This week on my ‘carb-cycling’ diet has been interesting.  Usually a ‘high-carb day’ is followed by two low-carb days.  But this week, because of where my work days fell, it got changed up a bit.  And that was partly because I was full.  And that is making me wonder about food choices and fueling my body.

Left to my ‘natural’ inclinations–my healthy-choice natural inclinations–my daily diet tends to be a little high on the grains and fruit, and a little low on the ‘good fats’ and protein.  And when I eat that way, I am not exactly hungry, but I am definitely looking forward to my next meal/snack.  But I noticed on my ‘low-carb’ days, especially at work, that I was not hungry for a longer period of time (4-5 hours) and I even skipped my afternoon snack in the afternoon because I felt full.  And that is on a total intake of 1200-1300 calories, as best I can count.

Now here’s how the days got mixed up.  Last Tuesday was my ‘high-carb day.’  I enjoyed it, and ate about 1775 calories.  Followed by two more days at home, where I ate ‘low-carb’ and about 1200 calories each day.  Then I went back to work for 2 days, and I had a ‘medium carb day, but was full so ended at 1370 calories.  I went to work the next day, Saturday, planning to have another low carb day (because I wanted to have my high carb day at home) but I did plan to switch it to a high carb day if I felt I needed it.  But again, that day, I was full in the afternoon and skipped my afternoon snack, so ended with only 1165 calories for the day.

So, yesterday, I finally planned my high carb day (Fun with Food day!)  I started the day at 6am with the protein pancakes, stuffed with greek yogurt and topped with cherries (350 calories total)-delicious, BTW.  Was not hungry til lunch.  At noon, I had a ‘bonza’ something Vicky concocted–homemade whole wheat dough shaped into a bun and stuffed with turkey/cabbage/onion/seasonings–delish, of course.  And an apple (400 calories total.)  Very full.  It was a nice fall day, so took a long walk with the doggies–was planning to run, but my knee was acting up, so decided against it.  At 4pm had a special planned snack of a ‘pumpkin latte’ that I made up myself, and 2 pumpkin chocolate chip bars (total snack calories 320.)  So of course I wasn’t hungry for the dinner I planned.  And if you are adding, I have only eaten 1070 calories out of the 1800 that are planned for the high carb day.  By 7pm I was starting to feel hungry.  So I fixed the ‘waffle sandwich’ that I had been waiting all week to try.  When am I going to learn?  I really don’t like sandwiches so much anymore… So I scraped the innards off the waffles, and was quite happy with what I had:  turkey, cranberry sauce, a little laughing cow cheese, and some baby lettuce.  I will be having this combo again!  Maybe I will try wrapping it in a lettuce leaf.  And I had a small serving of brussel sprouts with this.  So that was only 250 calories at most.  Again, VERY FULL.  And we are only up to 1340 calories…  I ended up having a ‘snack’ at 10pm which was less than stellar (popcorn, SF tapioca and pineapple, and a little dark chocolate,) and that brought my calorie count for the day up to 1765.

But I am mostly left pondering the feeling of fullness that I have had most of the week.  Is it because of this way of eating?  Is it because eating that much fruit and whole grains is not as efficient a way to fuel my body?  Is it just a glitch in the system and next week I will be STARVING on this diet?  Or is it a better way to eat?  OF COURSE, I tried to find the information on the latest nutritional guidelines, and couldn’t find a good quick link, but I believe it is 4-5 whole grains and 9 fruits/veggies.  Where does this way of eating fit into those guidelines?

I am interested to see if I lose weight this week.  Its hard to believe you will lose weight when you feel full this often.  But as far as I can tell, I have been as accurate and honest with my calorie count as possible.  I will report back tomorrow with my weight gain/loss…

When I took my walk, I finally remembered to take my camera.  I wanted to capture ‘signs of fall.’  And it was almost too late.  But I got a few nice pictures that I thought I’d share with you.













6 thoughts on “Full

  1. Gorgeous pictures, Debby! So beautiful! I did survive my weekend out of town, and I was proud of how I ate. I also brought an apple, cashews, and a protein bar along for the trip. Of course I was careful with my food choices, but I enjoyed the company of the people I was with. And yes, like you, I check online for menus before I go out. The restaurants don’t always have nutrition information, but at least I have an idea of what I will get before I go to a restaurant.

    • I am surprised a little by that too. Especially when I read about you eating your arm and leg LOL! But I am pretty careful to eat pretty well before I work out, and to have something ready after. Even though after I am not usually hungry for about an hour. Sometimes I wonder if it means I am not working out hard enough. But that’s not really true, I don’t think.

      We’ll see how I’m really doing when I check the scale tomorrow…

    • To clarify: I really only use whole grains in my diet, and have for a long time. Right now, on the low-carb days I am limiting my whole grain intake to one serving. And I am less hungry than I was before. That is what I am wondering about…

      Maybe for me, grains of any type are a trigger food?

      P.S. I do love quinoa, and plan to try a new recipe with it today!

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