kelp noodles

Vickie asked a question about the kelp noodles in the last post, which led me to an obsessed search for more information about these ‘noodles.’  When I ate them the other night, I thought to myself ‘I wish they wouldn’t call these noodles.  It sets you up to expect regular noodles, and then you are a little disappointed.’  They are really just like another vegetable.  And I just presumed (not sure why) that you couldn’t cook them.  So this site tells you to just cook them for 10 minutes to make them more like regular spaghetti.


And this is a ‘raw cooking’ website, but she has great pictures of the noodles, and some ‘raw soup’ recipes that look interesting.

I’m not sure where to find them, but I think I’d like to try cooking them to see just what the texture is like.  I had a chicken teriyaki soup once that was just delicious, and they would probably be really good in that.  And it would be worth a try to see if they work as a substitute for spaghetti–for 12 calories, definitely worth a try!


2 thoughts on “kelp noodles

  1. You are always on the cutting edge with new and interesting foods! I’m curious to hear what you think of the cooked kelp noodles. Is it kind of the same idea as spaghetti squash?

    Also, did you read My Life in France? What did you think of it? I just finished…

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