I just returned from the nursery with 3 new plants.  On the way home I mused over my choices–2 were perennials.  I have slowly been changing my plants to a collection of perennials.  They are not always as showy as annuals, but I like their permanence.  I like watching a plant slowly grow over the years, and I like knowing that I will not always have to start over again next year.  In the long run, perennials are easier, and maybe a little cheaper.  But for immediate gratification, nothing is prettier than annuals.  They are just different choices that are available to us.

That we have a myriad of choices is important to me.  I am fond of saying ‘YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!’  (In my mind I say it loud and excited like that.  But in reality, I rarely actually say it to anyone.)  That is why I love that movie ‘The Devil Wore Prada’ SO MUCH.  It makes this point so well.   All along, the main character keeps saying she didn’t have a choice.  But in the end, the Meryl Streep character points out that she did indeed make choices all along the way.

The other day in Bible class we were discussing having a relationship with God, and how that takes time.  And for young mothers, time is a difficult thing.  But still, there are choices that you can make.  Sometimes those are hard choices.  Sometimes you have to choose between two very good things.  But still, there are choices available.  Please don’t say, ‘I didn’t have a choice.’  Or, ‘what choice did I have?’  Sometimes you have to look at something from a completely different angle to see the choices available to you.  But they are there.

Of course, the same thing applies to our food choices.  THERE ARE SOOOOOO MANY FOOD CHOICES!  In the last 4 1/2 years, I have changed the way I eat several times.  And I have loved eating all of these different ways.  Most of the time I have been changing to healthier and healthier food choices.  Always learning about how food works, and what fuels the body.  Learning new ways to cook foods (hello, roasted cauliflower!) and trying unusual food combos (can you say bean brownies?)

If you are just starting out on this adventure (call it a lifestyle change, or a diet, whatever floats your boat,) BE ADVENTUROUS!  Try a new food.  Cook a new recipe, or try one of those new-fangled raw recipes!  If you never ate salad (like me) try it one more time.  If you choose a cookie over fruit (like I used to) buy the best piece of fruit you can afford, and try it again.  I can’t really write about all the different food choices available out there, but I hope you get the picture and are excited to try something new.

BTW, the other plant I brought home was a beautiful full grown coleus.  Probably not going to last much longer, but I knew it would bring me a bit of cheer with its full-blown beauty as I work outside this week.  There is a place for all kinds of choices in our life.


One thought on “Choices

  1. Oh you hit a hot button with me here. I totally agree – we always have choices. I have had several heated conversations with a family member about this. Don’t pull the martyr act and then try to make me feel bad because you chose to do xyz. Own it!

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