Just Say No

Well, this will probably be my usual Tuesday update, but I am writing first about my dinner that has been interrupted.  I had an idea that sounded great, even decadent, but ended up not tasting as good as it sounded.  I had some of that flat out bread, and some cheddar cheese (which I usually don’t keep around,) and some great tomatoes from the farmer’s market.  So I had thought this morning, I’ll make a ‘grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.’  Trouble is, for me, evidently, the best part of a grilled cheese is really good bread.  And the flat out bread just doesn’t make it.  I took a bite, and decided it was not worthy.  It was only 225 calories, but I can have something really good tasting AND nutritious for 225 calories.  I’m sure the chickens will enjoy it, and in the meantime I get to eat something else that I will actually enjoy.  So when you are eating something that  you had looked forward to, or fantasized about, or even spent a lot of time preparing, and it doesn’t measure up…JUST SAY NO!  I usually stay plenty ahead on meals in both the refrigerator and the freezer, so it is no problem to change my mind.  I think this may sometimes keep me from overeating because I was not satisfied by the bad food, and keep eating to make up for it.  Just my cheap opinion, of course…

Okay, today was a great day again!  First I went to the eye doctor, and I am weighing my options.  Got some new frames picked out–I always like different ones than the ‘helper ladies’ like.  They always seem to be insulted that I don’t like their choices, but really, they are not exactly fashionistas themselves, so why am I supposed to take their advice?  I’m also considering getting contact lenses again.  They don’t work exactly as well for me as glasses, but I do like the way I look without glasses, and they are especially convenient when I am traveling.  I also really love the fit and feel of the really great sunglass frames they have there, but my golly, they are very expensive when you get the prescription lenses put into them.  So I am going to check around at the ‘nicer’ sunglasses that they sell…somewhere?  I’m not sure where to look besides kiosks in the mall?  Costco?  Anyone have an opinion on this?  Anyway, its always fun to get new glasses.

Then on to the gym to meet with Vicky.  She is just a fount of info, I tell you!  I actually went to a group class she had last night, where she went over some negative resistance exercises.  Very good, and you can really feel that you have worked your muscles.  She had me work more on them today.  She showed me a new machine that is kind of a pull up helper machine (sorry, I don’t know the real name) and she said eventually I would be able to do a real pull up, and I said, I will have to bring my camera and have her take a picture of me so I can put it on the blog for everyone to see!  Don’t hold your breath, that is going to take me a while!  The Monday night class was also about eating, and we are going to do another ‘cleanse’ diet that eliminates wheat, meat, eggs, and dairy except yogurt, for one week.  It will be a good challenge for me.  She said there are new studies that say that up to 60% of the population has wheat allergies!  I am actually looking forward to eating more veggies, and trying some new grains.  I think I am even going to try to cook some beans from scratch, because that is supposed to be one of the main sources of protein on the diet, and I don’t like beans, mostly because of their texture.  And Vicky and I had the same thought at the same time–maybe cooking them from scratch would make a big difference.  Any bean cooking advice out there?  I have NEVER cooked a bean!

After working out with Vicky, I ran over to my quilting group.  I haven’t met with them for about 6 months, I think, so it was nice to see some of them again.  However, the most important part of that story is what I learned as we were saying our goodbyes–WE HAVE A NEW FROZEN YOGURT SHOP right here in Jackson!  Be still my heart! I am trying not to get too excited until I check out their nutritionals, and in fact I decided not to go over there after I left sewing, because I was not hungry.  But really, I have been wanting a frozen yogurt place in Jackson for several years.  I was really considering buying my own ice cream maker.  I didn’t really want to have one because I thought it would lead to me eating it a little too much.  But to have it available for those times when nothing else will do, well, I’m just really excited.

P.S.  One more question:  does anybody have a ‘Magic bullet’ and if so, do you have an opinion on its usefulness?


13 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. Debby – are we twins? I have problems with beans because of texture too! My husband says I am nuts because I think they are grainy and he doesn’t get it. However, I have found some beans I actually can eat okay – the little ones like navy. Still don’t like kidney beans.

    I have a Magic Bullet. Can I tell you we use it almost every day, and sometimes multiple times a day?

    – I use it for my protein pancakes.
    – My husband uses it for coffee smoothies.
    – I use it for fruit smoothies or protein shakes.
    – I grind spices in it.
    – I make bread crumbs with it
    – We make whip cream with it (it’s amazing!)

    Think I like it?? We actually are wearing it out. Have had this one for about 3 years now and I think it might be ready to give out. I would get another in a heartbeat!

  2. oooh lori–helpful!

    Ive coveted a magic bullet for a while—yet have found my cheap osterizer blender capable of doing the SAME STUFF.

    ok—maybe not the bread crumbs 🙂

    back to the bulletlonging for those…..


    • Yeah, Miz, I have an osterizer too. But it is very persnickety about frozen stuff. Gotta rock it around and poke the fruit and stuff down with a spoon. One time I got a wooden spoon a little too close to the gears, and there were some splinters in my smoothie!

      And Lori mentioned that the bullet is only supposed to run for 10 seconds–sounds like heaven to this impatient girl. But I suppose I’ll run with the old osterizer for a while longer…

  3. Seriously? You’ve never EVER made a pot of beans from scratch?!?!

    Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but that’s one of the meals my mom made (and still makes) frequently. It’s only been within the last couple of years that I bought beans in a can! If you have a crock pot, cooking beans from scratch is the easiest thing in the world to do. The hardest part is remembering to soak the beans the night before you want to cook them. Rinse and drain your dried beans, put them in a big pot, cover them with water, and let them soak overnight. In the morning, drain the beans, put them in a crock pot, cover them with fresh water (or I suppose you could use some kind of broth), add whatever spices or veggies or veggies or whatever you want (I usually add chunks of ham -like I said, it’s a Southern thing) and let them cook all day. You can make as much or as little as you want, and they freeze well too.

    I’ve made pinto beans, navy beans, and white beans. I personally like pinto the best – they don’t get mushy like the white beans do. I love kidney beans too, but those I usually buy in the can because the hubs likes to have chili at a moment’s notice. I pop kidney beans in my mouth like candy!

    My lil family eats beans during the winter A LOT!!! Cheap and easy, just the way I like my dinners!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a Bullet, so cannot offer my opinion (I used up my opinions on the beans!) 🙂

    • Seriously. No. Beans. Thanks for all the cooking advice–see, you do know how to cook! And really? Freezing beans doesn’t make them mushier and grainier than ever?

  4. I cook all my own beans – from dried – in crock pot like Jill said – except I put NOTHING in with them except water. And they do not have to be presoaked – it just makes them cook quicker. I cook them when I am home so that I can catch them when they are JUST done and don’t over cook. I measure them out in 1 cup increments and then freeze in pint size freezer baggies. The kinds that we eat are kidney, black turtle, garbanzo/chick peas, navy, and white. I NEVER use the canned because of the sodium. I think NO sodium are available somewhere in the world – but not here.

    AND – I make ‘sandwiches’ out of tomatoes, zucchini, and top with cheese (usually grated parmesan). And I think they are wonderful hot. this is the recipe that got me started (I leave off the cereal) :


  5. Thanks for the bean advice, Vickie. I will be sure to cook them when I am home, because it is very important to me that they not get mushy.

    And I LOVE your sandwich idea! I made that casserole last year and loved it. I have some delicious summer squash which are like flat round discs and they would make an excellent base for a ‘sandwich. Yumm!

  6. Just adding to what Jill wrote, I’ve been told never, ever to salt the beans before they’re fully cooked or the skins will go tough. And nobody likes a tough bean!

  7. I love beans in all incarnations, so I’m not going to be a good resource for you. To me the texture is somewhat like mashed potatoes, which I love. I will say that my favorite beans were red beans and rice made for me in Puerto Rico by a friend. They were seasoned with Recaito (sp?) and Sazon. So they probably had a good amount of MSG, but boy were they yummy!

    On to more pressing topics – buy yourself a sassy pair of prescription sunglasses. It’s worth it! But go to a higher end shop with more fashionable frames and get someone equally sassy and fashionable to go with you. I splurged on a pair of Kate Spade frames last summer. Crazy expensive (and no, I do not own a single other KS item!) but I justified it b/c I wear sunglasses almost EVERY day. Plus I’ll have these for several years.

    • Thanks for the sunglass advice, Juice! Of course, it was advice I wanted to hear.

      And regarding the beans…maybe that will help me. I love mashed potatoes too! I will try to imagine mashed potatoes when I eat my beans.

  8. I think I read somewhere that putting tomatoes in with uncooked beans will make them tough, so you need to fully cook them first before making stuff like chili.

    I love beans, too. Especially refried beans, probably because the texture reminds me of mashed potatoes! The fat-free ones were a college staple for me; I’d heat them up and put in some diced tomatoes or salsa. Yum! And usually some cheese, too, but that would sort of defeat the low-fat purpose…unless you mix in a Laughing Cow Lite wedge. (Try the garlic & herb one mixed in the refried beans…heavenly!)

    • Wow, thanks for all the great bean ideas, Pubsgal! I am going to give it the old college try!! I will be cooking my first batch of beans on Sunday. You can expect a full report on all things bean on Monday or Tuesday.

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