Tomorrow is Another Day


Good Sunday morning, friends!  I returned from Lake Tahoe on Friday afternoon, and literally drove past my house, and straight to the gym!  I was anxious to work off the indulgences of the past 2 1/2 days.  Too much good food, and too much junk food.  This was a nursing conference, and it is frustrating to me that nurses (who have the head knowledge to know better) consistently offer one another candy and candy and candy…

I have not overeaten that much in a very long time, and it is an uncomfortable feeling that I am glad I do not live with on a daily basis.  It certainly was not hard to come home and eat fresh fruits and veggies, and to make a new batch of my beloved homemade yogurt.  And to have my lo-bars for a special treat.  Saturday morning I went down to the Farmer’s Market specifically to get some good tomatoes to have with a few slices of fresh mozzarella–what a treat!

While I was in Tahoe, the only exercise I did was to walk.  But I did walk a lot–3 1/2 hours of walking in 2 days.  It sure would have been nice to walk and be comfortable and not feel over-stuffed.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day, as Scarlet would say.  And as Vicky and my BFF Robin reminded me, that is the ebb and flow of real life.  No matter how I try, I am not a perfect person.  I tend to forget that quite often.



6 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Another Day

  1. You know Debby – the nurses probably are using food as the way we tend to in order to offer support and nurturement (is that a word?). Especially as someone in the health care field, so often you are under appreciated and have yourself last on the list in many ways. So it isn’t surprising the when you all get together that you give food as a way to take care of one another.

    And the fresh mozz? I have just recently been turned onto this stuff, too. I never knew what I was missing!

  2. the nurses thing is a mystery – because you know that they ALL know better – it is sort of the like the cop thing – where they enforce but do not think they have to follow the rules too. My mom was in nursing for many many years and always said the drug abuse, smoking and horrible eating habits were so wide spread that it was hard to mistake that it was the same percentage as the general population. it is as if they care more for others than they do themselves. . .

  3. totally a new day!!

    Id say it’s the nursing thing but in my experience its conferences in GENERAL.

    do planners thing the treats will keep us awake? (sugar) they just make me sluggish.

    happy monday

    happy back to routine!

  4. As my mom would say: Onwards and upwards my friend! So sorry you didn’t get a chance to hike this time, but I’m sure the walks were gorgeous too.

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