Workin’ Out with the Big Boys

Not really.  But its a catchy title, isn’t it?  Today, Vicky took me to a room at the gym that I hadn’t entered yet.  It looked kinda scary, and there were usually men with big muscles in there (well, maybe they were teenage boys hoping to get big muscles, but it doesn’t take much to intimidate me.)  Anywho, we walked in the room and stood in front of a machine that looked like the medieval torture device called ‘the rack.’  It was actually something called a 45 Degree Leg Press.  And I did 210 pounds on it.  Sounds good, huh?  Vicky explained that you can do heavier weights because of the angle.  It was all downhill from there.  She helped me try doing chest presses with the barbell only and I was pretty wobbly.  The bar weighs 45 pounds so I was okay with that.  We did a couple of other machines that I not only can’t describe, but am very grateful that none of you was there to see me on.  And then ended with some complicated cable machine that I could only do 30 pounds on, and in the middle of it, I made the mistake of looking in the mirror, and remembered my comment about my bicep muscle and the you-know-what, and cracked myself up, which made it even harder to lift any weight.

Vicky ended my humiliation by making me do the plank position and then try to go straight from that into a full pushup position.  I did 1 1/2 of those.

Seriously, though, I loved every minute of it.  I love challenging myself, and seeing how much weight I can lift.  I love eating all this good food, and not being consumed by wanting more.  (I am still a little consumed about food in general–you know, what I should eat, when I should eat it, how I should cook it, when do I get to eat it next, etc., etc., etc.)  I love jumping in the pool and swimming laps, even if my form isn’t perfect.

At least I’m SWIMMING!


10 thoughts on “Workin’ Out with the Big Boys

  1. check did come – thanks!

    I have never done barbell work. In free weights – sometimes we use our hand weights like a bar – holding them at equal distance for the whole move. Me personally – I have never been able to get a good sweat producing workout from those type of machines. I always do better with free weights – but I can totally see that for LEGS – it would have good benefits.

    what type of percentages is Vicky giving you for mixing it up? Rotating through the different types of workouts? Does she like the machines more (and does this have anything to do with her supporting her gym – having people use the machines so they stay at the gym?) than free standing work – or does she look at it as cross training?

    Has she had you on a rower yet?

    • I think Vicky personally likes free weights better than the machines. I think most purists do. She also likes doing exercises that use your own body as the resistance weight, and we did that a LOT-3 months-before I joined the gym.

      I like the machines. I think one reason is that I don’t want to need anyone to spot me, and so I think they’re safer from that perspective.

      Vicky really encourages me to mix it up-cross-train, I guess. Even on the machines, she says it is good for your muscles to do more reps of lower weights sometimes, and then less reps of a more challenging weight. I tend to want to go for the most weight I can do–probably years of listening to my brother’s training philosophy.

      Now that you mention it, we haven’t done the rower yet. And I know that that is one of the first machines she put my friend on. Interesting…

  2. Way to go in the weight room! I still feel a little out of place with some of the free weight area when it is full of guys, but we all pay the same membership to be there!

    I do embarrassing stuff as well. I was doing a push press and hit myself in the chin with the bar. LOL!

    Don’t you love how strong it makes you feel?

    • Yes, I really do love how strong it makes me feel. I really like it when it spills over into work at home, like yesterday when I was vacuuming spider webs from the ceiling, and i just held the vacuum cleaner up with one hand while directing the hose with the other!

  3. Dang! Before you know it you’ll be giving MizFit a run for her money! :)You have inspired me to add some strength training to my workouts, and the lovely Miz is helping me with that too. I’ll report on that later.

    Does Vicky travel? Cause I’d like for her to come here and train me! 😉

  4. One of the best things I ever did was start adding in a strength training workout. I didn’t start until I was under 200 pounds for fear of hurting myself!

    These days, I try to consistently do some type of strength work two times a week! Good for you on the lifting! Wow!

  5. Working out with the big boys has its rewards, as in “eye candy.” hehe

    I love Vicky and don’t even know her. Have fun lifting! And I’m with you on the swimming. I finally did it for the first time in years just yesterday. Soooooo peaceful. Who cares about form, right?

  6. I’ve only ever worked on the machines and am intimidated by the free weights.

    I started swimming yesterday. Back stroke only for now, and my form is far from good, but it’s very taxing and I’m sure I’ll reap the benefits. I do 250m now, but will increase to 300m next week.

  7. Let me know if working with weights helps with swimming. I’ve resisted it, but I can’t keep up with my swimming friends who weight train! I recently read W. Hodding Carter’s book “Off the Deep End,” in which he’s training (in his 40s!) for the Olympics. He describes how much of your speed and strength comes from “a swimmy dance thing” that originates with the hips. Now, hips I’ve got!

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