pass along to friends?

    it’s all about the bodylove…

    (feel free to delete this comment :))

  3. Okay, well I guess I need to start keeping a journal! I think you need to talk Vicky into making a cookbook so the rest of us can enjoy her food! OR! She could make it and send it to each of us, so that we don’t have to cook!! Yea!!! I like that idea much better, but I’d settle for a cookbook. 🙂

    So can you notice changes in your muscle definition? Are you happy with how your body looks/acts? I’m just wondering how long you (and by you I really mean me) would have to do this before you start seeing noticeable results. Just curious.

    Do you work out with her just once a week? I think I need a Vicky in my life!

  4. First, of COURSE I’m not mad at you for your comments. I really value your thoughts and I think you made some good points!

    Second, I want a Vicky too. Those meals sound delish!

    Isn’t it funny how we tend to discount ourselves? When you REALLY look at your week, you see that you did well. But the thought that sticks in your mind is “I’m a slacker because I went two days without exercise.” I’m with you on the disconnect.

    I’m curious – what did Vicky tell you to help your sleep / back pain? I’m struggling with that myself.

  5. Can you please ask Vicky to clone herself? I’d like one to take home for myself, too.

    If only insurance companies could figure this out.

    I could feel your energy through this post and I realized how much I needed that. I really really needed that. I’ll take it with me to the hotel gym tomorrow. That just begs to be an adventure all on its own, doesn’t it? Does hotel equipment EVER work?

  6. I love how you stated that the scale doesn’t change what you eat. . . I have noticed that for myself it does. . . great insight on something I really need to work on. Maybe the scale needs to be put away for a while and just focus on eating healthy

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