Its Crazy, Really

I’ve been wanting to post this since late Thursday night…that was when I was getting ready for my two days of work, and thinking about how I could hardly wait til Sunday so I could work out and go swimming at the gym.  Really?  That thought was in MY brain?  Its crazy, really.  Like the backwards bizarro world on Seinfeld, where there is a whole other opposite world happening.  Working out and being excited–those two things occurring at the same time in my brain has not happened for a very long time, if ever.

So you can imagine my distress when I was halfway to church this morning and realized that my carefully packed gym bag was still at home on the table.  Aaaaaaargh!  I said a few choice words that really shouldn’t escape my mouth at any time, much less on the way to church, and then just made a plan to go home after church and eat first, and then go back to the gym this afternoon.  And that is what I am going to do, even though I am sleepy.  I am determined to get in a good workout today, because tomorrow I want to do my Sabbath rest day again.  That was really a wonderful day.  I was talking to my friend about it, and she said she would like to try it, but no way it could happen every week.  I started to agree, and then thought, well, what would happen if you did do that every week?  I bet I get just as much or more accomplished.  The same as when you decide to tithe (or give) you somehow still seem to have just as much money as you ever had.  I am reading a book called ‘The Good and Beautiful God,’ and that is exactly what He is.  I probably will talk about this book more later, because I think it is an important book.

Today I made that Zucchini Marinara Bake again, and it was even better than the first time!  I think this will be a new summertime favorite.  I had free squash from several friends, so wanted to use that.  Had the other half of the marinara sauce waiting in the freezer, and decided to add about 4 ounces of already grilled chicken breast to the recipe-just checked the recipe and realized I left out the olive oil, so net calories added were only 20 per serving.

 I made a batch of my homemade yogurt this morning before I left, and Voila!  Perfect yogurt when I got home from church.  I swear its like magic.  I can’t believe everybody doesn’t do this!  People at work just give me a funny look when I am pontificating about the wonders of homemade yogurt.  Oh, well.  If I post it on my sidebar in a recipe will you all try it?

I stopped at the grocery to get some ham and cheddar cheese because I want to try this fantastic looking sandwich that Lori posted on her blog!  (You have to scroll down to get to the picture of the sandwich.)  I guess I should just be grateful that she eats healthy food, because I really want to eat almost everything she posts about, it looks so beautiful and delicious in her pictures!

I’m off to work out, and to swim, and I plan on having a Chocolate Banana Smoothie and the Asiago cheese pita chips from Vicky when I get back.  Life is good, and so is food!


10 thoughts on “Its Crazy, Really

    • Those chips are great! I think the secret is that she doesn’t use that much cheese. She sprays the chips with (I think) a little olive oil/garlic/sea salt/water mixture, and then just a bit of grated cheese on top, and then bakes. I’ve never had asiago cheese before, but I’m guessing its a pretty strong tasting cheese, because just that bit on each chip is satisfying.

  1. looked on your sidebar (and even looked back at the original posting where you were trying to get the yogurt less runny) but didn’t see that you had posted your ‘final’ recipe. I am interested.

    The bizarro world thing enters my mind occassionally too – it really is the best way of explaining it.

    Appreciate that you really ‘hear’ me on all this mom’s husband stuff. I always noticed that you referred to yours as your dad’s wife – so I knew – long ago – that you really understood.

    • Sorry bout that, Vickie–I haven’t posted it yet. I think I’ll try to do that today, and maybe take some pictures to explain.

  2. Yep, Lynn, the brand I had was pasteurized, that’s why I thought it was so neat that you could use them like that! It seems to me they are a ‘cheaper’ (less calories) source of protein than almost anything. Plus, I think they add a nice texture. Yessterday when I made the smoothie, I didn’t have the chocolate almond milk (which I probably will never have on hand again.) I substituted 1/2 cup of my yogurt, and some splenda, and it was just great! I thought I might need to add a little more cocoa powder, but it was plenty chocolaty.

  3. AND – pack a gym bag and leave it in your trunk. Even if you have to buy another sports bra and/or pair of shoes to do it. It is worth it to have a set always with you (I think).

    • I agree Vickie. I used to keep a pair of shoes and socks in the car all the time (for walking/hiking. And when that happened Sunday, I was wishing that they were still there.

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