Look What Happened While I was at Work!

While I was at work the past three days, God was busy working with his paintbrush.  I leave for work in the dark and come home after dark, so when I took Sophie outside first thing this morning I found a surprise in my yard–the Japanese maples have started turning colors.




I just love them, and after years of struggling to keep them alive during the heat of summer, it is so nice to see them doing so well.

I’m doing pretty well with the carb cycling thing.  The main thing is controlling my calories and doing without fruit (well, one piece) on the low days.  Today was a high day, and I would definitely say I had fun with food!  I ended with a new recipe I saw here.  Only I changed it up a little bit.  So mine is not as picturesque.


It looks kinda weird there on my chicken plate.  I will have to work a little harder on my food photography!  Anyways, it was a recipe for a ‘breakfast burrito’ with a pumpkin filling.  Basically, a giant pancake, and the filling was pumpkin and yogurt with some spices.  So I used Lori’s protein pancakes recipe, which I love, and which I knew would easily make one big pancake instead of 3 small ones.  And for the filling I used some fresh pumpkin that I had cooked earlier in the day, and my homemade yogurt.  Only thing is, fresh pumpkin and my homemade yogurt are BOTH waterier than canned pumpkin and greek yogurt..thus the look of runny egg yolks.  But it tasted good and I ate it anyway.  Don’t think its a repeater.  But thought I’d show you why sometimes its better to follow a recipe.

So today was one of those days where there was so much that I could have gotten done, but I just didn’t feel like it, and I gave in to that .  I talked on the phone, I read quite a bit, did a TINY bit of housework, and then I went out for a run/walk with Oliver.  I did the 5 mile walk to Indian Grinding Rocks State Park, which I haven’t done FOREVER.  It was great to know I could still do it, and in fact, I ran a lot more of the time than I have ever done before.  Here’s the weird motivation I have to walk to the park.  When I get to the end of my road (1 1/2 miles) I have to decide whether to turn around and go back home immediately, or go on all the way to the park. I can’t go partway to the park, because I have to PEE SO BAD!  How do people walk/run/hike for long distances????

Anyways, thats all the news that’s fit to print from this neck of the woods.  I’ve been enjoying watching some episodes of ‘This American Life.’  A blogger I like recommended it.



11 thoughts on “Look What Happened While I was at Work!

  1. Personally i cut back my liquid intake about 2 hours before i think i’ll be exercising and make several bathroom trips. I don’t have an available bathroom on any of my routes either. I’m probably not as hydrated as i should be by doing this but its better than needing a potty and can’t find one.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and i think you are doing a GREAT job. I found you through Lori’s blog.
    Sempre Avanti Always Forward.

  2. ditto here on the pee thing.

    there are a lot of great trails here – that have NO bathroom facilities. and therefore we don’t use them. (I absolutely WILL pee in the bushes if there is somewhere to get off the trail so that the next poor person doesn’t come upon me in action. and most of these trails are set up so that you can’t tell if someone is right behind you or if the coast is clear) my husband is very used to me peeing in the bushes and doesn’t think a thing about it. I am fast, I am accurate, he knows when I have to go – I have to go.

    I only drink water (it was SO Much worse when I drank pop). and that does help. and I NEVER drink in the morning (before exercise). if I am doing 2 hours worth – I don’t start drinking until I am starting the second hour.

    LOTS of full out jumping jacks – do get to me. But nothing much else does. and this problem IS worse near TTOM – must be from swelling.

    I totally understand!

  3. I guess I should have said the IMPACT of the jumping jacks gets to me if there are a lot – but nothing else that I do creates a ‘sudden’ problem. everything else just sort of shakes it down so that I have to go.

    AND the pictures are gorgeous. the leaf piles in front of our house are TALL. leaf pick up is this week.

  4. The Japanese Maple is gorgeous!!!

    I hear ya on the pee thing – it’s a paradox, because you should be hydrated to exercise, and yet there has to be a bathroom nearby!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! I giggled a little at the chicken drowned in your food, though 🙂

    I read on Shelley’s comments that my blog was mentioned in People? Is this recent or are you referring to the 2008 Half Their Size edition? Just wondering. Can you email me and let me know? Thanks, hon.

    • Hi Lynn, Yeah, I was referring to the 2008 article. I remembered it was an article about you, but what I remembered the most was that little side box mentioning that you had blogged about your weight loss. I sure am glad I saw that!

      I’m glad you giggled about the chicken plate photo! That is just a weird picture, especially since it makes me think of egg yolks! >

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