Oops, the Day is Over and I Didn’t Talk about Food

Haha!  Just sitting here relaxing and scoping out the blogs, and realized I said I would talk about food again today.

Today was my ‘sabbath rest’ day.  I am really enjoying the routine of this day every week.  I really like routine, and it isn’t always available on a nurse’s schedule (working different days every week.)  I made an unofficial rule that I can’t cook on my rest day.  So I had made a double batch of green smoothie and a double batch of steel cut oatmeal yesterday,  and those were all ready for this morning.  Yumm.  I actually tried making some strong coffee and mixing it half and half with some almond milk.  But no go.  Threw it out and had a cup of that herbal tea.  I think I will hit ‘the ‘Bucks’ tomorrow after my workout, though!  

I broke the no cooking rule, because I had decided that when the cleanse was over I wanted to try Lori’s recipe for bean brownies (thanks to Pubsgal’s recommendation.)  This recipe really is full of healthy stuff.  Well, I took a tiny taste when they came out of the oven, and thought, ‘oh no.  Too beany for me.’  But when they cooled, I took another bite, and I thought, ‘well, they are actually probably better tasting than those stupid protein bars that you buy once in a while because the wrapper makes them look like a candy bar, and their ingredients are MUCH better.’  So I ate it.  No, not the whole pan, silly.  I ate one brownie, and put the rest in the freezer.  Check out Lori’s recipe.  I did use black beans, because that is what I had, and I also added 2 Tbsps cocoa powder because I thought it was strange that they were called brownies and they had no chocolate in the batter.  BTW, you all know that cocoa powder is a really good deal, right?  Only 15 calories per Tbsp!

Since I ate that brownie at 11am, I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 1:30, when I had a fabulous salad.  I love making salad when I give myself permission to put a few goodies in, like pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and avocado.  That lasted me until about 4, when I had a great bowl of honeydew melon and fresh pineapple.  I topped it with a Kozyshack sugarfree tapioca–I guess you can see I strayed a bit from the cleanse diet today…

So here’s the interesting thing.  I think it is partly because I am eating high fiber, but mostly I think it is because I eat fairly heavy in the morning–I am not that hungry at dinner time.  I held off and didn’t eat until 7:30, and I had a really really wonderful tomato that my neighbor had given me, with the classic topping of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, and a bit of fresh mozarella.  That’s it!  Well, except for ‘dessert,’ which was a great peach topped with some homemade yogurt.  And last snack of the night was a couple of my beloved lo-bars.  

I can see that this entry would be greatly enhanced by some good food photos.  Sorry bout that.  Some of my food today was really pretty, too.

I did more reading than usual today (not just blog reading!,) and finished another quilt top!  If I ever get myself organized and start listing my quilts for sale on Etsy, you guys will be the first to know.  

Have a great day.  I am looking forward to my weigh in and my workout with Vicky tomorrow.  Oh yeah–I get my new glasses tomorrow!  I’ll try to remember to post a picture for you.

P.S.   Juice!  Talk about spacing problems–what’s up with that?  I am too tired to try and solve the problem tonight.

5 thoughts on “Oops, the Day is Over and I Didn’t Talk about Food

  1. OOOH DO LIST THE QUILTS!! Id love to buy one.

    and the spacing? happens so frequently at Miz as well—and I just give in 🙂

    have a great day, workout, and NEW GLASSES.

    (yeah I skipped the weighin good wishes 🙂 no matter what that says it will be a good day!)

    • Yeah, Miz, I kind of chuckled to myself when I typed I was looking forward to my weigh in. And you are right, it is going to be a good day anyway. I am starting with a new green smoothie–spinach, peach, and honeydew–interesting combo. THANKS for the continuing encouragement on my quilts!

  2. thanks for the link to the bar recipes – I printed them out for the girls. Both are taking their lunches every day – all year – and those would be good lunch box additions!

    And I totally understand that if you eat balanced and big in the morning – (and lunch) then the night time eating/hunger thing takes care of itself (unless there is something else going on like TV/food habit, or loneliness issues, or stress/anxiety issues).

  3. Hmm, I’m sort of curious abut the bean brownies. I made chocolate chip cookies once substituting a can of beans for the fat. They looked weird, but I still ate them all (not at one time!).

    Ugh – the spacing issues! Makes me CRAZY!!!!

    We need pics. Lotsa pics. Food. Quilts. New specs.

    I love the idea of sabbath rest day. Unfortunately I do not do it as often as I should (even though it’s a commandment for crying out loud!).

    I enjoyed this post. 🙂

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