Hellooo from the Road

Hi all!  My friend is so nice!  She puts her laptop in my room so I have a computer to use for the week.  Even so, I usually don’t have the oomph to actually write a blog entry when I am traveling.  But I have a little time this morning and wanted to do a product review that I haven’t seen around the blogs before.  

One of my favorite places to visit when on the road is Whole Foods.  I have to admit that Whole Foods is a dangerous place for me to go to because they have an AMAZING array of desserts, and that is where I spend the majority of my time…  But I like to go there to get a good salad or a healthy dinner, too, and I usually pick up some organic fruit, and I also visit the ‘energy bar’ aisle.  I have really gotten away from energy bars now, but they are good for traveling when its inconvenient to bring other stuff (like when I spend all day at the quilt show and don’t want to carry a cooler–just stick a big apple and an energy bar in my purse, and I’m good for the day.)  Anyway, I checked out all the energy bars (they carry a LOT of them) and I spied the Jay Robb High Protein JAYBAR.  I remembered a while ago people in blogland were raving about the Jay  Robb protein powder, so I decided I would get one to try–fudge brownie, of course.  You can check the link for complete stats, but the first three ingredients listed were almond butter, agave syrup, and whey protein.  I thought that was very interesting, and different than most bars.  It was AMAZING.  Really chewy, like a chocolate caramel.  I don’t really think any of the bars fuel me like real whole foods do, but what  I thought was, that at 220 calories, 1/2 of it would be a most excellent and worthy dessert.  They definitely get a thumbs up from me.  I’m mostly glad that they aren’t too available…

Other news from the road–eating’s been okay, not optimal.  Brought a lot of my own food.   The first three days I was in a hotel room, and spent two days at the Pacific International Quilt Festival.  This is a great big quilt show with gorgeous quilts from all over the world, and vendors selling every kind of quilt related item imaginable.  Even some unrelated items!  I spent two days looking at everything.

Food wise I did pretty good.  Didn’t even go to the free bfast buffet at the hotel, only had one meal out, actually.  Exercise wise, okay too.  I didn’t make use of the hotel gym, but I found the free exercise channel on the tv, and exercised in my room, and then I found a park, and walked/jogged one day.

I drove up to my friend’s house in one day–mapquest said it was 8 1/2 hours of driving.  Usually I putter along the way, stopping to shop here and there.  But this time I wanted to get there at a decent hour, so I only stopped at 3 rest stops, and walked around at each to wake up, and one gasoline stop. And I made great time–8 3/4 hours, I think.

Anyway, since I’ve been here, I’ve done very good with my eating, and the best part is that I really have challenged myself to get out and run each morning.  The first morning, I went for 1 1/2 hours, and I was really stiff and tired the rest of the day.  But I woke up feeling great the next morning, and went out again for one hour.  When I say run, don’t get too excited.  I run for a little, then walk for a little.  Overall, there is a little more walking than running.  But a lot more running than my previous life!  I am really happy about this.  It will give me a little headstart when I get home.  Lori has really inspired me with all her running talk.  The weather here (in Oregon) has been gorgeous, and the scenery is breathtaking.  I will post some pictures when I get home.

I think I’d better end for now.  Habanada!


6 thoughts on “Hellooo from the Road

  1. Sounds like you are making good choices on vacation and still having a great time! I need to learn to be like that.

    I really do like the Jay Robb stuff, too expensive, but good!

  2. Yeay! Glad you’re having a nice time on your vacation. I love Oregon; one of my best friends lives in Portland, and I love going to visit her. (It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten to do so….)

    But now you’ve done it. There’s a Whole Foods market right on the street where I work, and now I’m going to have to try one of those bars. Sounds like they’d make an excellent post-workout snack. (Although looking at the nutritional data, I’d have to eat half at a time, too.)

  3. Sounds like you are having a nice time and sticking with lots of healthy choices! YAY!!! I’m still working off my vacation pounds from the past month. Ugh. Wish I hadn’t made some of the choices that I did. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that next time.

    Enjoy your travels!!

  4. looking forward to the pics – you always have such nice ones. Glad that you are able to rely on your own food and not at the mercy of others. and great job on the run/walk – impressive amount of time! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Thanks for taking time to post.

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