A Little Pumpkin Talk

Today I have to write a blog entry just because I have some good pictures to share!

First off, the pumpkin talk.  I’m not sure if I like pumpkin as well as everyone else in blogland, but all the talk makes me think I like it!  So I have been baking my ‘sugar pumpkins,’ and using them in different recipes.  Yesterday I made some ‘pumpkin oats’ a la Lori, and they were DELISH!  I used steel cut (my favorite) and added some flax meal.

Today I tried making pumpkin scones.  I have been thinking about this for a while, and so had a plan formulated in my mind.  These were tasty, but not ‘pumpkiny tasting’ enough.  When something doesn’t have enough pumpkin flavor, I always wonder if it is because there is not enough pumpkin or not enough pumpkin pie spice.  My friend pointed out that pumpkin in the can is more concentrated, and so you get more pumpkin flavor .  I think she is right.  I will probably try this recipe again with canned pumpkin (or I can let my homemade pumpkin drain for a while to ‘concentrate’ it.)  Anyway, will share the recipe here, and if it comes out more pumpkiny the next time, will add it to my side bar.


Pumpkin Pecan Scones

1 cup oatmeal, ground

1 cup spelt flour

1 Tbsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 cup pumpkin

3/4 cup goat milk yogurt

1 ounce pecans, chopped

2 Tbsp maple syrup

Go to my recipe for scones for mixing and baking directions, and ‘topping’ directions.  I added cinnamon to the raw sugar for the topping.  Since you don’t have to mix in the berries, go ahead and knead the dough twice.  Pat into a circle, and cut in 8 wedges.  180 calories each.


Yesterday was an excellent day.  Of course it was a good day.  It was a ‘high carb’ day, or as I like to call it, ‘Fun With Food’ day.  Vicky REALLY challenged me with my workout–tabata intervals ON THE WEIGHT MACHINES and PUSH-UPS!  We also tried a few new machines, one of which was a ‘hip abductor’ I think, and something boinked  in my hip-really hurt.  I was willing to continue on, but Vicky-the wise one- said, no, lets move on.  I decided to re-up my weekly appointments with her for 6 months.  I really look forward to these workouts and food talk.  My food choices have drastically changed for the better since I started working with Vicky, which is surprising to me, because I thought I was eating pretty darn healthy before.

I have been going to some dinner meetings for the last 3 weeks, and last night I had to ask my friend, Is it just me, or is the food they serve EXTRAORDINARILY high in fat.  I mean, one of the women is thin and works out a ton (has her own work out room) and the other one is a sometimes Weight Watcher.  But when I look at the food, it appears to be swimming in fat.  Don’t get me wrong.  It still tastes good.  But I was/am truly perplexed.  My friend just said I had been eating low fat for so long, it just seemed unusual to me.  After the first week, I was really bothered by what to do about it.  I finally decided to just account for the food, and I take really small portions of the main course, and big portion of salad (which still has WAY too much dressing) and have one small dessert.  I really like all these people, and eating with them is part of the enjoyment.  I could bring my own food, but I finally decided that I would be happier eating this way.  And for now, that is working out well.  Of course, I planned for this day of the week to be a ‘high carb’ day (1800 calories.)  BTW, I did lose 2 pounds in the last 8 days, so it is a worthy plan for now.  And I do like the challenge of eating different healthy foods–more green stuff and a little more meat.  Its all good.

I am really happy about my increased energy level–in that I actually WANT to get out there and exercise.  Especially the run/walking.  Yesterday afternoon, even though I was a little sore from the Vicky workout, I wanted to go for a walk, so took Sophie and Oliver out.  And even Sophie WANTED to run for a little while (on the way home–dinnertime!)  BTW, I had a real scare with her last week.  She hurt something, and I thought it was her back, just like Rindy.  I gave her one of Rindy’s leftover prednisone pills and left her in the crate for the entire day, and she was fine the next morning.  But it really scared me.  That probably accounts for the increased pictures on the blog…


Sophie sharing her ‘perch’ with her big brother Oliver, the practically perfect black standard poodle.

This morning I spotted this in the garden, and had to share it.  Here, in the mountains, the geraniums die with the first frost.  I just plant new ones each year.  They have become my favorite summer flower–so simple, but cheerful and predictable.  And the pansies I really planted about a month ago so they would be good for winter/early spring.


Summer’s end, the bright promise of winter.

God is good, isn’t He?


8 thoughts on “A Little Pumpkin Talk

  1. YUM! I am all over those scones with pumpkin. John just brought home 3 pie pumpkins, and is going to cook them up, so I need to do something with the pumpkin!

    I so love pumpkin oats. They just are extra filling and comforting (must be the fiber 🙂 )

    It is weird when you eat low fat or even just watch portion sizes in general to go out and eat with others. When I was out with my MIL the last week, I noticed how much more she ate than I did, and with all the little extras. I don’t do super low calorie either, but it still seemed like a lot of food and fatty.

    Love the flowers. Ours are pretty frost crisped here, even the mums. Ah well, there is still beauty in late fall.

    • Hey Lori, my friend actually suggested ‘cooking down’ the pumpkin to intensify the flavor, just like she does her apple butter. Since I know you make apple butter, I thought you might like this suggestion. I never knew that was how you make apple butter. But I see some apple butter in my near future.

  2. All the pumpkin recipes that have hit the blogworld look so good – I am really going to have to actually get ta cookin’!

    Our Jackie’s back went out the night Princess Di died – we stayed up all night watching the TV coverage and worrying about Jackie. Luckily, our vet was of the mindset that she could overcome it with rest, prednisone (geez did she pee a lot!) and water physical therapy. And by god, it worked – no surgery, and we had our dog back to normal! That is such a worrisome thing with doxies…glad Sophie was ok. How old is she?

    • Wow, that was a good outcome for Jackie. When it happened to Rindy, she was probably 12 years old (rescue) but she was my most active dog ever, patrolling the yard, keeping track of everything, etc. And she was completely paralyzed, couldn’t even pee with out being crede’d (me pushing on her bladder.) So I couldn’t see keeping her alive for a half-life. Sophie is only 3 years old, so hopefully it was something weird like a bruised rib or something…

  3. I saved my geraniums this year – I don’t always – but they were still in really good shape – so moved them in the garage near the water heater/furnace and protected from the garage doors.

    I personally think the ‘continuing evolution of the food’ is KEY for us. We start out at one level – trying to control volume (usually) – and then just keep progressing. I think this is a sure sign of those that are going to be able to get the weight OFF and then maintain.

  4. and what is the food set up that you are stuck with the dressing ON and can’t have yours on the side? And can’t eat lower fat? is this someone’s home? or what?

    • Yes, this is someone’s home. Food is all prepared when we arrive. And that is what I was saying about these women–that I would have thought they would have ‘evolved’ to the point where they wouldn’t quite cook like this…

  5. I love your dog pictures!! I am a dog person, so I love all pics of all dogs! Glad Spohie is feeling better!!

    Is it wrong that I licked the screen when your pumpkin scone picture showed up???

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