Good Morning. Its Raining.

So what else is new, eh?  After all, I am in Oregon.  Its just that it is messing with my day.  I got all dressed and ready to go out for my morning run/walk, and it was drizzly.  I am not feeling dedicated enough to get wet today. My friend is busy right now and not available to amuse me.  Bah.  And I am not feeling particularly amusing myself, so I am not available to amuse you.

What to do when plans are changed?  And then when plan 2 gets changed?  On to plan 3.  Oh yeah.  I could exercise in my room.  Vicky has wisely taught me a lot of exercises that only require your own bodyweight for resistance and are plenty hard.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do, as soon as I’m done yammering here. 

Yesterday me and my friend did our ‘traditional’ ‘foundation shopping.’ That’s what her husband named our bra-shopping expeditions.  Not my particularly favorite activity, so I guess its more fun with a friend?  Anyways, they were having a ‘special event’ where there were WAY too many of those ‘helpful’ fitting ladies around.  I HATE THAT.  Well, my friend says, they are kind of helpful, kind of like going to the doctor.  And therein lies the problem, I said.  (I hate that too, in case any of you didn’t know.)

Anyways, I did end up with a few ‘foundational purchases’  and we did get a lot of laughter out of the whole trip at the dinner table.  All in all, I had more fun at the quilt shops we hit up.  And we had a great lunch at BJ’s–a most worthy burger that we split–Yay, no guilt in half a burger.  Not a ton of sewing going on here.  But lots of inspiration.  I’ve got to write some of my ideas down before I forget them.

I’ll check out now and get on with plan C.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning. Its Raining.

    • That’s pretty funny, Vickie. BTW, when you do go, try on a Wacaol. They are very nice fitting bras. A bit pricey though. This time I went with Bali.

  1. And I am not feeling particularly amusing myself, so I am not available to amuse you.

    I found that line particularly amusing!

  2. I know ‘foundation shopping’ is in my future as my daughter from California is coming for a visit and i know she will drag me to Victoria Secret. She used to work there and she’s like ‘MOM i’ll measure you! ‘ She does not comprehend the word embarressment. Sigh……but it WILL be nice to have a few fitting bras…. I may be on to at least Plan B today as it is a running day but its raining here too and windy and only 49 degrees which is chilly to us Texans! I don’t mind the cold as i have lots of winter running gear but i won’t run in the cold AND wet . The winds blowing the way it has all week too although the weather man says that will die down as the day progresses so i’m on standby right now. Giving it a chance to warm up( high suppose to be 54) and rain to stop and wind to die down. Otherwise its a work out DVD. Uggh i’d much rather run. JInx!

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