A Post About…What Else…Food and Exercise

So yesterday I was obsessed with making my own version of the ‘Lo-Bar.‘  I went to bed thinking about it and wrote a preliminary recipe and figured out the calories and everything.  I even dreamed that Vicky asked me why I was trying to do this, and I didn’t have an answer.  After all, one of the main reasons to ‘make your own’ is to either improve on the quality or the taste of the food.  And I was quite sure I could not do that.  But still.

And I learned enough that I thought it would be fun to share with you.  First, I needed carrot and apple ‘pulp.’  This is what is left over after you ‘juice’ something.  I don’t have a juicer.  But when I got up in the morning I had the bright idea of trying my old osterizer.  Well, I cut up some carrot chunks and stuck them in there.  They got stuck on the blades and the blades wouldn’t even turn.  So I had the bright idea of adding a little water.  And that did the trick!  I probably used 1/2 cup of water to pulverize 3 big carrots.  And then I had the bright idea of ‘straining’ them through a paper towel.  This probably wouldn’t work with all paper towels, but those Viva paper towels are darn strong.  So I lined the colander with the paper towels, drained, then wrapped the paper towels over the top of the pulp and pressed down hard to really get all the excess water out of there.  I might even have gotten too much water out.  Then I did the same thing with the apple.  Of course I didn’t have a recipe, so I was just guessing at the amounts of the ingredients.

Here are my notes on how I made them.  They were no where near as good as Vicky’s bars, but they were enjoyable.  I guess I am telling you guys this in case you want to fool around and try something like this yourselves.  You can tell from the list of ingredients that they are basically very healthy.  There were way more chocolate chips than necessary for this size recipe.  And, I think that just maybe Vicky might use a much lower heat for a longer period of time, or even one of those dehydrators that the ‘raw’ people use.  I don’t know, and I would never ask her for her recipe–I think she could make her fortune with these things, they are that good!

Notes on ‘Lo-Bars’



3 carrots

2 apples


Cut these into chunks and osterize, using about 1/2 cup water.  Line a drainer with viva paper towels, and drain juice, then cover pulp and press excess water out.


2 oz. honey, add to pulps.


1/2 cup oats


grind oats and add to mix.


1 tsp cinnamon

sprinkle nutmeg

1 tsp vanilla


add to mix and mix well


1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup walnuts

1/4 cup raisins


spray 9×12 pan with oil, and press mixture into bottom of pan in an even layer.  If necessary, redistribute the chips and stuff so that there is not a clump of chocolate in one place!  Bake in 250 degree oven.


cut into 12 bars and  each bar should be about 80 calories.  this is an educated guess because i am not sure how many calories are left in the pulp.  BTW, kept the carrot and apple juices to use in my smoothies, even tho they are watered down, still should be good.


Then Monday night went to the gym for Vicky’s class on nutrition and exercise.  She had quite a few samples of healthy delicious foods for us to try, including some decadent desserts.  I could get in trouble with those babies.  She also brought some aged goat cheese that she got at the farmer’s market, and had melted just a bit on top of some fresh figs.  I was very suspicious of this.  But oh. my. goodness.  That was a taste treat!


After sampling all that stuff we had to go exercise.  But I really enjoy that type of exercise that challenges your strength–all negative resistance exercise.


Today Vicky had me do ‘pyramids’ on the weight machines.  Basically start with a relatively low weight and higher rep, and then keep increasing the weight and lowering the rep, and then you go back down the other way.  Very challenging!  I ended with a swim.  It was one of those perfect days where the water felt good, I felt good, and there were only 3 other people in the whole pool.  I really would have kept going for an hour, but I had an appointment with the eye doctor, so had to stop after 20 minutes.


I did hit the frozen yogurt place on my way home, and was very restrained in what I got, and I completely enjoyed myself!


I went to the grocery store to stock up, and got a few new items to try–thought I’d share them with you and see if any of you have tried these products.  I always stop and stare at the display of Bob’s Red Mill products.  But this time I let myself buy a few.  I bought his Muesli, which isn’t pictured.  But I am really excited to have this stuff.  The ingredients list looks great, the calorie count isn’t bad, and I really like oats and stuff mixed into my homemade yogurt.  The scottish oatmeal looked interesting–says it is a coarser meal.  And I got the spelt flour because I want to try baking some bread with some different grains.

DSCN0845These are just some sauces that I spied with good ingredients (organic too!) and pretty low calorie count.  I am pretty excited to try the cranberry mustard with some turkey that I am going to roast.



Tonight I had a piece of salmon that I had cooked quite a while ago and was in the freezer.  It was superb!  I have been eating mostly vegetarian lately with just a bit of chicken, so this was a real treat.  And I had a little bit of potatoes that I had gotten from the farmer’s market. Oh my goodness.  So delicious that they really didn’t need any butter.  And some snow peas.  It was a stupendous dinner, and really only took a few minutes to prepare.


Me and the doggies went for an after dinner walk in this nice cool weather we are having.  It seems very strange to only be walking with 2 dogs instead of 4.  And now there is only one ‘pack leader.’  Me and Rindy used to share that chore!


I don’t know if you bother to look at my weigh in page and my work out page.  But this week I didn’t get to work out as much.  I kept my food intake the same as usual.  So I was really very happy with my weight loss of 0.4 pounds.  Slowly, slowly, it is coming off.




8 thoughts on “A Post About…What Else…Food and Exercise

  1. please check the sodium level in your sauces before using!!!

    and when we make the banana/choc chip protein bars (the ones that were on the other web site with the brownies) we do NOT put the choc chips IN until it is all done and in the 9×9 pan. then we put the choc chips in rows so that they are even. we poke them down. this works really well.

    Of those three recipes the banana/choc chip is the only one that the kids loved. The oatmeal one was the wrong type of flavor for them and the brownies were a bit too odd (I didn’t mind them but I don’t eat that type of thing – leads to too many problems down the road).

    but it was certainly worth trying 3 recipes to find one that they both loved.

    • Thanks for the reminder Vickie. 2 of the 3 were low in sodium. The teriyaki ginger of course was high, but you would expect that.

      I haven’t even tried the banana choc. chip recipe. Thanks for the good review. I make banana choc. chop oatmeal cups that are basically baked oatmeal with the same flavors, and I really like those for a breakfast treat. But I am actually trying to stay away from the baked goods for the most part.

  2. I have an old Osterizer, too. Metal and glass and heavy as all get-out! Yes, liquid is the key for these babies. And if I’m making a flavored ice, I need to get out a hammer and pound the ice cubes into smaller chunks before adding them. It might be easier just to get ice trays for smaller cubes!

  3. I wonder if a coffee filter would work to strain the juice. I need to play – thanks for sharing your recipe!

    Pyramids are hard – you are a strong lady.

    • Yes, I had read about coffee filters for something else the night before I tried this. But I only have little coffee filters, and that is why I tried the paper towels. Also, I liked folding over the paper towels to press more juice out of the pulp.

      I thought you might be interested in fooling around with this recipe!

    • Well, I think I baked them for about 50 minutes. They were dryer than the originals. Not that good moist, almost sticky texture. That is why I think there needs to be more work on this to make it a viable recipe. But I saved the bars–froze them. Kind of crumbly, but good as a treat with a cup of almond milk! Or maybe crumbled on top of some frozen yogurt.

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