Stayin’ in the Game

That’s what Vicky said to me as we sat and discussed a new eating plan that she has been using.  We talked about keeping our food choices interesting, and learning from different ways of eating, not just eating for the singular goal of losing weight.  So guess what I’m going to try now?  Carb Cycling!  I’m pretty sure its a simplistic version of the Crack Diet.  It seems fairly simple to do (I mean I think I can stay on it,) but I am going to have to do some thinking and get a little creative with my food choices.  Its just that given no particular limits on types of  food, my natural bent is to eat pretty high carb–scones, oatmeal, fruit, lo-bars, oatmeal bars, fruit…you get the picture.  So I just have to think a little more to add in more veggies.  I think I might be adding in a little more meat on this plan, which is FINE by me.

Anyways, the simple plan for the week is 2 low-carb days (50 grams carbohydrate) one high carb day (200 grams) 2 more low-carb days, a high carb day, and a medium carb day (100 grams.)  Protein and fat stays constant each day:  80-100 grams protein and 35-45 grams fat.  I am anxious to try it.  I just have to get into the groove, and get out some different recipes.

Hah!  I was right, Vicky was planning to do a circuit for me, but when I told her about my hard workout, and which muscles were still sore, she decided to give me a break and ‘only’ had me work out on some weights.  What?  What part of ‘my muscles are sore’ did she not understand?  I’m just kidding around.  I really love working out with the weights.  And she showed me quite a few new exercises to try, most of which were VERY challenging.  I could go on, but I really MUST get to bed.  Back to work tomorrow.  Be good and have a nice rest of the week!


4 thoughts on “Stayin’ in the Game

  1. Is this plan new to her (in working with people) or she thinks you are ready (like she takes steps in a certain order at certain times)?

    How many carbs were you averaging on your own in a typical day? And how much protein were you averaging on your own in a typical day?

    Did she say anything about fat in this process (low fat, not NO fat)?

    It will be very interesting to see what happens with your weight with this approach.

    • I believe the plan is new to her. She is doing it herself.

      On a typical day, counting calories and not particularly anything else, I average 4-5 carbs, including fruit.

      I edited the original entry to explain fat and protein content.

      Yes, I am interested to see if weight will move. And if it is a way I enjoy eating. In general, I think it is a good discipline for me to limit certain foods for at least a period of time.

  2. Wow, that’s interesting! Another blogger I’ve found lately (who just certified as a personal trainer) was just asking if anyone had heard of carb cycling. From what I found on Google, it seems big among the bodybuilding circles. I look forward to reading about how this works for you!

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