Questions and Thoughts

Good Sunday morning to ye!  Finally done with work for the week and looking forward to a great 5 days off, with not a lot of obligations.  I am going to try to go to the gym after church today like I did a few weeks ago.  It was almost empty and I had the weights room and the pool almost to myself!  Not like Friday when I gave up on getting on one machine because it was so busy, and then went down to the pool and it was closed for physical therapy–aargh.  My fault for not knowing the schedule.  Then Monday I am planning to have a day of ‘Sabbath rest.’  I have read several articles/books on this*, and even if it is not on Sunday I think it will be a good thing for me. I noticed that lately I have a hard time sitting or stilling myself–who would’ve thunk that would be a problem for me?!?

Anyway, my last post had a lot of interesting comments, and some good questions, so thought I would answer them or comment on them in another post.  I never know if I answer comments whether people go back and check to see if I replied.

First, a word about THE SCALE.  I have been weighing less frequently d/t knowing how the scale fluctuates up on travel and work days.  No point in weighing then.  It’s only discouraging.  And here is the grand insight I had this morning.  The number on the scale does not change the way I eat.  I am still trying every day to eat correctly and to eat the right amount of calories.  If the number on the scale is down, I might be tempted to loosen up and eat a little more.  IF the number on the scale is up, I might be discouraged, and tempted to ‘give up’ ‘what’s the use?’ and eat a little more.  So for now, I think I just might go back to weighing once a week.  Which is of course, what the experts recommend when you are in weight loss mode.

Now, the questions and comments.   The food.  Yes, it was every bit as good as it sounded!  I don’t know if Vicky will do a cookbook, but there are tons of recipe sites out there.  And if we all just get creative with our food, I think its possible to come up with some darn good stuff.  For example, the sun dried tomato, pesto, and goat cheese quiche.  Of course hers did not have half and half or cream.  How bout trying a combo of egg, egg whites, and cottage cheese?  And then, of course, the great idea of using pine nuts for a ‘crust.’  Eliminates the pie crust completely and adds some nutrition and a delicious flavor/crunch.  Her ‘Lasagne in the Raw’ was also delicious, but very strong tasting for my personal taste.  So today, I tried my own version:  cut up lots of squash (summer and zucchini,) baby portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, added in a bit of mozarella cheese, high-fiber pasta, and olive oil, and used a low cal marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s that I like.  Layered all the stuff 3X, and then baked it in the oven.  (And can I just say, I know that I misspelled a lot of food words in this paragraph, but I am too lazy to look them up.  And I know it is not ‘in the raw’ because I baked it.)  I actually haven’t tried it yet, but if its worthy, I’ll post the recipe later this week.

For Laura N--thanks for the great movie line comment “I want what she’s having.”  Made me laugh out loud, and not much does that!

Jill had the most questions.  Most of them made me laugh!  After she asked about the changes in my muscle definition, and if I was happy with how my body looks, I spent hours in front of the mirror posing and looking for muscle definition.  Just kidding!  I do think I have a little bicep muscle, but that is offset by you-know-what (not gonna talk bad about myself!)  I must be a little happy with how my body looks, because I am willing to wear relatively form-fitting clothes in public.  Mostly, I think it is due to being happy with how my body feels and acts.  I feel stronger and firmer (make no mistake, firmer is not a word a stranger would use to describe me.)  My posture is better, and I remember to hold my stomach in a little more often.  But I think you have to work out seriously for a long time before you see noticeable results.  I work out with Vicky once a week, and each week she does something a little differently.  Since I like doing it, I usually make it to the gym two other times in the week, and try to swim and work on the weights machines.  So far, I have not tried  any classes besides the water aerobics classes.

Juice–here’s what Vicky told me about how to sleep to help my back pain.  She said to sleep with a king-sized pillow under my knees to support them.  Which I have heard before, but it is hard for me to sleep on my back.  I am very used to sleeping on my side.  And so she said, the pillow is already there, just position it between your two legs when you turn on your side, and having your top leg aligned like that will really take the pressure off your back.  And I have to say, it has really really helped me this week.

Lynn–that’s cool that you said you could feel my energy through the post.  Because I was REALLY feeling energetic that day!  I hope you had a good time at the hotel gym.  I am always a little intimidated at hotel gyms.  Even though there is usually just a treadmill in an empty room…

Well, I started this post this morning.  But will end by saying good night!  It has been an excellent day.  Church was fantastic. My workout was really good.  I did 140 pounds on the leg press, and 85 pounds on the lat pull-down, only 60 pounds on the chest press.  Then I swam 20 laps in 20 minutes.  I actually don’t know if these numbers are good or bad.  I just like keeping track to see if I can improve on my own weights or time.  I am getting better at swimming, and I actually could have kept going, but I had spent enough time there, and was ready to get home.  Amazingly, my food has still been right on target.  As long as I stay away from the refined carbs, I just don’t have a problem eating the right stuff and the right portions. I think I’m a little low on the veggies though, so tomorrow for my ‘day of rest,’ I plan to make it a fruit and veggie day!

*Excellent books:  The Rest of God, by Mark Buchanan,and Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren Winner


5 thoughts on “Questions and Thoughts

  1. I love how you stated that the scale doesn’t change what you eat. . . I have noticed that for myself it does. . . great insight on something I really need to work on. Maybe the scale needs to be put away for a while and just focus on eating healthy

  2. I was interested in a lot of what you wrote today, but particularly your thoughts on your own exercise. I think that’s really good that you look at your own numbers, and don’t try and compare them to other people’s.

    Your answers to the questions were great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Woohoo! I agree with Lori – flaunt it if you got it!

    You are so right about getting creative with food, but sadly that is the one thing I;m NOT – creative with food. I am a step by step recipe girl, and the thought of deviating away from what works scares the living daylights outta me. I’ve tried before and the results were not good, NOT GOOD AT ALL!! 🙂

    Glad you are doing so well with this!

  4. Thanks for responding to everyone! I can’t sleep on my back either (unless I have myhips and knees at 90 degree angles – eg on a chair- and even then limbs start falling asleep on me. Pins and needles, ugh!) I do the pillow between my knees on the side thing too. But I REALLY miss sleeping on my stomach with one leg hiked up to the side. My chiropractor said that is verboten! 😦

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