Hello, and Goodbye

Woo, today slipped by so quickly!  I really need to get to bed because I have to work the next two days!  It was mostly a good day, with a lot of wood stacking and unstacking (I’ll have to post some pictures of all my wood piles sometime next week!)  Had to do a little unpleasant business with CalPers, the longterm insurance company.  I’m begging you, people, DO NOT GET LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE without reading the fine print.  The trouble is, I think that they prey on old people.  And of course, most insurance preys on your fear.  Anyway, by the time they might be willing to shell out a little money to help you, you will be dead.  My neighbor happened to be over getting some wood from me, and I ran out and asked if he had been having any dealings with long term care insurance (because his parents are elderly) and he said he had been having the same misery with the same company.  His mom had paid into it for 40 years, over $170,000, and they still won’t pay anything out.  Please, just be careful of what you sign up for.

Okay, sorry about the rant.  What category should I put THAT under?  Perhaps I need to add another category–misery!  

Okay, really, I’m done with that.  To get over it, I went to the gym and swam for an hour.  Lovely and peaceful.  Until the very end, when mr. powerful splashy swimmer got into the lane next to me.  I tried to pretend I was swimming on a choppy lake!

Ooh, I perfected my ‘Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche’ recipe!  Yumm, and really very simple. Oh, darn, I really have to go to bed, but I will post the recipe on Sunday!  I roasted a chicken while I was swimming.  So you might notice my vegetarian streak is over…but I really didn’t miss the meat that much, and you can eat more if you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, so I foresee more vegetarian days in my future!  Can you believe, I still haven’t gotten any cottage cheese, and I haven’t brought any half and half into the house.  I did have a lovely cup of coffee yesterday at work.  I think I might keep it this way.  Just get coffee when I’m out of the house…not sure about that yet.

I just noticed that sentence ‘I roasted a chicken while I was swimming.’  That really sounds funny.  But you probably know what I mean!

Two more days of work, and then a little ‘at home’ vacation.  Yay!  Y’all have a great weekend!


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