Day Two

Yesterday started the day with another great green smoothie.  I have to admit these hold you for quite a while.  I made a funny mix of 1/3 cup of raw oats, 2 spoonfuls of yogurt, and a little agave nectar, and topped it with a really great nectarine cut up–this was to take with me as I had a whole day of activities and chores planned.

Mid-morning I ate my little snack that I had prepared, and I have to say, this was very satisfying.  It reminded me of the breakfast cookie idea, and today I made another version of that, and will review that tomorrow.

I was supposed to work out with Vicky, but when I got to the gym early, she was busy at work in the kitchen.  She had ordered a bunch of food for the people taking the Monday night class (me included) and I asked if she wanted me to help her portion it out.  So we ended up working on that together, and I got my share of food talk in, and that was okay.  I really was pretty sore from those negative resistance exercises the night before.  The food she ordered?  All kinds of interesting organic stuff, and she sold it to us at her wholesale prices!  I got some acai berry puree that I used in a smoothie this morning, all kinds of grains and some beans, and some other stuff that I am sure I will review sooner or later.  When we were done, I went out to the pool and did 40 laps, and felt really good about that.  I ate lunch out with a friend, and got my favorite salad which fit in pretty well with the cleanse diet.

Didn’t get home til about 5:30, and that’s when I made my chili that I already posted about.  Every night ends with a snack that I really like:  1/2 cup of homemade apple or pear sauce with 1/2 Tbsp flax meal, and a cup of almond breeze.  Yumm!  

I put one cup of almonds and 4 cups of water in the blender to soak overnight (to try making almond milk,) and went off to bed.

No caffeine for 2 days.  Perhaps this is why my posts are so boring….

4 thoughts on “Day Two

    • Yes, I know I will revert back to my caffeine ways soon. I would like it if I could make it a once or twice a week habit. We’ll see…

  1. All this smoothie talk is making me want one! :-9 I liked the sound of that fruit & veggie one you wrote about. Wish I could handle fruit in the morning, blood sugar-wise, but it would probably make a great lunch.

    And yeay for you for making chili! I made a veggie chili from scratch once, and I loved it. (A lot of work, though.) If you like mushrooms, they add a nice “meaty” texture and rich flavor to the chili.

    Oh, another bean idea: soup thickener! Jessica of the blog “Pudget” posted a great broccoli cheese soup that used white beans as a thickener. (The soup is pureed, so you mainly taste the broccoli and cheesy goodness.) I think this bean-hiding technique would work with any pureed soup.

    • Yes, Pubsgal! The smoothie makes a great lunch, or what I really like it for is a light dinner, along with some pita chips!

      And yes, I was going to add mushrooms, but ran out of chopping energy! Plus, I checked that paprikash recipe, and it has a lot of mushrooms, and I want to try that too!

      AND, yes on the soup thickener idea. I had done this before by mashing canned beans to thicken taco soup. And I think these little white beans really made the chili base nice and thick

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