Swimming and a Big Ol’ Plate of Donuts

What do these two things have in common, I can hear you ask.  Nuttin’ honey!  I just want to write about both, and only want to write one blog entry.

Yesterday morning, I had to go in to work for a meeting/class.  These are actually very enjoyable, usually inspirational meetings.  But also usually full of food to avoid.  So I planned ahead, and took one of my scones with me and stopped and got a Starbuck’s coffee to have with the scone while I drove in (almost an hour and a half drive.)  I packed some cottage cheese and cantaloupe for a mid-morning snack, and also brought some lunch with me.

Sure enough, when I got there, there was a beautiful spread of food, and–I’m not kidding–2 trays about 3 feet across piled high with every conceivable type of donut, sweet roll, and pastry you could imagine.  Oh brother.  There were also several large trays of fruit.  So, I considered it.  I hadn’t had a donut forever.  And by a conservative estimate, a donut is only about 200 calories.  I could have one.  But the truth is, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with one.  I would have ended up with two, and possibly a third snuck in for later in the day.  Or, if I did stick with one, then I would have had to deal with the mind torture of NOT taking the second or third for who knows how many hours or days.  So instead I took a little plate of fresh fruit, and thought about what kind of delicious nutritious dessert type snack I could have at home for 200 or so calories.  That made me pretty happy.  And yes, I did feel a little virtuous.  I definitely think that thinking about what you can have instead is a tool that can sometimes be used by us foodies.

The swimming–OMGosh!  I really was inspired by this morning’s post.  It was very cool here this morning.  So I decided to take the doggies out for a little walk-run.  I tried my best to keep running when I came to the uphill parts of the road.  It was a very good walk-run.  Don’t know the distance, but I was out there for 30 minutes.  But my main plan for the day was to go to the gym for the express purpose of swimming.  I had stopped on my way home from the class yesterday and done my weights workout.  I wanted to challenge myself to swim 40 laps.  I had a few chores to do first, and I almost talked myself out of going swimming, because it really was cool outside, and I had already had that good walk-run.  Finally went.  And there was only one other guy walking laps in the pool!

When I start swimming, I usually feel like I want to stop after 8 laps.  But after 20 laps, I was in a groove.  I started thinking ‘this must be what runners feel like when they get that runners high.’  I felt like I could just keep swimming forever.  It was so peaceful being the only one in the pool.  And I swam 50 laps!!

Now I am tired.


11 thoughts on “Swimming and a Big Ol’ Plate of Donuts

  1. it is all about planning ahead and, when I was training, Id always encourage my clients to visualize themselves AT the spread of treats and saying NO THANKS.

    practicing, IMO and in my experience, always helped.

    have a great weekend!

    • I like that visualizing idea,Miz. I think I do that sometimes, but I am going to keep it in mind and do it consciously for future events!

  2. Please ask your Vicky this:

    within calories or total volume of food – in the people that she is working with – how to does she keep balance so that they are eating enough of some things and not too much of others?

    I guess I am thinking (for myself) of protein, fats, carbs – and then things like rotating between the veggies and getting enough fiber as the general areas of interest.

    I am interested to know if she would agree with these general categories (as I think of them for myself) or if she has a totally different set.

    • Vickie, Thanks for asking this. It made me go back and look at the recommendations Vicky gave me when I first started with her. I think I will put it on a separate PAGE–will be over there on the side column.

  3. You are so right about the one donut not being enought thing. That’s the rub with that kind of food, isn’t it? I remember a blogger (but I don’t remember who it was, maybe Diet Girl?) who said, when I ask myself how many cookies/donuts/ice cream scoops I’ll need to be satisfied and the answer is ENDLESS AMOUNTS, I know I can’t have that first one. That mind set has gotten me past more than one potential binge. Sure, I white knuckle it through most times, but at least I wait until the urge passes.

    Yay you on 50 laps! I can’t swim, I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a swimmer’s high. How long did it take to swim 50 laps? My runner’s high kicks in after about 40 minutes. And usu. if the weather is good & I’m feeling strong, I get that “I can run forever” feeling. It’s why I hate running only 3 miles. I get all the pain with none of the pleasure, b/c the runner’s high kicks in around 3.5-4 miles. ]

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about getting in a groove when you swim! Sometimes I feel like I’m heaving my sorry self through the water and getting nowhere, like those endless pools that keep you swimming in one spot. But then you pass through that and suddenly you find your rhythm and you feel like you could go on forever. When that happens, I usually end up quitting only because my arms are tired, not because I’m tired or out of breath. Yes, don’t you just love it when the pool is empty?!?

  5. I love this word description: those endless pools that keep you swimming in one spot. And yes, I notice I am never out of breath, like if I run. And I worry/wonder–does this mean it is not a good workout?

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