Plan B

Woo Hoo!  I just got back from running 3 miles in 42 minutes!  I am really excited about that.  I know that is relatively slow, but that is up and down the hills here, (I did have to walk up the steepest hills, but even then I challenged myself to keep walking fast,) and it is a personal best for me.  And I didn’t even go as fast as I could have because Sophie has some weird objection to going too fast.  I really am going to have to figure out what to do about this, or she will have to start staying home.  Anyway, I have really been interested in increasing my running distance since  late summer, but haven’t really gotten too far along (darn deer flies!) and hadn’t timed myself up until now.  And the best part is that it didn’t hurt.  I really paid attention to my core (holding my stomach in) and that really seems to support my back and my knees.

So the Plan B part was that I proclaimed in my morning blog entry that I was going to go to the gym and lift weights, and also take the dogs for a walk.  But I just wasn’t feeling like leaving the house today.  It was cold outside and I just wanted to stay inside and be cozy.  And cook, evidently.  I started with the crockpot chicken that I talked about.  And then I baked the delicata squash fries for lunch.  Then I decided to bake one of those little pumpkins because I keep seeing people’s pictures of pumpkin oatmeal and I want to try that.  I decided to throw a butternut squash in the oven at the same time.  By the time the pumpkin was cooled, I decided I wanted to bake those great-looking pumpkin chocolate chip bars that  Lori showed on her blog (here is the recipe I followed, minus the coconut.)  100 calories per bar if you cut it into 18 bars.  Yumm!  Quite worthy.  I had one with a second cup of Lori’s delicious coffee.  Gosh, do you think I am influenced by Lori’s blog pictures???  I enjoyed a few more blogs, and watched an ‘Ask Roni‘ videocast.  By the time I got done with this, it was 5pm.  That is when I turned off the crockpot and headed out the door.

I roasted some potatoes that I got at the farmer’s market, and I have some zucchini cooking for dinner.  Okay, I stopped writing this long enough to go eat dinner.  Quite tasty.  The best part of all this cooking?  I kept track of what I was eating today, and I came in well under my calorie allowance for the day!  If I hadn’t taken the time to write down everything that I was eating, I really would have thought that I had overdone it today.  Sorry I don’t have any food pictures to entertain you–I just can’t seem to get in the habit of snapping a picture before I eat.  But here are a few of the Oregon pictures from this year’s trip.  I was trying to take some pictures of shapes and textures that I might use for quilt inspiration.








7 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. the dog training show uses FOOD to teach dogs things like this – I think cooked chicken. And she would hold a piece down at her side (by dogs nose) so they are motivated by the smell and would move/stay with her. She would HOLD so they could lick and smell – and stay motivated. YEs, she would give them one (to eat) every once in a while – more often in the beginning. And it didn’t take long before she didn’t have to FEED them to get them to cooperate – they just did it because it was expected.

    and yes, ironic that I am saying bribe with FOOD, I know. But what a total pain to have a dog (that needs walked) and a person that needs to MOVE it and not have the dog cooperate.

    If you have access – watch a few IT’S ME OR THE DOGS – she explains very well.

    • That is funnier than you know, Vickie. I consider myself a fairly good dog trainer (or used to be in the past) and was from the old school that didn’t offer food for rewards. I am past that now, but NEVER thought of using food in this situation! And even more funny is that Sophie is a TOTAL food addict. I am sure it will work. Because I don’t think it is a physical problem (even though her legs are VERY short, she is in good shape.) I think it is a mental/psychological problem, having to do with the fact that her leader, Rindy, is no longer walking on the same side as her (Oliver walks on the other side of me.) Thanks as always, Vickie, for the great suggestion!

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