Hey Hey Hey! A New (Old) Low!

Hi all!  Here I am refreshed from my ‘Sabbath rest,’ and pretty excited about my weight this morning:  159.8.  That is the first time since I started this blog a year ago that I have seen a number in the 150’s on the scale!  I did not suffer, I did not go hungry.  I ate some different foods than I was eating a year ago, and some smaller portions.  Amazing!

Next, had a great day yesterday.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone–call it whatever you want–Rest day, Mini-retreat, Luxury day…  We are too busy in our world.  I just set a few boundaries and guidelines for myself.  No cooking (because I can really spend a lot of time cooking since I enjoy it,) no housework, minimal phone calls (I actually unplugged the phone by mid-day.)  In the morning, I wrote a little schedule (I know, schedule ≠ rest.)  But basically it was so I didn’t get off-course for my main purpose, which was to spend time with/thinking about God.  

In June, I had to cancel plans to go to an international Renovare conference, and so I had indulged and bought the DVD’s of all the keynote speakers, and I watched a couple of them during the day–FANTASTIC speakers!  I got out my spiritual journal that I hadn’t written in for a few weeks, and a scrap of paper fell out with a plan for a new quilt called ‘A Dream for Africa,’ and so that became my quilt project for the day!  In the morning, before it got too hot, I spent some time outside reading, and took the dogs for a walk.  All my food was pre-planned, so that was easy.  Even though I always change it up a bit during the day, I still have an outline, and so it makes it easier to stick with my calories.  And like I had said the day before, I planned for it to be a day with lots of veggies and fruit, and so by the end of the day I had a few calories left over, and I thought and thought about what I wanted, and finally decided to indulge in a No-Pudge Brownie–very yumm!  BTW, that ‘Lasagne in the Raw’ recipe that I mentioned in the last post was delicious.  I re-named it Zucchini Marinara Bake and it is over there in my recipe section on the side-bar.  I even gave some ideas about how you could vary it to suit your own tastes.

If you do a day like this, the main thing to remember is that the goal is REST.  For example, in the late afternoon, I got a little obsessed with the idea that I could FINISH the quilt, and then finally I realized that it was becoming more like work than rest, so I got to a stopping place and put it away.  Anything, even blogging(!) can become work.

So now I am renewed and refreshed, and ready for a workout with Vicky.  Have a great day, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Hey Hey Hey! A New (Old) Low!

  1. Wonderful!!! Congrats on seeing the 150’s again – you are doing so great!

    Your Sabbath day sounds great! I need one of those ASAP!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I agree as well that rest and relaxation days are important. Sometimes I worry that when I take a day off that I’m go to have a harder time the next day, but it all seems to work out for the most part. 🙂

  3. good job on the weight loss? Are you working (mentally) in 5 or 10 lb mini goals? Do you have a lot left that you want to lose? I can’t remember if you have a specific number in mind. I think that I remember you were more focused on getting your fat percentage down. I have thought a lot about that (since you wrote about it). I am going to go back in and have my percentage recalculated once I get totally ‘done’ with this last bit. Since I am on apple – I think that percentage is more meaningful because it represents BELLY fat.

    • Ha-thanks for noting that, the question mark made me wonder! My weight loss goal….well, if you look at my weigh in page, I stated that my goal was 158. I guess I need to change that.

      To be honest, I have been stuck for so very long, that the only goal I had left was to just see the numbers start moving down instead of up. Very humbling.

      Yesterday Vicky reminded me that I had set a goal to lose 30 pounds when I started with her (I think that was more her goal than mine. I didn’t have much hope at that point of ever losing that much weight.) Yesterday she showed me her chart, with a goal of 3 pounds per month. Which again, at this point, I will be thrilled with. I don’t know if its lowered expectations or maybe its a healthy attitude (being happy in whatever state I am in) but I got to the point where I was going to be content if only I did not start regaining all the weight back. Some days I am very confident about that, and then other days I read something and realize it could all disappear again. This is beginning to seem more like a blog entry than a comment….

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