Today I did some pyramids on the weight machines at the gym.  They are pretty fun, and very challenging to do.  I never tell you what weights or machines I am using because I usually can’t remember the names of the machines or the moves by the time I get home.  But today I remembered two of them on purpose, so I could share what I am doing.  One of my favorite machines is the Leg Press, probably because I am stronger in my legs than in my upper body.  So today I did a pyramid on the leg press like so:  Starting at 80 pounds and 20 reps, I increased by 20 pound increments and decreased by 3-5 reps all the way up to 180 pounds and 4 reps.  Then I went back down the other direction and ended with the 80 pounds, but challenged myself to do as many reps as I could at that end, which was 35, I think.  I did a variety of other machines and weights, and then I did a pyramid on the vertical press.  But this time I only went from 30 pounds and 20 reps, and increased by 10 pound increments and decreased by 5 reps to end at 60 pounds and 10 reps.  And then went back down the other direction.  I told you my upper body wasn’t as strong.  It was a good workout, but at the end I weenied out of taking a swim.  Mostly because this is a low-carb day, and I was REALLY hungry.  I go to the gym after church, and usually I have some kind of snack with me, but I couldn’t think of a low carb snack that was portable.  I’ll have to work on that…

Anyway, I came home and had one of those days where I just sat.  Well, sat and read blogs and commented.  But there was so much I could have done, both fun stuff and stuff that needs to be done.  It bothers me when I do that.  But obviously it doesn’t bother me enough to get up and do something.  I finally went outside and stacked some firewood, and then a neighbor drove by and I asked them if they had lost their keys, and they had, so I took the dogs for a short walk to pick the keys up where I had left them at the side of the road.  Don’t ask me why I left them there.  I guess I thought someone might come looking for them.  Anyway, it felt good to take a short walk, Sophie speed, and then I came back in and had a great cup of coffee.  Lori is like my food svengali, but in a good way!


Isn’t she a funny little girl?  Almost always perched there on the arm of the sofa, waiting impatiently for me to finish typing so she can get back in my lap.


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