Change of Plans

Yikes.  I think I’ve said before that I like things the same.  I like routine.  I like plans.  And I like plans staying the same (oh, I guess I already said that.)  Vicky called me last night and asked if she had told me she would not be here to workout today. No, but that’s okay.  Really, I think she works very very hard, and I am always happy when people take time for themselves. But, wait, this blog is all about me.  So my immediate thought was, no biggie, I’ll just go and do my workout routine without her.  I even felt relieved that she wouldn’t make me do a tabata interval.  She told me last week that when I don’t do at least one during the week, she will have me do it there.  Seriously, they are FOUR MINUTES!  Why can’t I make myself do them?  I like the info on them.  I like the way I feel afterwards.  But I usually feel too tired/too stiff/too sore to just do it.

Okay, back to the CHANGE OF PLANS.  So, this morning, my routine was changed, because I didn’t have the deadline of getting ready to leave by 9:30.  I made and enjoyed one of my blueberry scones.  Then I read TOO MANY BLOGS!  Seriously, there are too many blogs out there.  And too many good writers.  Please, people, JUST STOP!  I can’t keep up!

Back to the CHANGE OF PLANS.  So, one of the five times I let the dogs out this morning, I noticed that it was really cool out there.  So instead of swimming today, I think I will take advantage of the cool air and get in a good walk with the doggies.  There is some information out there that it is important to change up the exercise we do because our bodies get used to one kind of exercise and get very efficient (don’t use as many calories.)  This is why I started swimming in the first place. 

I think I will go to the gym and do my weights workout anyway.  But there is the option of staying home and using my own dumbells, and my own body as a weight resistance tool.  I will just miss my ‘food talk’ with Vicky, and weighing in (I lost another pound this week!)

Oh, and since she won’t be here, I won’t be able to get any of my beloved ‘lo-bars’ for a week!  Another CHANGE OF PLANS.  I don’t want to go back to my ‘energy/protein’ candy bars.  So this will also be a challenge.  But again, experts say that it is good to change the types of food you are eating, and there is some information that people that tend to be ‘repetitive eaters’ have a tendency to be overweight.  I can be a repetitive eater.

Oh, and of course this won’t have the same impact on you as it did on me.  But let me try to set the scene.  When I first met Vicky, I just couldn’t tell how old she was.  She wears glasses, so that is always hard.  I knew she wasn’t a 20-somethng year old.  But I finally decided she was probably 35-40. So when we were side by side in the mirror, I would comfort myself with the thought, well, she’s 20 years younger than me.  Really, that is what I thought almost every week.  So last night when she says to me ‘my husband is taking me somewhere for my 50th birthday, I almost freaked out!  She got a big kick out of me thinking she was much younger.  So again with the CHANGE OF PLANS.  No more thinking she is an unachievable goal.  There is the possibility of being in as good a body condition as her (notice I did not use the word shape–we have vastly different body shapes.)  I feel some workouts coming on this week!

On a different topic, I have posted my yogurt ‘recipe’ in the sidebar, complete with pictures of my favorite yogurt container.  It is really just a generic recipe.  You can adjust it any way you like.  I really just like the taste (or non-taste) of the plain yogurt, and changing it up according to my tastes on that day.  This morning (2 hours after the scone) I was hungry, and made a bowl of yogurt that I flavored with a little vanilla and splenda, and added bing cherries and some granola.  Heaven!


8 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Debby you are so funny! I wish I HAD some plans to change up!

    You’ll get through this week just fine. That’s really encouraging to hear that Wonder Woman is 50 and not 25. It gives me hope! 🙂

    • Hmmm…fun and exciting aren’t the first thoughts that come to mind when my plans change. I’ll have to think about that!

  2. Love your thoughts LOL!

    I had read the opposite about the repetitive eaters, that if you eat more in a routine, you are likely to maintain your weight loss. That’s interesting.

    I hear you about having a protein bar addiction, though LOL!

    I love the Vicky is 50 – shows that being in awesome shape is possible at any age!

  3. Now I’ll have to try to find where I read that info about repetitive eating, and re-read it. If I find it, I’ll report on it. I may have misquoted…

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