This morning I had a delicious cup of coffee–courtesy of Lori over at Finding Radiance! Hand-roasted by Lori, if you can believe it.  And it came in a beautiful shiny copper bag with a personalized label–so professional!  Thank you so much, Lori.  It was really great.  And I thought all night about what I wanted to have for breakfast with my new coffee, and I decided I would try Lori’s protein pancakes–double yumm!!  That was the first time I tried her recipe, and it was great.  The ingredients are similar to the Hungry Girl blueberry pancakes that I like so much, but Lori’s recipe is SO much easier.  I topped them with some sliced fresh strawberries.  Next I will try Lori’s blueberry sauce.  Sorry, I ate the pancakes before I remembered to take a picture of them.  But here is a picture of the coffee!


Unfortunately, my eating has been a little over the top today.  I kept eating when I was full, and that really drives me nuts.  But I’ll just pick right up where I left off.  Actually, I just did the math, and I’ve only eaten about 1750 calories today.  I’m going to have broccoli for dinner, and maybe a little yogurt and strawberries, and call it a night!  I think I’m worried about eating too much on my vacation that is coming up (so I eat too much because I am worried about eating too much???)

I did get to go to the gym today, and really pushed myself on the weights, and got in a good swim too.  I don’t think I’ll get too many more swims this year.  I’m not so crazy about swimming that I will do it in the cold.  But it will be fun to have different activities for different seasons.  I am already enjoying running/walking with the doggies.  Now if it would just rain a little bit to make it less dusty.

I am thinking that I will just set my goal to maintain this current weight through the end of my vacation, and that will be a victory in itself.  Starting with my brother’s visit last week, and until I come home from my friend’s on the 24th, October is pretty much shot.  Fortunately the people around me are getting used to the way I like to eat, so I am pretty good for breakfast and lunch.  And if I can just control myself at dinner (and dessert/snacking) I will be good to go.  At this point in my journey, it is never the ‘fault’ of the people around me.  It is always my own decision to overeat.

I’m off to work tomorrow, so I’m afraid I’ll be pretty much absent for a couple of weeks.  I’ll probably be able to check in and comment on your blogs once in a while.  Be good and eat well while I am gone!


12 thoughts on “Yumm!

  1. I love your mug! Glad you liked the coffee 😀

    I think you will be okay on vacation. I find that having some sort of talisman helps me, like a worry stone or a necklace with a specific charm on it that I can touch when I need a reminder to stay on track. Doesn’t always work (vacations are hard after all), but it can help some. If you have a plan and stick to it 80% of the time, you’ll be just fine!

  2. Ditto what Vickie says! Enjoy yourself, Debby. And take pictures to post. See, I still have to work so I can look at pictures from other people’s vacations!

  3. Debbie, hope you enjoy a wonderful vacation! I’m sure you’ll do fine, and heck, maybe you’ll do better than you think, because you know that vacations can be extra challenging?

    I haven’t been to the pool this month either. I’m not sure whether I want to swim through the fall and winter or not, even though I really like swimming and they keep the pool pretty warm (it’s outdoors). On the other hand, the pool I go to is at risk of being closed until summer, due to budget cuts, so maybe I ought to get in a few swims before December…still deciding.

    • Hey, Pubsgal, I just talked to a doctor that swims for exercise, and he pointed out the nice warm spa after a swim, and suddenly swimming in winter doesn’t sound so bad!

  4. I hope you have fun on your vacation, but I always hate it when you aren;t around!! Are you going to do any quilting while you’re gone? I love your quilting phtos.

    Mmmm…fresh roasted coffee!!! I’d really like some right now, but Iknow I’d be up half the night!

    So, when are you going to take a vacation to Oklahoma? 😉

    PS sorry for all the typos. The finger is thwarting my best typing efforts!!

    • Hey Jill, I feel extremely honored that you would even try to reply with that finger! Did you at least get some time off from work??

      Yes, this will be an all-quilting vacation!

      One of these days I will take my ‘around the world’ bloggers vacation, and meet up with all my buddies. Oklahoma will be my first stop!

  5. Keeping your weight steady during a vacation is a great goal. As I was losing all my weight that was always my goal too – to stay steady or lose a bit. But not a gain!

    That mug is so cute, and lucky you on the coffee. I love Lori’s recipes too.

  6. Ooh – handroasted coffee sounds like such a decadent indulgence. Way to go Lori!

    Please include Baltimore in your around the world blogging trip. My guest room is yours. 😉

    Enjoy your quilting vaca! I’m envious!

  7. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog over the last few days. I’ve been AWOL for a while.

    I was so sorry to hear your step-mother had died. That must have been a very difficult time and now that your father is alone I guess you are just as busy keeping an eye on him.

    May I say how stunningly beautiful you are. How I wish I had my act together a bit better so that we could have met in June. .. Not only because you are beautiful , inside and out, but you sound such fun and so interesting. You may take a bow.

    I know holidays can be a bit of a minefield as far as food is concerned but I’m discovering a whole new way to holiday. I look for food adventures, not just tacky or fast food that I can get anywhere. I try to make my holidays active holidays which I’m sure you do too. Instead of blobbing out with a book or movie I looked for places where we could walk or hike as part of our holiday adventure experience.

    It didn’t always come off as planned and toward the end of our USA trip we were getting very tired and and had some long driving days. I am looking forward to our next trip and we will travel at a more leisurely pace, taking more time to meet the local people and hiking, walking places. Don’t hold your breath because I don’t think we can go overseas again as long as my mother lives. Meantime we have good memories and lotsof dreams.

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