Julie and Julia and Meryl and Me

Man, I’ve had a great two days.  I just got back from the move ‘Julie and Julia.’  I’m kind of surprised there’s not been more talk about this movie here in blog land.  I was SO EXCITED to go to this movie.  I never go to the theater any more because of the movie popcorn.  And well, because of time, and just not wanting to go enough.  But when I got so excited about this, I realized that it was because it contained three of my favorite things:  blogging, food, and Meryl Streep.  Really, isn’t she just the very best actress EVER??  And I love her even more because she is willing to look frumpy and old and non-glamorous.  This was a really good movie.  When I see a good movie, I am almost always inspired to be a better me.  So of course, this one made me want to lose more weight, run farther, and cook some good food.  Surprisingly, it did not make me want to cook the type of food they were cooking.  It just made me want to cook some really great healthy food.  I came home, and took a really short quick run, made a really great salad, and made a new experimental dish.  The salad was really pretty, so I took a picture of it.  One thing I am really enjoying on my salads is the shredded squash–either zucchini or summer.  It really adds a nice texture.


Here’s the new experimental dish–mashed parsnips and carrots!  Lynn wrote about having them at a restaurant and loving them.  I have never had parsnips before.  I checked one recipe and it had a lot of butter in it, which I didn’t want to do.  So here’s how I made them.  Just cut them into chunks (didn’t peel them) and boiled for about 20 minutes.  Mashed them with a potato masher (all the peels seemed to stick in the masher) and added salt, pepper, nutmeg, and 2 Tbsp. non-fat sour cream.  They were tasty, but since the recipe called for butter, I sprayed them with my ‘smart balance butter spray.’  I really don’t use this stuff much any more, but I have to admit, the taste was greatly enhanced by the butter flavor.  They look kind of stringy, but they tasted fine.  Has anyone tried this?  Have any suggestions?


As for the past two days, I had a great workout with Vicky yesterday morning.  It was kind of funny, because I had been analyzing my exercise and noticed that I was a little light on cardio, and what do you think she had ready for me to do?  A Jillian/Shred type circuit that really beat me.  And then she made me do it again!  But I felt pretty good that I could even do it.  And it made my stop at the frozen yogurt shop afterwards most worthy.  I chose their original tart flavor (what a change for me to choose something like this!) and controlled myself on the toppings.  This place is interesting.  You get to control completely what you want, because it is serve yourself, and then you just weigh what you got and pay for it.   So you can have a really small cup of yogurt, with just a smattering of toppings.  It can also backfire on you.  Because you want to try ALL of the toppings.  I was pretty happy with how I controlled myself though.  And I counted that as my lunch, and really I didn’t get hungry until 4pm in spite of working hard out in the yard.

Today I had to go down to the eye doctor, and so planned a few stops along the way.  And it was one of those days where you find everything you need right where you are looking for it.  Love it!  The eye doctor gave me a new contact to try, but frustratingly, I still can’t see the computer.  Otherwise, I really like wearing these contacts.  After the eye doctor, and before the movie, I zoomed over to the gym to swim a few laps.

That brings me up to the present moment, where I am sitting reading and writing blogs, while Oliver and Sophie wait patiently for their dinner.




9 thoughts on “Julie and Julia and Meryl and Me


    and havent seen the movie yet for fear Id grow frustrated at my own inability to bookify my blog (I wont lie to you :))
    it’s worth seeing?

    • I love Oliver and Sophie too. And Rindy, but she sleeps under my chair and I couldn’t quite get that angle!

      Anyways, I LOVED the movie. A great love story about such an individual character, Julia Childs. Great acting by Meryl Streep. I did think they went a little overboard in creating the illusion that she towered over everyone. But I found the part about wanting ‘to bookify your blog’ fascinating. I kept thinking, this is what a lot of bloggers want, isn’t it? And this fav blogger of mine wrote a wonderful post about her feelings after watching it–http://annieblogs.com/2009/08/12/julie-and-julia-and-annie/

  2. I loved the storyline with Julia, not as much with Julie. Which is why I’m reading my life in Paris and not the blogger’s book. But a worthy movie for certain.

  3. Forget Julia Childs! You are one great cook, girl! Those photos slay me. Have you tried mashed cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes? Same idea as the parsnip/carrot dish, except I throw in some curry powder for a little oomph.

    • Awe, thanks Nancy! I am going to get brave now and try the mashed cauliflower. I love cauliflower, don’t know why I have been suspicious of mashing it for so long.

    • Awe, I LOVE dachshunds! Sophie is 2 years old, and Oliver is 4 years old. The out of sight Rindy is about 10 years old. My brother has a mini red dapple that he is CRAZY about. It is so funny to hear my brother talk baby talk to a dog!

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