Foodie News

Just a short post with a little foodie news.  Today I made a batch of yogurt, and it came out perfect.  But something made me want to try to strain it and see if I could get ‘Greek yogurt.’  I used the paper towel method (yes, coffee filters would be easier, but I don’t have any big coffee filters.)  I lined my colander with 2 paper towels (not a double layer, just 2 so that it would hang over the edge of the colander.)  And placed the colander on top of a bowl, and poured the yogurt in.  I placed this whole contraption in the refrigerator, and left it to drain for a few hours, and when I came back from the gym, there was the most beautiful creamy yogurt I have ever made.  It is not as thick as Fage, but it is VERY creamy and rich tasting (I only use 1% milk.)  The only thing I don’t know is the calorie count.  It was almost 1/2 the volume, so would that make it twice the calories?  Or does the liquid that drained out have some of the calories?  Fage greek yogurt is not that high in calories, even though they claim they use 4 quarts of milk to make 1 quart of yogurt.  Anyway, this stuff was so delicious, and  not very tart.  Almost like cream cheese!  Definitely can be used for some dessert recipes.  I had it tonight with some really good strawberries.  Can you believe they can make strawberries grow in September?  Used to be you could only get them in the late spring!


For dinner, I had an idea to try.  I wanted to try that peanut sauce I got the other day.  And I had some ‘kelp noodles’ in the refrigerator that I had gotten from Vicky.  I didn’t quite trust them, but then the Fitnessista talked about how much she loved them.  These things are amazing–only 12 calories per serving.  So I used my mandolin to shred some summer squash and a carrot, and cut up a few green onions, and added 4 large shrimp cut into little bite size pieces (I only had 4  shrimp or I probably would have added more.)  I added 2 servings worth of the kelp noodles.  Then I mixed in a little of that peanut sauce, and it made 2 big servings which were about 60 calories each!!!  But when I ate it, I added a few pine nuts (didn’t have any peanuts in the house) and a little more sauce, bringing the total calories for this big bowl to 125.  It was quite delicious, refreshing, and very filling.  The kelp noodles didn’t really have any flavor, just quite a crunch.  They would take on the flavor of anything you added to them, I imagine.  



When I got up this morning, I wanted a green smoothie AND a skillet scramble…so I finally decided on the smoothie for breakfast and the skillet scramble for lunch.  Both of those meals really held me well, and I only needed mini-snacks to get through the day.

It was a jam-packed day, very satisfying.  Now to work again, and I’ll check in with you Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Foodie News

  1. please explain the noodles when you have a minute – do you cook them – or do you eat them dry for the crunch?

    I personally do not eat noodles – but have been trying to figure them out for the kids.

    My specific need is good noodles for using in homemade soup (for the kids). If you would please ask your Vicky for suggestions – that would be much appreciated!!!

    For example – kids love the taste of Ramen noodles in soup. I do not use the flavor packet. I know that the Ramen noodles with the flavor packet are supposed to be one of the WORST things (nutritionally) to eat. But I never have known if that was the flavor packet or the noodles too.

  2. You know, I have wondered the same thing about the calories in homemade yogurt. I know that whey is used to make whey protein powder, so some of the calories have to be in that.

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