Life Today

Can I just say–WORK SUCKS and BLOGS RULE?  Can I?  Here is a picture I took of me after work last night.  I had to take a picture to make sure I had not ballooned back up to my previous weight.  How weird is that?


I know.  Its the same picture you always see of me, holding the uncooperative Sophie, only bad quality and fuzzy.  But people, this picture was taken at 10pm, after being up since 4 am and working 12 hours and driving 3 hours and eating 4 donut holes and 4 chocolate covered pretzels (have I said I have a love/hate relationship with the breakroom at work) and walking up and down stairs COUNTLESS times.  Wah, poor me.  Poor you, having to read this.  Anyway, the picture actually made me feel good, pitiful as that is.

But now I’m sitting here drinking a most excellent cup of coffee courtesy of Lori and catching up on my blog reading and commenting.  And can I just say, BLOGS RULE!!!  I have been encouraged, uplifted, and laughed and commiserated with your postings both last night and this morning.  And now I have a firmer food plan for the day, which will also provide good food for the next two days of work.  And because of you all, I will go to the gym for a weights workout, AND take the doggies out for a run this afternoon (although I am going to have to get a doggie sling or a jogging stroller for Sophie.  I know she has the capability to keep up, but she drags behind–maybe she is a sprinter and not a long distance runner…)

I am going to make this crockpot chicken for dinner.  And I will probably make some delicata squash fries for lunch–look at this stash of squash and sugar pumpkins that I got at the farmer’s market in Oregon!  I was so excited when I realized I could buy these and bring them home.


Cool, huh?  Those little round white and green squash are supposed to be a cross between a delicata and something else–supposed to be even better than delicata!

Man, I just looked back at a post I wrote about stress-eating (that someone else had linked to–do you ever do this–look to see what other people are looking at on your blog?)  Anyways, it was from Jan. 15, which was the beginning of the stress period with my dad and his wife, and it was before I started working out with Vicky.  And I was astounded at some of my food choices.  Really?  Did I eat that just 9 months ago?  So it was also an encouragement to me (ha-I was encouraged by my own blog) that I have changed my eating for the better in the past few months.  One of the biggest focuses I have had in the past 2 months is trying to add a LOT more veggies into my daily diet.  Fortunately for me, I like vegetables.  But that has also been a process.  When I first started Weight Watchers, if I had too many vegetables in one day, I would feel VERY deprived, and feel like I HAD to have something crunchy or chewy.  Now that isn’t so much of a problem.  Of course, if you roast veggies long enough, they are VERY chewy LOL!

Anyway, I spend too much time reading and writing blogs, but it is WORTHY!  Thank you all for continuing along the path with me.  I’m glad we don’t all fall down at the same time!

6 thoughts on “Life Today

  1. You are so funny!! And you look great in your picture – I can’t believe some doctor at the hospital isn’t chasing you around!! 😉

    I love when you said “I’m glad we don’t all fall down at the same time” – SO TRUE!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would have given up a longlonglonglonglong time ago if it weren’t for my fellow bloggers!

    Um, can you make me some squash fries and bring them to me? It’s rainy and dreary and something like squash fries sounds perfect!

    • Umm, maybe because all the doctors as old as me are retired?

      And man, I’d join you on your couch with my squash fries in a minute if I could. Even though its bright and clear here, I’m more in a rainy and dreary mood today!

  2. Oh good, another dog fanatic! I have three; a black lab, a malti-poo/Yorkshire terrier, and a 4 month old westie puppy. I agree, working (well school for me) sucks. I’d much rather sit at home and blog for the day. Much quieter and NO drama. You’re so thin I don’t know why you’re worrying about your weight. I agree, veggies are delicious!

  3. RE: the part about you looking back and being encouraged….Good for you! I have been starting and restarting my plan over and over and can’t seem to get onto the path. I’m glad to know that someone out there can do it and look back at their accomplishments in times of stress and keep marching…it gives me hope I can too.

  4. Looking GREAT, even with the day you had! What Jill said, totally!

    It’s funny, I too find it encouraging to read how the path to good health and fitness does not always go smoothly for the bloggers I admire. It’s normalizing, in a sense, and encouraging that (as MizFit says) we’re only as far away from “the path” as our next choice.

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