The Countdown

September 28.  I have 3 days to try to eat on the straight and narrow to achieve my September challenge goal of getting back to my original 100 pound weight loss.  Most times during this journey I didn’t think ‘it counted’ if you re-lost weight that had already previously been lost.  But honestly, re-losing the 13 pounds that I regained has sometimes seemed like more of a struggle than it was to lose the entire 100 pounds.  Like I have said many times, its not like I’m suffering, or going hungry.  It is a combination mind AND body struggle, I think.  I sure know what to do and how to eat.  Most days I make REALLY healthy choices all day long.  But most days I just eat a little more than I planned.  Like lately when I get home from work exhausted, and I should just take a shower and go straight to bed, I sit and look at blogs, and then go to get a little treat, which lately is a medjool date with 4 walnut halves.  Yummmmmm!!!  But not exactly calorie-free, and I am not exactly hungry, so not exactly being used for fuel.  Just for enjoyment.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Except that it conflicts with something else that I really want for enjoyment, and that is a body carrying around less weight.  (Did you notice I did not say ‘a thinner body?’  Because, really, the true pleasure will be ‘carrying around less weight.’  It is already a pleasure, just having lost this 11 1/2 pounds in the last few months.)

And, with apologies to Miz and other like-minded folks for my ‘obsession’ with a number, you have to admit that ‘100 pounds’ has such a nice ring to it.  I know that my favorite OCD detective, Monk, would really appreciate it.  What I really meant to say is that I hope reaching that 100 pound loss is just a small blip on the way to continuing a losing trend.  I really don’t want to reach this goal and then go crazy ‘celebrating’ with food.  (More of the mind/body talk.)

On the newsy food side of things I have gotten some new things to try.  I am working really hard (inside my head) to NOT try all of them in the next 3 days LOL!  I got some coconut oil (Lori’s recommendation) from the health food store.  Then at Trader Joe’s last night after work I found ‘hearts of palm’ (Lynn’s recommendation.)  I bought some goat milk yogurt on Vicky’s recommendation (since I have failed at least 3 times at making my own goat milk yogurt.)  I also got some candied ginger, which is one of the ingredients in the best granola I have ever had.  I think I can get this recipe from Vicky, and if I do, I will share it with you.  My favorite ‘Sweet Nantes Carrots’ were back in stock at Trader Joe’s.  And various other VERY HEALTHY food items that will make for enjoyable eating in the weeks ahead.


6 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. 100 pounds is a great number to focus on. Unless you have to lose a significant amount of weight, you wouldn’t understand how it is to people like us. Numbers do matter. They can be badges, which is what I consider my 100 pound milestone to be. I wear it with honor and pride, as should you.

    It is an awful lot harder down here at the bottom, I’m with you on that one. It’s much, much harder to lose the last bit. I imagine it is probably more difficult for those who have already lost a lot than those that are losing 20-30 pounds (not taking away anything from their journey, it’s just different).

    And candied ginger? I love that stuff! I love ginger altoids, too. Mmmmmm……

    • thanks for the encouragement, Lori! I just got back from a short run where I included tabata intervals! I don’t know if that was harder, or fighting off the deer flies was harder LOL! Please, Lord, send us some cold weather to end the deer flies once and for all!!!

    • Thanks for the reminder, Vickie! That is something I have come to really love–another of Vicky’s recommendations. I have a bit of a special blend that she gave me, and I will use it the next two nights.

  2. I get it. Oh lordy how I get it. 100 has a very nice ring and numbers ARE very cool. I love how having less weight on you makes you just as happy as food after work. I think that’s where so many people lose sight. The here and now isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s what’s at the end of the scale.

    Did you try the hearts of palm yet? I had one on my salad tonight. It’s the little things in life, you know? Yes…you do know. That’s why I heart your blog so much 🙂

  3. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS has more than a nice ring to it 🙂

    and Ive entirely come around (look at me admitting I mightcould be wrong :)) that when used as a TOOL and not as an…albatross or way to punish self scales and number really can work *with us* (not against).

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