Personal Best

Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about the title for a post.  Other times, not so much…  I have been thinking about this post since last week, but I just thought of this title as I was coming back from my run tonight.  Do you guys even know what a miracle it is that I can say those words “coming back from my run?”  Over five years ago, I admitted to a special group of women (my women’s ministry board) that I often dreamed of just getting up out of my chair and running out the front door.  But of course, at 255 pounds, I couldn’t do that.  I know those women prayed for me.  And six months later, it was one of those women who asked if I would go with her to Weight Watchers.  And that was the beginning of this grand adventure!

So what I have been thinking about posting since last week when I wrote about ‘Re-Framing LIfe,’ is that my goals have not changed.  I still want to be

  • Thinner
  • Stronger
  • More Fit
  • And Healthier.

I just wanted to clarify that, for myself and others.  Mostly I’m just removing the vanity element, which is ridiculous anyway.  But it is really important to me, as I age, that I work on being the best that I can be.  And when I feel the ache of arthritis after sitting too long, I know it will be better to be thinner.  Stronger…well, I love being stronger.  It makes a lot of things easier to do, especially living alone.  More fit?  To me that means the whole package–being able to move freely, be flexible, have endurance, having the confidence to know that my body will be able to do what I need it to do and to move the way I want it to move.  And healthier.  Need I explain?  Don’t want diabetes.  Don’t want high blood pressure.  Trying to avoid stroke, and not a fan of the cardiac bypass surgery.  (Whew, when I write out those things, the ‘struggle’ to pass up a piece of cake seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?)

    Fast forward to today:  After a really tough, but satisfying week at work, (including way too much problem eating in the breakroom,) today was such an excellent affirmation that this is truly possible.  I started the morning sitting and reading, and thought, I really feel like getting up and moving.  But knowing that I didn’t have enough time for a walk before heading to church, I decided to do 2 4-minute tabata intervals of two different types of exercise (pushups and step-ups, and then squats with overhead lift using an 8 pound dumbell.)  After church, I headed to the gym, and really challenged myself with a weights workout.  The weather was gorgeous–70 degrees–so I headed out to the pool, and decided to challenge myself to see if my swimming had improved at all.  I swam 20 laps in 15 minutes!  A new personal best.  And then I continued to swim for another 15 minutes, just for the pure pleasure of it.  But what I really wanted to do today was to check my running time sans Sophie.  I did the 3 miles in 42 minutes.  I was a little surprised that it wasn’t better because it really seemed like I was going a lot faster.  But that’s okay.  It was a great day.  Even I can’t believe I did that much in one day.  And to top it all off, my food was COMPLETELY in control.

    I love a good quote.  I bought this card at Trader Joe’s (don’t you love their 99 cent cards) because I loved the quote on it.  It seems to fit in just right with this post.

    As soon as a person asks the question, “How do I live my life the best way?”, then all other questions are answered.




    10 thoughts on “Personal Best

    1. LOVED the posting, loved the quote and added it to my sidebar collection.

      glad things are smooth for you (even when work/the breakroom is not – what is the DEAL with nurses and food anyway????)

      • Vickie, its good for me to hear that you consider things are going smoothly for me. It did not feel smooth at all in the middle of the week. But in retrospect, I am very happy with myself.

    2. my life is SO about my personal best.
      it can be a challenge (as frequently my best ranks me dead LAST in events which are evaluated by others :)) but its so worth it.

      • Yes, I could write another whole post about this, Lori. And maybe I will. I haven’t mentioned it, I don’t think, but lately I have gotten a lot more compliments i.e. ‘you look fantastic’ ‘you have a glow.’ Not so much about weight loss. Its like they are puzzled about what is different. Your description is perfect.

    3. Kudos to you for being able to remove the vanity element. That is the hardest part for me. I want to look good, and I am not happy with how I look currently. But I know I will always be unhappy with how I look! I mean I am 39, and I gained 80 pounds fifteen years ago that I am finally beginning to shed. There is going to be some loose skin, and I am not gonna have surgery!

      By the way, I love Tolstoy. Well I love the Russian authors in general. Dostoevsky is also a favorite of mine.

      • Well, Ali, it has been a long time coming to this conclusion. And I think it will be a work in progress. Yes, I am not going to have surgery either!

        I read Crime and Punishment when I was in high school, and it had a huge impact on me.

        When are you going to start your own blog, Ali? (tee hee, just kidding with you!)

      • p.s. Ali, do you know about a site called Goodreads? You can sign on and leave reviews of books you have read, or read others views on them. I am signed up but haven’t done much with it yet.

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