A New Recipe or Two

So I went to bed dreaming about a new way to make a breakfast burrito.  I really liked this combo.  About 310 calories for a hefty and kinda luxurious breakfast.  Make Lori’s protein pancake recipe, and make one big pancake.  Mix 1/3 cup of cottage cheese, 4-5 strawberries, and some splenda (or sweetener of choice) in blender.  Spread over the big pancake and roll up.  Top with additional strawberries.  Yumm!


Well, I can’t tell a lie.  This is how I actually ate it.


Its just a little Reddi-Whip.  Don’t tell Vicky. I got up really early, and ate this at 6am, and then after reading for a while, went for a 3-mile run/walk with Oliver at 9am. It always feels so good to get my exercise in in the morning.  And I really didn’t get hungry until 11am.  So even though the calories were hefty, it was definitely worthy.

Today, my friend and I had agreed to have a ‘studio day.’  We haven’t done this for a while, and it is a really good way to get your creativity going.  Remember, she lives in Oregon.  So we both decide on a project to work on, and then we email pictures back and forth and talk on the phone a bajillion times getting each other’s opinion on what we are doing.  I started working on something really different for me.  An all-white quilt, where the stitching will be the main element.  A real challenge for me, because as you all know, I love color.  I know, you are all thinking, she always talks about projects she is doing, but she never shows us pictures.  Well….I do have a little problem finishing projects.  But I promise a few pictures in the next few weeks.

So today is a low-carb day.  And as you can see by my breakfast choice, I used up my one carb and my one fruit by 6am.  Dang.  I knew what I was doing, but it sucks only getting one fruit for the day.  Well, tomorrow will be a week of this, and I will be interested to see if I’ve lost any weight.  I have studiously avoided the scale this week, because the  high carb and low carb days can give you some weird readings on the scale, or so I read somewhere or other on the internet.

Keeping busy with our studio day kept my mind off of food, for the most part.  I had already decided to have some turkey breast (seriously good with that cranberry mustard) and some boiled zucchini for dinner, so I had enough calories for an afternoon snack that I have wanted to try for a while.  ‘Pudding’ made with an avocado!  [Scroll to bottom of page for recipe.] It was really tasty.  I just used avocado, cocoa powder, splenda, and water.  Very satisfying, and it kept me full for quite a while. If you used the original recipe, it would be quite a few calories…


What can I say?  I don’t have any grandchildren….


10 thoughts on “A New Recipe or Two

  1. dang you make some PRETTY LOOKING FOOD!

    people frequently email me and ask for a day in the life of food for Miz in PHOTOS and I never ever would 🙂

    I totally would if mine looked like that!

  2. you made me think of a quilter that had quite the stack of UFO’s. (Unfinished Objects for all you non-quilters). She got them ALL out and put them in order of complexity. She started with the easiest first – and finished all. I think there were 20+.

    Another crafter that I know (beads, wool/felter, quilter, handstitch) got out all her UFO’s – and then saved one project for an emergency (I think of this as the broken leg project and I have one too – mine is a series of antique style, framed, cross stitch santas for my kids to have as adults). after saving the ONE, she then either finished or got rid of the rest. She said it was lovely to pass on things that weren’t finished – because she actually didn’t like them – to people that LOVED them.

    Not saying that you have too many UFO’s or that you have to do this with yours – just knew that you would like the stories.

    • Yes, Vickie. I knew you would understand the problem. I am okay with having some unfinished projects–I think that is a viable way to work creatively. But they have been building up lately, and it puts a cramp on my motivation and creativity. I like both those ideas, and think I will put them into practice soon. Need a couple of days for another reorganization project!

  3. That is one gorgeous breakfast – you made the perfect pancake!

    I have to ask – is your dog a dachshund? I’ve never seen one outside of the red or black and tan color combinations.

    • Yes, Sophie is a purebred dachshund! They actually come in a very wide range of colors, and also in 3 coat types: smooth, long-haired, and wirehaired! Fascinating to me. For a little while I had all 3 coat types at once, but I lost 2 of them this past year. For now, not going to ‘replace’ them, which is probably why Sophie is suddenly getting so much attention. (Even though she was already the spoiled baby of the bunch.)

  4. She is so sweet – we had an overweight (naturally, lol) mini red dachshund – Jackie -for almost 15 years. Loved her to death – she was my third child. Lost her 3 years ago and still miss her so much. There is nothing like a doxie’s personality, right?

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