Day Seven

Okay…let’s see…today I want to talk about…hmmm, what do I want to talk about today? Oh yeah, FOOD!  Yes, people, I want to talk about food again.  I think I might need to change the name of this blog soon.  To something like ‘debby  talks ad nauseum about food.’  That’s an inside joke for my sister, just in case she still reads my blog.

Anyway, today is day 7 of this ‘cleanse diet,’ and I am enjoying it.  I will probably go at least one extra day, and even then, I am going to try to keep up some of the good habits I have picked up.  I am over my caffeine headaches, and very much enjoying my smoothies every morning.  I also like the herbal tea that Vicky gave us to try–very refreshing.  Its a blend of peppermint, alfalfa, sage, nettles, licorice root, juniper berry, uvu ursi, and oat straw.  Its probably good I didn’t read this list before I tried it LOL!

Here are some of the ‘highlights’ of my food adventures over the past few days.

Salads:  I REALLY like mixing up just enough dressing for one salad in the bowl before I put the salad in there.  The dressings I have made so far are not very complex, but they taste so fresh that they are very satisfying on the salad.  One of the things that keeps me from making salad for myself is all the chopping and shredding that goes into a good salad–you know, lots of different ingredients.  When I had that salad lunch at my friend’s house, she showed me how she is shredding cabbage, and other stuff, and keeping it ‘at the ready’ in the refrigerator.  I love this idea, and am going to implement it into my routine starting tomorrow.

Beans:  I’m sorry bean-lovers of the world.  I just don’t like beans that much.  I could never be a true vegan, because I could not get enough protein in my diet.  I only like beans when they are disguised or overpowered by other stuff, like meat and cheese.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, because today I had the idea of putting my ‘vegetarian chili’ over a baked potato.  But I didn’t want to wait for a potato to bake, so I cut one into chunks and boiled it, then added the chunks to the chili.  I noticed as I ate that there was very little difference in the texture of the potato and the beans.  But somehow, in my world, potatoes win out.

Roasted veggies:  This is the way to go, people!  They are so delicious, and when they are well-roasted, they have a wonderfully chewy texture.  The flavor of the vegetable themselves is so much better and different.  Kinda like the difference between regular oatmeal and steel-cut oatmeal.  Steel cut is just better all the way around.  And Lynn, I love you!  Lynn wrote about her adventures in roasting cauliflower, and today is the first time I have had roasted cauliflower that I liked.   I mean, I loved it, even more than my beloved roasted brussel sprouts.

Food on the go:  Lori asked what we do about food on the go.  I have gotten quite creative with taking almost any kind of food with me.  Like today.  I had my green smoothie at 6:30.  I leave for church at 8:30, and go to the gym directly after church, so I knew I would need something to eat before I got home this afternoon.    I wanted to have some oatmeal for my mid-morning snack, so I cooked some steel-cut oatmeal, added in some splenda and cinnamon, and poured a little almond milk on top.  I figured it wouldn’t go bad in a couple of hours, and would just be a nice lukewarm temperature in the warm car.  It was perfect!  I went out to the car between Sunday School and church, and ate half of it.  Then ate the other half before I went to the gym.

Can you fantasize about an apple?  Really, fantasize is not what I did.  But halfway through the 60 laps (yay!) I was swimming, I started thinking about the apple I had bought for my after-workout snack.  I thought about how I would think about a big brownie, and it wasn’t the same feeling, but I was really looking forward to that apple.  And it was a really great apple, and a wonderful snack on the way home from the gym.  In fact, it was so good that I ate a second apple before I got home!  Anyway, there is really no end to the food you can bring with you with just a little planning and thinking ahead.

Sugar, or the lack thereof:  The longer I go without sugar, the less I seem to crave it.  This week has been pretty sugar-free, and I have not really wanted anything with sugar.  I definitely still have a sweet tooth (the occasional splenda, agave syrup, and more than my fair share of fruit,) but when those are used instead of processed sugar, the ‘wants‘ seem to disappear.

I think what I have learned this week more than anything is that the pure taste of foods is really very satisfying.  For example, the roasted veggies are really great with a topping of parmesan cheese.  And there is nothing wrong with a bit of parmesan.  But really, those veggies were every bit as good all by themselves.  And while I absolutely love the combination of good tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese, really, a bowl of tomatoes cut up all by themselves are excellent!  And the hardest lesson:  while fruit is wonderful with yogurt or cottage cheese, it really can be enjoyed all by itself.

I read a couple of really excellent blog articles today, and wanted to link to them:

Barbara wrote a fascinating article about how muscles and protein work in your body.  This is why I can’t be a vegan!  

And Laura linked to an inspirational article about an aging Boston Marathon winner.  This one will keep me from complaining about aging for a while!

If you dare, come back tomorrow, where, no doubt, the topic will be… food!!

6 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. I enjoy reading about your food adventures. I just wish I lived close by so I could taste it too!

    Speaking of food – are you still making yogurt? Did you get a yogurt maker or do you do it the old fashioned way?

    PS Thanks for the help with wordpress. I added a tagline, but it isn’t showing up! grrr

    • Yes, making yogurt is almost a Sunday afternoon tradition now! 1/2 gallon seems to last me a week or two, so I can get two batches out of a gallon of milk before it goes bad. I still make it the old fashioned way, (well, if you can call the microwave old-fashioned!) I have a ‘recipe’ on my sidebar under HOMEMADE YOGURT.

  2. So do I! I love roasted veggies, too. I’ll have to try Lynn’s roasted cauliflower sometime. (Be sure to try her veggie paprikash sometime! It’s amazing!)

    I wouldn’t worry about the beans. You eat so many foods that are good for you already. I like beans, yet I still have a hard time getting them into my diet, even with popping a can of them being so easy. Just not my first go-to for starch, I guess. (My husband’s either, and he’s the family chef.) And how is it that I’ve made room for chia, but not tofu so much?

    • The only way I’ve had chia is mixing a little in my applesauce, but I really like the crunch. I’ll have to investigate further. And did I really see an ad for a chia head of President Obama??? I don’t have a TV so I’m trying to remember if it was real. But it was disgusting, and did not even look like him, of course.


    that is a link to Hanlie who talked about sprouts today – and there is a link in her post about making them from beans (I didn’t realize that is where sprouts come from and that you can make them from all different kinds of beans) – and it sounds like something you might like (at least to try) since you like making your own yogurt and other from scratch type healthy cooking.

    • I did not realize that sprouts came from beans either. And I saw Hanlie’s post today, and you are right, I was/am very interested in sprouting myself (well, not sprouting ME haha!) But it did sound a little labor intensive to me, so I’m not sure if I will try it or not. But I am going to ask Vicky about it tomorrow because I got some beans from her that might work.

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