Today’s Thoughts

Thanks for all the congratulations!  I was pretty happy all day about my weight loss.  Here are some of the thoughts I had today:

The scale is not the only  ‘inanimate enemy’ to weight loss.  Gym mirrors.  Horrors.  They about did me in today.  I know they are there so you can check your form.  But couldn’t they make them carnival mirrors that make you look young and slim or something?  I was doing some bench push-ups and dips in Vicky’s studio area, and when I stopped for a rest on the bench I glanced in the mirror.  Not only did I look like a middle-aged frump with two spare tires around the middle, but my neck…my poor saggy grandma-like old neck.  Oh, well.  Continuing on….

MyPictureThere.  I feel better now, shallow person that I am.  I took a night time picture with my computer that makes my neck look better.  Maybe they just need mood lighting in the gym.

Tabata intervals.  Vickie asked some questions about the tabata intervals, which led me to try to get better information about them for myself as well as for you.  I thought this article did a good job of explaining the science behind them, as well as giving examples of how you can do them.  It says that it was proven to raise your metabolic rate.  It also gives examples of quite a few different exercises that will work.  But the main point is that you are supposed to work at maximum intensity for that 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, and repeat X8.  The idea of the 10 second rest is that it allows your muscles to recover, BUT NOT COMPLETELY.  So the next set (20 seconds) is actually harder than if you didn’t rest at all.  I think I fall a little short on the maximum intensity sometimes, so I am glad I reviewed this.  I have done them on the stairs at work, running or sprinting outside, with push-ups, squat/shoulder press combo, step-ups, and wall squats.  I try to be accurate on the running and stairs, but of course I don’t have a clock in front of me so the 20 second/10 second intervals are approximate.  When I review an article like this, I don’t know why I don’t do them every day.  Except that they are hard.

Fruits and veggies. I am still surprised sometimes at my new found love for fruits and veggies.  I really didn’t need to go to the grocery store, but I thought I might have an overwhelming urge for broccoli (thanks,Lori!)when I got home, so stopped at the store, and ended up getting a few other fruits and veggies.  Never left the produce department!  Then I spotted the little Mexican guy on the corner selling strawberries!  I can’t resist these guys.  The strawberries have been consistently great, and I can’t believe they travel over an hour from the valley just to sell strawberries in Pine Grove!  Anyways, what a pleasure to have great tasting ripe strawberries almost in October!

Running.  Yup.  I’m running again.  Its amazing what a difference that few pounds can make.  I am really enjoying these short runs with the dogs.  And plan on increasing the distance, especially with the cooler fall weather finally starting to appear.  It was only 63 degrees today, and I just couldn’t make myself get in the pool, even though it looked extremely peaceful with just one lap swimmer in there today.  I might indulge in some of those Kuru shoes that Miz talked about today.  They sound like they provide amazing support.

Thoughts on ‘rest days.’ Remember a few weeks ago I started taking a’Sabbath rest’ day on Mondays.  Then last Monday, I didn’t take it because…I can’t remember why.  Anyway, I guess that habit was not ingrained in me because I didn’t even think about taking a rest day yesterday, and had planned quite a few necessary chores for the day.  But when I got up yesterday, I remembered and I decided to go ahead and take a day of rest.  I decided I would try to do all the chores I had planned for Monday and Tuesday all on Tuesday.  Monday was a wonderful day.  Plenty of time reading some very inspirational books (more on them in another post,) listened to a great sermon online, sat outside in the sun, praying and thinking about all I am thankful for, took TWO short runs with the doggies, and got in quite a bit of quilting, as evidenced by the pics I shared yesterday.  And today I had no trouble getting all the chores done that I had planned for the two days!  My thought is this:  I know that an entire day is a luxury that not everyone can afford.  But by taking that time to refresh my soul, I was able to make better decisions about what was really important and what could be let go.  I would urge all of you to try and fit some quiet hours somewhere in your week just to refresh and renew your mind and your soul.

Habanada!  Rest, run, skip the scale and the mirror, eat some fruit and veggies, and try a tabata interval!


8 thoughts on “Today’s Thoughts

  1. your posts are so wonderful.

    imagine what the YOU from years ago would have thought to know that you would be having broccoli emergencies!

    thanks for the tabata info – you confirmed what I thought I understood from the link. and this is very interesting to me. I think we actually have a stop watch around here somewhere. It is HARD for me to push myself as effectively as (say my Sabrina does). And I was actually thinking this would be a good way of doing deep walking lunges. Because those kill. (which probably means they are REALLY effective.

    • Thanks, Vickie. Broccoli emergencies, that is funny! The old me did get a chuckle out of that. I added a couple of sentences to the tabata explanation:

      ‘The idea of the 10 second rest is that it allows your muscles to recover, BUT NOT COMPLETELY. So the next set (20 seconds) is actually harder than if you didn’t rest at all.’

  2. Hey, I’m starting to get one of those “turkey neck” things too, but you know what? I love it because it means it’s not full of fat!! I’ll take the wrinkly turkey neck over my former fat neck rolls anyday! 😉

    Please don’t talk anymore about Tabata intervals, because the more you talk about them, the more I think I should be doing them! So just don’t mention them ever again EVER, okay? (I”m totally kidding) (sort of )


  3. First of all, I think you look great! And I do not see neck “whatever” it is that you are talking about in your picture. And also congratulations about your 100 pound loss–or losing the additional pounds you recently gained.

    I hear you about the Sabbath day. I go to church on Sundays, and I go to a fairly small church where I know most people. I still find myself rushing out of church once Liturgy is over so that I can go get things done like shopping, getting gas, etc. Instead, I should be savoring time with my church friends. And then I sometimes find I work for a few hours on Sunday to prepare for the week, which I so don’t like to do! Instead I should take time to relax, pray, and read. You are right that it is a luxury to have a day of Sabbath, but it is truly beneficial for our souls.

    PS I love the comments you post about your faith so please keep them coming!

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