Tuesday Update

I always like posting on Tuesday after my workout and food talk with Vicky.  She is so informative and encouraging.  We talked about my ‘indiscretion‘ on Friday and Saturday, and she reiterated that the important thing was to realize that this is real life, and it can happen, and to see that you can continue to eat well after eating junk.  Which is exactly what I did from Sunday on (ate good food, no junk.)  I asked what her degree is in, because she seems to be so well-informed in a well-rounded way–nutrition, exercise, and even the psychological component.  And she has had education in all those areas, but now I already forget what her doctorate is in!  

I asked her about eating out, because I knew she had eaten out over her birthday vacation, and I am going out of town tomorrow, and will be with a friend who is not watching what she eats.  She reviewed a few things that I really know, but it was good to hear again.  I liked her idea of asking for your salad to be brought immediately, so you are not facing a bread basket with nothing else to eat.  And to insist that the food still be GOOD food, healthy choices.  I think I can do this pretty well.  I will bring my breakfast favorites with me.  And hopefully sneak in a little exercise here and there.  I am actually pretty excited about going.  It is a neonatal conference up at Lake Tahoe, so I am getting paid to attend(!) and my friend has some kind of a free deal on a deluxe room, so woo hoo!  Free vacay!

I also asked her about the food guidelines that I had from her.  I know I am not adding 2 Tbsp. of oil to my food every day.  Never, actually, do I add that much oil.  And she said that it was okay for me to have a lower fat diet for a while while I am losing, and also that it is always best to get your ‘healthy fats’ from whole foods, which I had never heard before.  So nuts, seeds, avocados, olives…all foods I like.  

Then she made me exercise.  She had a circuit outlined where I did 25 reps on various machines (lower weighs, of course) and then RAN up and down the stairs 3X in between each set of  25 reps!  I think we did 8 machines, so that means 24X up and down the flight of stairs.  She said my calves might be a little sore tomorrow…ya think?  I went and swam 20 laps after that, which was completely relaxing.  Oh, yeah, I asked her about what kind of workout I was getting from swimming these laps, and her first question was, are you out of breath?  Which I knew was missing from these swims.  So she said, it is still good exercise for muscle endurance.  And I like that.  I might challenge myself to swim harder and faster sometimes, but for right now, I am really enjoying the long distance relaxation aspect of it.

Well, that’s it, folks.  I can no longer avoid vacuuming the spider webs from the front window.  I think they are having a little spider convention there.  I swear I vacuumed them just a week ago.  I’ll try to post on Friday when I get back from Lake Tahoe!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. I had several summers that I swam laps for cardio and I pushed myself on every other one – so when I swam one way in the pool – I pushed myself as hard as I could to go fast. And then swam slowly on the way back. this worked well for me.

    have a good trip!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time! I know I don’t push myself hard enough with swimming…of course, it usually follows Spin Tuesdays and BodyPump Wednesdays, so it’s been serving as “active recovery” for me.

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